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Animal Transformation Story

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Draft - Hairless pussy story Contact me for an original copy and give me your comments]. The people living in the world were powerful. They could take human or non-human form. People often carried the names of the animals, and had many of their characteristics. Characters like Mink, Grizzly Bear, Woodpecker and Eagle had adventures, travelling through the land and to Plant sex story beyond - the home of the sockeye people, sky world, the land of the dead.

Name: Cicely
My age: 20
What is my ethnicity: I'm syrian
Figure features: My figure type is muscular
My hobbies: Swimming

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General Rating. Download Submission. Tf stories WildWorld Stories. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. A Paws on Experience- Lion tf request [story included].

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a behind the scenes look, in celebration of the park opening. It had Tickle machine story his family begrudgingly advancing him his next ten birthday gifts, but it was worth it to avoid the crowds and land a private, 1 on 1 in depth experience.

And now, as he finished singing a mountain of paperwork which Boys in skirts stories assumed was mostly legalese I-will-not-sell-the-park's-secrets-to-corporate-rivals mumbo jumbohe was nearly bouncing with anticipation. He could hardly contain himself as a sprightly young woman in the blue and khaki uniform of the zoo walked up to him, introducing herself as his private tour guide.

Her nametag had a cartoony leopard on it and said "Ash" in black lettering. She was all smiles as she led him into the zoo, narrating the park's short history. She seemed to radiate positivity, and Luke absorbed Brother sister first time sex stories like a sponge.

He gasped in amazement as they entered the park, and his eyes absorbed the majestic scenery.

Ash seemed to pick up on his amazement as she Woman breastfeeding man story out things of interest. Gould spared no expense in deing every little detail of the park, from the bamboo garden to the Tiki themed souvenier huts.

A toothy grin stretched across his face, silently urging customers to spend their life savings on stuffed animals, cheap shirts, and various trinkets that claimed to be African, if you didn't notice the "made in china" stickers taped across the bottom.

At last they came to the centerpiece of the park, big cat mountain. It was a giant, fake mountain that stood well above the other attractions, even "Falcon Flight" the peregrine falcon themed roller coaster that was nearly feet tall. The deers must have been aiming to draw away the Disney crowds, because it was styled to look exactly like pride rock from the lion king, a waterfall cascading down the middle the only difference between it and the Disney version.

Luke briefly wondered if they would get sued for copyright infringement. Ash lead him to the end of the path, at the base Animal transformation story the giant mountain. They were now staring directly Real babysitter sex stories the Stories of tie up games tugs de' gras of the entire park, the regal soon to be home of the park's lions.

Luke stared over in amazement at the incredible effort that went into deing the 2 acre enclosure, recreating the swath of Texas desert into an exact replica of the African Savannah. The Best cheating revenge stories reddit base was at the back of the enclosure, encircled by a river which ran through all the big cat exhibits.

He couldn't see any lions inside, but there were plenty of rocks and trees to hide behind, so they could simply be avoiding their presence. Luke sighed in disappointment. This was one of the main things he had come to Babysitter diaper stories, and the king of the jungle couldn't be bothered to make an appearance.

Ash seemed to detect his disappointment. After all, there's so much of it that you can't see from our point of view. That was why he was here, wasn't he?

Now he can actually get the exclusive experience he paid for. He eagerly followed his tour guide to a small, black door hidden from passerby by a wall of bushes and trees. Using an employee key, she unlocked the door, revealing a pathway that led into the giant mountain. It was dark, damp, concrete construction that had clearly no effort made into Foot humiliation stories pretty.

Customers almost never came back here, after all. She talked more about the park as she led him through the drab hallway. Gould wanted to make this place a haven for Neighbor pussy stories species, constructing a square ft. She unlocked it with another key from her belt, and Luke eagerly walked inside, too excited to realize that Ash hadn't followed him in. He didn't even hear the door shutting as he ventured deeper into the enclosure, finding new marvels at every turn.

It was a lot bigger on the inside, Luke realized, as he trekked through the grass examining every part of the complex. As he glanced at the flowing turquoise water of the river, he was oblivious to the fact that a strange scent had entered his nostrils, and was beginning to reshape him into a more royal Forced fisting stories. He began to notice that something was afoul in the air right as it began to overpower him, a Animal transformation story slowly beginning to cloud his mind.

He stepped back, feeling light headed, unnoticing that his hands were beginning to change as he tried to perceive what was happening. His fingers began to Real cfnm stories thicker, palms beginning to callous as they grew larger. But Luke was unaware of his changing digits as he decided he'd had enough of this exhibit and it was time to leave. He waddled unsteadily to the wall that bore the exit, only to find out that it had completely Cuckquean humiliation stories. In order to hide the door from the prying eyes of guests, the deers had made the entry door blend completely in with Mom spanking daughter stories rock wall it was embedded into, which was proving to have horrifying consequences for the confused Luke as he grasped at the walls with hands that were rapidly losing their dexterity and being replaced with a pair of feline death mittens.

However, he didn't notice the changes until his fumbling hands finally hit the obscurely placed handle, and he found his new paws unable to turn it.

Looking down at this newfound problem, he couldn't help but let out a scream when he saw his new handpaws. His thumbs had become all but useless, and his fingers had condensed into paws. With a renewed sense Caught in self bondage story urgency, he feverishly fumbled with the door handle before finally giving up with a defeated huff.

He took a step back and tried to analyze the situation. He knew something was wrong, but he struggled to elevate that sense of dread into something worth caring about. Part of him was No nut november stories that this was all part of the tour, that somebody would come rescue him if something was wrong.

He just had to wait for Ash to come back and escort him to the next part of the tour. Or a hospital. Speaking of which, where was she?

It was now that Luke realized he was all alone, and for the first time a real sense of fear began to enter his mind. He called out for help, staggering towards the door, each step growing more Erotic wife watching stories as his legs began to follow the same transformation as his hands.

Why wasn't anyone doing anything?

Something was clearly wrong, and not a soul was to be found. Luke's stomach ached as he limped towards the door, his Ballerina tg story beginning to strain under his growing chest and stomach.

The feeling was similar to the time he once ate 15 bean burritos from taco hut on a dare. It felt like they were ripping apart, although it wasn't as much bone breaking pain Boy bride story much as it felt like an upset stomach. Whatever gas or element that was in the air seemed to Catwoman x female reader to an overwhelming degree as his nose became more sensitive and began to pull out from his face. The fog in his mind grew as the odor seemed to fill his mental cavity, pushing out all Animal transformation story thoughts.

He pushed back against it, although it was becoming increasingly difficult to do so. He was now aware that he was Family sex stories tumblr into some kind of animal, and that if he wanted to stop the changes escape was crucial.

But as he reached the door, he felt his center of gravity shift, causing him to lose his balance.

Cyotf (animal)

He could almost reach it, just a bit further Suddenly he felt a pop in his spine and fell to the ground with a feral yowl, landing on his new front paws. The changing man arched his back and growled as he felt his hips realign into a quadrupedal arrangement, forcing him Overstuffed belly story remain on all fours.

It was too late to escape through the door now. He felt his shirt and pants began to tear as waves of muscle exploded across his body, sending shivers down his spine and past his hips as a leonine tail began to sprout from his rump. A feral, guttural sound escaped his lips that sounded bestial, inhuman, causing him to whimper in fear.

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Thousands of new als bombarded Luke's mind, constantly reminding him of his lost humanity. The powerful hind legs of a feline replaced his human ones, causing his pants to fall off at his feet. He felt embarrassed as his new, feline haunches were exposed to the world for the first time, capped by a long and muscular tail fit for a lion. The changes began in his head as he pawed at it furiously, trying to make the headache wracking his brain Wife gets gangbanged true story away.

His paws rubbed against his newly split, blackening lips and his growing muzzle.

He closed his eyes, not wanting to see the last of his humanity fade. He Gay cock storys to cry, but tears would not flow from his face. Whiskers and fur began to grow all over his shifting form, somewhat covering his exposed self much to his relief. Waves of golden hairs enveloped his arms, legs, and shoulders as they became narrower but deeper at the chest, covered with white fur.

His neck grew thick with muscle as it reshaped to support his head horizontally, a thick mane bursting from his neck to the top of his head; his human hair becoming lost Cuckold chasity stories it grew into the proper accessory for a young male lion.

As his head shifted, so did his mind, his fears and concerns dissipating as his body felt more and more natural.

Cyotf (animal)

His omnivorous human teeth reshaped into toothy knives, deed for piercing flesh and bone with extreme efficiency. Hooked, wicked claws sprang from his new paws, ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting zebra. Luke finished his transformation as a roar burst forth, aling the arrival of a new king of the jungle. Animal transformation story still remembered Gang rape fantasy stories old human life, Stepmom spanking stories it felt like a dream to him, paying taxes and wearing clothes now felt as unfamiliar to him as having a tail did when Couples spanking stories woke up this morning.

His muscular, quadrupedal body responded as if he had been born in it, and he was strangely at peace. This is who he was now, and he accepted that. With a low chuff, he padded over to a part of the enclosure that was bathed in sunlight. Arching his back, he yawned and plopped down for a nap, purring contentedly as a certain figure watched from the railing.

Ash leaned against the railing and smiled, watching the zoo's latest addition snooze contentedly in the midday sun. She loved watching humans, many who were obsessed with work, finances, or other stressors of human life find peace here at the park.

Plus, the breeding program was taking off with the Sister blow job stories additions, many who quickly went on to produce many successful litters of offspring, helping to replenish diminished populations. She truly felt like she was doing something to help, and the other scientists who worked on this project felt the same way.

Unfortunately, her primary financial backer, the man who was approaching Daughter gangbang stories now, did not.