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Accidental penetration sex stories girl hunting for male to relationship

Very important note: I've always loved accidental penetration stories even if they're usually not realistic. And so this is a very lighthearted story.

Accidental Penetration Sex Stories

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How accidentally I had my first accidental sexual experience at home. This is me. This is me still virgin age not disclosed and this is how my days ends; watching tv.

Name: Margareta
How old am I: 32
My body features: My figure type is muscular

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Knowing the shop owner neither of the two young Truth or dare stories embarrassing keeps a large amount of cash hidden in a floor safe, the armed men go for the safe but to keep the clerks Accidental penetration sex stories calling the cops or escaping, they are locked into a very small broom closet.

But before they are locked in, they are stripped naked and tied together face to face. Have fun with it! Dana and Mike had worked in the gift shop for nearly a year. They had become good friends but they had never dated or come onto one another.

They both dated other people and they had even double dated several times. Sometimes they would stop for a night cap after work with their friends. Dana was a dark hair beauty with a trim figure. He was an avid tennis player which kept him very fit. Mike also had dark brown hair with brown eyes. Dana was 24 years old and Mike was The gift shop was a popular high end store due to the variety of items the store carried.

Crossdressing boys stories Jennings the owner also owned two other stores that primarily sold art deco. They would arrive about to set up in the morning and they would usually stay until PM and put things away. They would lock the cash box and I peed my pants stories it in a locked cabinet. Bill would sometimes stop by and put all the cash in a safe that was concealed under the floor in the back room.

Mike and Dana did not have access to the floor safe. They Aunt femdom stories never in the back room when Bill put the money in the safe. It was a Wednesday evening and it had been a busy day at the store. They had sold some expensive jewelry and furnishings that day and the people had paid with cash.

My first accidental sexual experience

Mike called Bill to let him know there was a lot of cash on hand. Bill told Mike that he Futanari incest stories stop by about and secure the money in the safe. As promised Bill locked the cash in the safe and told Mike and Dana that he would be Girl front wedgie stories first thing in the morning to pick it up and deposit in the bank.

Bill left Mike and Dana to close up the store. At PM Mike and Dana locked the front door and headed out the back door. They never made it out of the Animal transformation story. When they unlocked the back door they were knocked backwards when two men wearing ski masks pushed in.

One of the men held Mike and Dana at gun point while the other man locked the back door. The two hefty looking men seem to know their way around the store.

They were looking for the safe and they somehow knew that Mike and Dana did not have access to it. Dana was scared to death and Mike had no plans to be a hero. We saw him leave earlier.

‘accidental’ stories

We need sometime to work on this safe. What are we going to do with you two? I have an idea. You two take off your clothes. Mike and Dana looked at each other and they were both petrified. One of the men produced some rope and told Mike and Dana to face each other. Under different circumstances they would have admired each other and might have even hooked up.

Accidental penetration sex stories that moment they had never seen each other in a bathing suit much less naked. His thighs were muscular from the countless hours of tennis and his penis looked bigger soft than any hard cock Dana had seen. Dana had firm 34B breasts with nipples that dipped and pointed up toward the ceiling. Her narrow waist emphasized her curvy body particularly her ass and she had beautiful Renpet erotic stories. Mike Accidental penetration sex stories Dana moved closer and then the Tg hypnosis stories had Dana put her hands behind her back.

He tied them together and then told Mike to reach around Dana. They both felt humiliation and embarrassment but there was also a tingling Playboy forum stories in their bodies. They were made to walk to the small storage closet and step inside.

The robber then closed the closet door leaving Dana and Mike in the darkness. Their bodies were pressed together as they were securely bound with the rope. As the robbers went about their business of Domestic discipline free stories the safe and cracking it open, Mike and Dana tried to get out of their bonds.

They tried twisting and turning different ways but nothing seemed to work. Try as she might Dana could Wifes first threesome story help but get turned on as her nipples brushed against the bristly chest hair. Mike felt her nipples harden and poke his chest. Mike and Dana maneuvered their bodies around so that Mike could get a better grip on the rope securing their hands. As they bumped and grinded their Tickle story in the tight space the inevitable happened.

Mike got an erection and Dana felt his hardness against her belly. She tried to ignore it and focus on the task at hand but it was difficult. Dana just nodded as she did not know what to say. He guided their bodies over to a wall and felt for it with Pull ups stories bound hands. Dana gasped when she felt the contact and she realized that her pussy was dripping wet. Mike also felt the contact and her wetness. Mike Wet pants stories able to Crossdressing son stories his hands on the knot and worked to untie it.

Dana True cuckold sex stories pressed tightly against him and she was getting more and more turned on. In fact it slid between her legs a couple of times and Dana moaned each time it brushed over her labia. Mike kept working on the rope and as he did his cock kept rubbing against Dana and her tits kept rubbing against his chest.

Mike moved his hips and Dana grinded against him with his big dick buried in her quim.

Accidental penetration stories

They were both incredibly turned on and Mike Mom sucked my cock stories that he was going to cum quickly. Dana however beat him to it and she buried her face in his shoulder to muffle her cries of sexual satisfaction. A massive orgasm rocked her body and her body went limp.

Mike held onto her the best he could as he sought his own release. Then his body Brother fucks virgin sister stories and he shot a huge load into her pussy. The two of them were still bound but they knew that they would have stayed coupled together without the restraints.

Mike could feel Nipple orgasm stories cock swimming in their combined juices in her pussy. They somehow awkwardly managed to lower their bodies to the small closet floor.

It was cramped so they had to bend their bodies. The last thing on their minds at the moment was getting free of the ropes. Mike just lay still and let Dana do all Historical bdsm stories moving. She was grunting and groaning as she worked toward another orgasm.

Mike realized how hot Dana was and that she was really a good fuck. He could cum three and even four times a day with the right girl and Dana certainly fit that bill.

She humped, grinded, shuddered and then her body went stiff as another massive orgasm tore through her. They stayed in the same position as Dana recovered. Mike then went back Cosmo sex stories work and told Dana to turn sideways.