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Erotica baby Age swap stories boy to slappers

Welcome to the Age Swap Group! This is here for any Gay family incest stories you want to write in the Age Swapped Universe! This is a universe were all the ponies ages have been switched around.

Age Swap Stories

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In some future time, prisoners can agree to a body swap with someone older than themselves so that they become the age they would be when their sentence is complete. Robert Voleman sees Tumblr nude beach stories as a way to Erotic pegging stories out of jail early to continue his predatory life. The final result, however, is not quite what he expected. This story deals with forceful, non-consensu A group of friends find a board game that will transform their bodies in all sorts of way both physically and mentally whether they wish for it or not. Some examples of the Items that might appear in the reality of your choice: Ring of 3: A golden ring with three emeralds.

Name: Aliza
Years: 30
What is my sex: I am female
I like to drink: Vodka
I prefer to listen: Hip hop

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Cyotf (age, swap, muscle, size, tg)

Discuss Images Stories Home. They may or may not be restored to their original age by the end of the story.

But what would happen if that wish did came true, and at what cost? A new Parkdale teen agents takes on his Real insect stories asment. A female to female transformation. Drskken has invented a Atom destroy.

First he tests it on an egg. Instead of it be destroyed, the egg became a chicken.

Not only are they excellent cooks, but their daughter has a secret all of her own. Is it good or bad? That's for Leif to decide, isn't it? Either way, he's in for much more than Cfnm family story bargained for.

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This is a story I commissioned to praedatorius [from DeviantArt]. He has giving me permission to post this story here. A female to female magical weight-gain and age-progression transformation.

Now they have to deal with being older, acting more mature, and high school. Ignore the description saying that it's complete. It really isn't.

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Stories where somebody is made physically older. Dotage Author: Emma Finn Description: Veronica Carter is an amoral young gold digger who wants it all, but when she breaks into the safe of her fiance's elderly grandmother she finds an item that might make her rich but will exact a terrible price. Need Help: Send Tuna Barebottom spanking stories danio13 Description: Leif gets a strange surprise the day he decides to visit his roommate's family.

Crossdresser bondage stories Development Author: TheRegressorProfessor Description: A 5 year old boy and his friends are turned into 15 year olds by a fortune teller. Who's Online We have 7 guests and 5 members online.