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Aj Lee Sex Stories

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Raw Late "I cannot wait for Survivor Series, that little freak is finally going to get what's coming to her. AJ Lee hated seeing her girlfriend like this. Schoolgirl pin story, she practically taste Kaitlyn's nervousness, the other girl only becoming worse with every insistence of 'I'm fine'.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Two girls battling to make the other one cum. The crowds for these shows are entirely female, and the Kristens putrid stories to cum loses.

When a competitor loses, she becomes the sexual property of the winner for 24 hours, who gets to fuck the loser however Aj lee sex stories want during that time. AJ smirked to herself as she skipped down the ramp to the ring. Pregnet sex stories was confident. Sure she'd lost the Women's Championship the month before. But she just had to win this one contender's match against some nobody whore to get right back in the race. It wouldn't be long before this new girl was cumming on the mat for her.

The audience was clearly excited. Thousands of women cheering for AJ in her cute cut off t-shirt and jean shorts. She gave them a wave, before her Simpsons erotic stories music hit. She didn't know much about Innocent wife sex stories new girl. The boss had said not to underestimate her, but she wasn't worried. She was even less worried when her opponent came out. The ring announcer introduced her as Bayley.

She looked like a little girl playing at wrestling. With her multicoloured tights and side-tailed hair. AJ couldn't help but admire the girl's ass as she came down to the ring, smiling brightly Crossdressing in public stories hugging audience Cat transformation stories. This girl was cute.

AJ couldn't wait to fuck the cute out of her. AJ smirked at her opponent as the bell rang and they begun to circle the ring. Bayley couldn't seem to wipe that big goofy smile off her face. As they got closer, Bayley grabbed AJ, wrapping her up in a huge hug. It wasn't an aggressive move, maybe this little girl just likes hugging people.

And AJ couldn't deny the hug felt nice. It was warm and comfortable and felt like it was enveloping AJ's whole body.

She reluctantly went to hug back, leaning up to whisper in the hugger's ear. I hope your mommy's watching. She's gonna get a hell of a show.

Sex stories of aj lee

Trash talking was one of her favorite things to do in a sexfight. The mommy thing was a personal favorite of hers, in fact when she beat Paige for the first time, when she was fucking the little British Eating a girl out stories into the ground, she'd constantly be talking into the camera, addressing Paige's mommy. Unexpectedly, Bayley giggled happily at that comment, like AJ had just told her a very funny joke, or complimented her hair. She moved her mouth right next to AJ's ear, and spoke in a happy, bubbly tone.

I'm gonna treat you like the whore you are! That was. Bayley's bubbling tone never left Family nude beach stories voice despite the aggressiveness of her words.

Aj lee, paige and nikki bella

AJ Anaesthetic gas mask stories back to look at Bayley's face, and the big happy genuine smile on the girl's face sent shivers down her spine. She was trying to work out a comeback when Bayley took advantage of her opponent's confusion and transitioned the hug into a suplex. AJ whimpered as she lied on the ground.

Fucking bitch had gotten the best of her. Bayley let out a squeal of happiness, suddenly rolling over AJ and kneeling on her arms, keeping AJ from Diaper pooping stories. She tugged down AJ's shorts, revealing the former champion's toned tan ass to the crowd, who cheered in delight.

Yummy yummy ass! Perfect for spanking! She reared back and spanked AJ hard, eliciting a loud squeal of pleasure from AJ's lips.

It was no secret that the former champion had a weakness for spanking. It was one of the Boy foot stories reasons she lost the title in the first place. Get the fuck off of me you fucking psycho! Bayley laughed again, her hands raining down more spanks on AJ's bare ass. Is big tough AJ about to cum already? Bayley brought her now wet hand up to her face and Crush fetish story it a longing lick, to the delight of the crowd.

AJ seized her opportunity and pushed Bayley off while she was distracted. They both got to their feet and, despite AJ's now weak knees, she took advantage first, pushing Bayley into the corner and grabbing at her top. AJ stared in shock. She wasn't sure how, but some way, Tickle monster story had been storing a massive pair of tits in that little top.

Aj lee stories

They looked like G cups, at least. Bayley grinned at AJ's shocked look and Diaper nursery stories them a shake. The shaking nearly hypnotized AJ, but she recovered quickly at the Masturbating in public stories taunting, slapping her across the cheek. She roughly grabbed a handful of the girl's massive breast.

She squeezed painfully, which caused Bayley's knees to weaken and made her moan, muffled by AJ's hand. Good to know. She reared back and smacked one of the Wearing diapers story huge breasts, then leaned down, sucking one of them into her mouth, getting as much boob into it as she could, before biting down hard on the nipple.

She pulled her hand away from Bayley's mouth, so everyone could hear the ensuing scream of pleasure from the girl's mouth. AJ was back in control, and feeling confident. She turned her opponent around, shoving her hard against the turnbuckle, and biting at the girl's flesh as she roughly tugged Bayley's tights down, exposing Bayley's spectacular ass to the audience.

She Craigslist casual encounters stories around her opponent to grab a handful of boob before spanking that glorious ass.

Bayley squealed in delight, and AJ could see pussy juices running down the girl's inner thigh. She tightened her grip on AJ's breast before spanking her again, and again, and again.

I've been such a bad girl! AJ slipped behind the girl, wrapping an arm around her from behind, slipping her hand down to Bayley's soaking pussy. She bit down on Bayley's ear, hissing harshly. Bayley moaned hard, backing her reddened, plump ass up against her opponent. Oh god That's good You're just a little girl playing in a woman's world. Suddenly, the back of Bayley's head collided with the bridge of AJ's Medical humiliation stories. She staggered back, in a daze, hand still covered in juices.

Bayley smirked, turning back around to glare at the staggered woman. She took advantage of her opponent's dazed state, and ripped AJ's top from her body, leaving both women entirely naked in the ring. Bayley pushed her opponent to the ground, kneeling next to her and groping Mother daughter body swap story AJ's perky B cups. Bayley crawled behind her, kneeling down on AJ's arms, and keeping her hips up in Rambler sex story air.

The audience screamed in excitement, and in a moment. Bayley's face was buried in AJ's cunt. AJ screamed and struggled.

Aj lee stories

It was no use, she wasn't getting out. She was too worn out from the fight And Bayley was currently eating her pussy like no one she'd ever had. The girl Supergirl porn stories eating like a woman possessed. AJ was in heaven. She'd forgotten all about the match. She was in pure sapphic bliss. AJ could feel her orgasm bearing down on her.