Canada’s favourite obstacle course event is back again in 2015! Spartan Race is the world’s toughest obstacle course race, with over 30,000 competitors in Western Canada alone taking the challenge each year. This year’s Northern Alberta Sprint race will be held at the Tawatinaw Valley Ski Hill just outside of Westlock, Alberta on June 27th and 28th 2015. The Elite Heat will begin at 8:00am, followed by open heats of individuals and teams beginning at 8:30am and lasting into the afternoon. The Tawatinaw Valley Ski Hill is a one hour drive north of Edmonton and just off of Highway 2, and will offer more challenging terrain and more surprising obstacles than in previous years.

This year’s Vancouver Sprint race will be held in North Vancouver on Mount Seymour on June 6th, beginning at 8:00am with heats lasting into the afternoon.

The Spartan Sprint is a speed course with over 5 km of obstacle racing and 15 or more obstacles that will test the mettle of all competitors, whether they are beginners, hard core warriors or marathon runners. 95% of racers will be addicted to obstacle racing, 99.9% will finish and 100% will have their thirst for fun fully satisfied.

Race participants can register for the race on our website: Connect with us on our social media accounts: and

Media Contact:
Megan Gray
(778) 908-8877

About Spartan Race, Inc.

Spartan Race, voted Outside Magazine’s Best Obstacle Race, is the world’s leading obstacle racing series and the first of its kind to feature timing and global rankings. With over 130 events in 17 countries during 2014 alone, Reebok Spartan Race has made obstacle racing one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The global event series features races at three distances, 5+ km/15+ Obstacle Sprint, 13+ km/20+ Obstacle Super and 20+ km/ 25+ Obstacle Beast, culminating each year in the Spartan World Championship. With competitive Elite heats and Open heats for all fitness levels, Reebok Spartan Races offer something for everyone. The Spartan lifestyle continues its goal of ripping people off their couches and helping them lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Log onto for more information, a schedule of events, and to register for a race.


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What is a Spartan Race?

Spartan races are the world’s leading obstacle race series. Spartan races started in 2010. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget!

Spartan race has

  • Races all over the globe
  • Different distances with different levels
  • A unique culture and community of athletes striving together to overcome any and everything.


Spartan Race reserves the right to modify or change its venues, dates, register company, timing company, start times, prizes, courses, fees, number/size/type of waves, results algorithms, merchandise, and any other event details, website content or policies it sees fit as needed with no prior advanced notice. You agree to these terms upon registering for an event or using this website. We update our website on a regular basis so this is your best source for the most current and up to date information. Check back often as the event page does get updated with more current information, as your race gets closer, than first seen when you registered.

Spartan Race: A Commitment to Helping Others

    • Since its founding in 2010, Spartan Race has been a partner in supporting a wide range of charitable causes, from multiple local military charities, to organizations that fight childhood obesity and assist disabled athletes.
    • Since 2011 in Western Canada Spartan Races has donated thousands of dollars to local charities and sport teams.  At all races in the last three years local sporting groups have received donations for volunteering at our events that have helped them with equipment and training camps and donations tospecific charities. 
    • In 2015 Western Canada Spartan races will continue to support sport groups to reach their goals with the partnership with Western Canada Spartan races.
    • Thelocal support where all of our race locations are in Western Canadais great This is our example in our belief that the most effective strategy is to offer charities or groups the opportunity to raise funds by leveraging the power of Spartan Race brand and reach.  There has been tremendous response from each location to use the Spartan community to bring awareness to their causes and sport teams through social media.
What is the difference between a Spartan Sprint, Super Spartan and Spartan Beast?

Spartan Sprint A Spartan Sprint: Is at least 3+ MILES(5km)with at least 15OBSTACLES: Spartan Sprints are a fun race for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. The shorter Sprint has plenty of terrain and obstacles to test hard-core Elite against themselves as well asgiving new Spartans a great opportunity to race and become a Spartan.

Super SpartanA Super Spartan: The Spartan Super obstacle race provides an 8+ mile(13 km) with at least 20obstaclesand use of terrain, combined with obstacles to test your physical strength and mental resolve. The Spartan Super is designed to push you to your limits, show you the strength inside, and lead you across the finish line! 
Spartan BeastThe Spartan Beast: The Beast is a grueling 12 miles (20 km)with at least25 obstacles race. Think you know what you are capable of? Then step up to the Beast and get out of your comfort zone. No excuses, no mercy, no giving up! 


What is the history of the Hurricane Heat?

When Hurricane Irene threatened the East Coast and forced Spartan Race to shut down our Sunday Amesbury race in August 2011, athletes, staff, volunteers, and crew were devastated. We are Spartans though, and we weren’t about to quit.
After some creative planning and 9,000 emails to set up the logistics, more than 150 Spartans showed up at 5am that Saturday morning to tackle the Amesbury course with Spartan Founder Joe De Sena and Spartan employees. Little did the brave runners know, they would be put on teams with strangers, forced to carry sandbags and do 30 burpees at every obstacle, whether they got through it cleanly or not. But they did not toil alone. Alongside their teammates they forged Spartan bonds of camaraderie and teamwork. This is the heart and soul of the Hurricane Heat. It was in these hours of pouring rain, sandbags, obstacles and endless burpees that the Hurricane Heat was born.

When is the Hurricane Heat (HH) in Western Canada?

The Hurricane Heat is on Friday nights before the Sprint races. Usually at 6:30pm but check start times online.

How do you register for the HH?

You can register online the same as any other race. You can also register one hour prior to HH heat if there is space, please bring cash.

What you get with a HH finish?

Each racer gets a t shirt and a dog tag after you complete the race. This is an untimed event so no timing chips for racers. All racers will complete this race together with all other participants as a group.


What is the Spartan Trifecta? How do I earn it?
  • A member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe finishes on of each Spartan distance - Sprint, Super and Beast - in a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st), anywhere in the world.
  • You can earn multiple Trifectas in a single year, however only 1 race per day per event will count towards this accomplishment. 
  • Please note that the Hurricane heat does not count towards a Trifecta. 
  • Racers that complete the Ultra Beast will be able to use this distance as "Beast" toward their trifecta. 
  • In 2015, you can let us know you are completing the Trifecta when you register online for each race under the Registration info tab there is custom question part way down the page.  One of the questions is Trifecta finisher.  You can let us know when and where you will be completing your Trifecta.   You can also to confirm your race location that you will be completing your Trifecta so we can have a medal for you when you cross the finish line.
  • Trifecta merchandise (shirts, etc.) will be available for sale at the merchandise tent in Sun Peaks, but no additional merchandise, other than the Trifecta medal, will be provided to trifecta finishers.
What kinds of obstacles are at a Spartan Race? Where can I find a course map?

We do not have course maps. Each Spartan Race strives to surprise the athlete. Preparation for the unknown is a must. There are some staple obstacles in our repertoire. There are also some venue-specific and terrain-inspired obstacles. We will not, however, spell it out for you. There is fire, mud, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth. There WILL be obstacles to catch you off guard. Curve balls, so to speak. Get over it.

What if I can't print my waiver?

Not a problem, just bring your photo ID, and sign a paper waiver at the registration tent on the day of the event.

How can I print my waiver?

You will receive an online check in request from Trumin, which will ask you to login and check-in. Once logged in, please click your "My Events" tab and select "Attending."

How can I check my Start Time?

Please log-in to your my.trumin account and check it there.


Where do I register for a Spartan Race?

When you go onto the Canada Spartan website you will click on each individual race and follow the steps and instructions to register. Eastern Canada Spartan Races and Western Canada Spartan races are two separate regions and all races and registration are completely separate.

What is the difference between an Elite Heat and an Open Heat?

Elite heats are at 8:00 am for specific race days. The registration and fees are separate for this category. The results and ranking for Elite are separate from Open. The Elite racers (if numbers are high enough) are eligible to win prize money, ranking and prizes.

Open heats are from 8:30 am until last heat of the day. The registration and fees for Open are listed online by specific dates. The results and rankings are separate for Open.

How do I register for a Spartan Race?

All registrations must be completed online. If there is any available space you can register on race day.

I am experiencing issues/problems with the online registration process?

Please try to open the web page with a new browser. If you still can’t register contact and we will help sort this out for you.

Can I register anytime for a Spartan race?

Yes when online registration is opened you can register 24 hours a day. We do close online registration a few days before each race and at this time you will be unable to register online.

How much does it cost to participate in a Spartan Race?

The race fees for each event are listed on a pricing table by specific dates and are by person and not teams. The prices vary based on the type of race you’re doing – Sprint, Super, Beast or Ultra Beast and also when you specifically register.


There is a team discount that you can utilize just contact to get your team code. You must use this code at the time of your registration to get a discount. You will put in the team code at the end of your registration when they ask you for your promo code. We do not retroactively refund any registration fees once you have signed up so make sure you use the discount at the time of your registration.

What is a Season Pass?

For one price, a Season Pass allows you entry into all Spartan Race UK 2015 events.

Users will purchase the pass, then our registration team at Trumin will enter them into individual events. Please allow up to a week for individual events to appear on your “My Events” tab in your my.trumin profile.

Season Pass holders can also enjoy complimentary parking and bag drop.

I’m interested in registering a large or corporate team, what now?

If you think you will have a group of 25 or more participants, get in touch via our Zendesk contact form and we can offer you additional rebates.

Can I register by phone or mail?

No, registrations must be completed online.

I found a discount code after I registered, can I still use it?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retroactively apply a discount to an existing registration and no refunds are available.

What is the minimum age to participate in the adult course of a Spartan Race?

You must be a minimum of 14 years old on race day to participate in the adult race. No exceptions.

What is my confirmation email?

Your confirmation email is your email receipt from Trumin, confirming your place and inviting you to check in!

How do I get bib numbers, race waivers, the athlete guide, packet pickup, confirmation email info for my race?

About a week before your event, you will receive an email from Trumin asking you to check in online and print your individual waiver and QR code.

You will also receive another email from Spartan about a week before the event containing other pertinent racer information.

You will receive your race packet on the morning of the event containing your numbered Spartan headband, wristband, and timing chip.

Can I use the same email address to register more than one participant?

No! When you register, your email becomes your unique user name in our system and must be associated with only you and your personal profile.

How do I register for a Spartan Race?

Look for the REGISTER button on each race’s specific event page or on the homepage and following instructions, enter your details, and continue to the payment page.


Are there team discounts?

Yes, in Western Canada there is a 15% discount code for teams of 4 or more, this doesn’t include season’s pass holder. Please contact to get your code to register with. Please understand that you must use the team discount code when you register we can’t retroactively refund you once you are registered.

How do I join or create a team? Does one person pay for everyone or can every racer pay individually?

If you are the first member of your team to register please go to the races event page. In Western Canada you need to select the team registration option. You can either create a new team or begin typing the name of an existing team name and select it. In order to get your team discount you will need to use the team discount code that the team leader has been given from customer service. Everyone can sign up at once or individually. Just remember once a heat is full there won’t be any space to join your team mates in their heat time.

Can I switch my registration from individual to a team that already exists?

In Western Canada you need to contact customer service If you only want to switch from individual to a team we can help you with this. If you want to switch heat times we can only switch you to a heat that has room in it not to a full heat.

A couple of other racers and myself have registered as individuals and now want to combine as a team can we do this?

One of you should create a team and then email customer service with all other individuals that want to join this team. Please be aware that we cannot change the registration fees from individual to team once you have registered.

Can new team members join my team anytime?

Yes, new team members can join your team and use the team code as long as there is space in the heat that your team is signed up for.

Can new team members join our heat once the heat is full and is no longer listed as an available heat?

No, once a heat is full we are unable to add team members to this heat. Please make sure you sign up early for your desired heat time. If a heat is full your team members can move to another heat time if there is space.

Are prices listed per person or per team?

Prices are always listed by person.  Just go to the event pages and you will get the fees for signing up for a particular race.
Is there an age limit or minimum age to participate in any Spartan races?
Yes, there is an age limit based on each race

  • Spartan Sprint: 14-99 years old
  • Spartan Super: 16-99 years old
  • Spartan Beast: 18-99 years old
Each racer should be of good health and physical abilities to participate in this kind of event.
How do I find out if there is any room left in any races?

Each race page has a percentage icon right above the register to race button, this will tell you how much room is left in a race.

How do I know if there is any room left in a heat?

As heats fill up these heat times will no longer be available to register for. When you go to register only the available heat times will be listed that you can choose from.

Is there a deadline of when I can register?

Yes, each specific race page and its corresponding registration page lists when registration for that event will close. However, most of our events sell out before the closing date, so it’s important to register as early as possible.

I found a discount code after I registered, can I still use it?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retroactively apply a discount to an existing registration. It can only be used when you sign up

What is the heat start time system?

We have Heats of up to 300 athletes start every 30 minutes. The first heat is the Elite Heat at 8:00 am. The Open heats start at 8:30 am for the rest of the day.

What is the difference between Elite and Open?

The 8 am heat is the designated Elite heat and this is specified in our registration and has a separate registration tab. This is for competitive racers and there will be ranking and prizes and prize money (dependent on numbers). The Open category is a separate tab then the Elite heat and all heats will be listed that are available to register for.

Can I race on Saturday or join a heat that is sold out?

Sold out heats are not open to additional registrants. Heats and race days have a maximum participant limit to insure of all racers their safety and enjoyment in the event.

Make sure you register early to be guaranteed a time slot in your preferred heat, it if does not show up then it has sold out.

Can I change Heat Times?

Yes, please contact with your full name, event location and heat you are currently registered in and which heat you would like to be moved into. We will try to switch you to your new requested heat time if there is room. Either way we will email you and let you know.


Can I transfer race locations?

Yes, you can transfer to another race location, there is a $25 transfer fee to switch races, and this is due to insurance reasons. Your original race fees only cover you for the original registration in a specific race. If you are switching from a Sprint to a Sprint you will only pay the $25 fee if you are switching to a Super or a Beast you will have to pay the transfer fee as well as the difference in fees for that specific race. This does not include the service fee online.

Can I transfer to another racer?

Yes, you can transfer your spot to another racer in one of our Open Heats. Please email Give us your name, heat time and race location and the name of the new racer. This is available until one week prior to the race and the cost is $20 plus a service fee. This kind of transfer can occur on race day but the amount is $35 on race day.

Can I transfer anytime?

No, the cut-off for any transfers is one week before the race to complete this online. A transfer can still occur on race day but this is a $35 fee.

I am injured and I can’t race anymore?

We are sorry to hear that you can’t participate in a specific race but hope to see you in future races. Please contact customer service prior to race day to organize a transfer to the following season. After race day you are considered a no show. You can always transfer to another race location and the fees listed above will apply. We can only transfer a racer if they are injured from one season to the next; we are unable to transfer a racer for 2 seasons.

I have lost my confirmation email, can I get another one?

You don’t need your confirmation email to pick up your race package and race with us; you just need your photo ID. If you would like another confirmation email you can contact

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, regardless of the circumstances.

There is no race in my area, how do I demand it?

Visit our official Demand it page and find your location on the map and Demand It! Let us know. If the votes and demand are high enough then we just might move come to your area!



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