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I would like search woman Anthro cow tf story like teens

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Anthro Cow Tf Story

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Two girls, Shannon and Sarah, wake up on beds in a Accidental sex with sister stories strange-looking room. The two don't know one another, but start feeling weird before they can make introductions. Sarah started feeling a pressure in her chest, while Shannon felt a strange sensation between her legs.

Name: Corena
Age: 23
What is my nationaly: I'm italian
Sexual identity: Hetero
Eye tone: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Languages: English, French
Zodiac sign: Leo
I like to drink: Brandy
Smoker: Yes

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Becoming an anthro-cow

One "Estranged" Son by kevinrooste. Rated R. Published: Nylon panty stories 1st, Last Updated: Sep 8th, Tags: mare 0 female 0 angus 0 straight 0 regenerated 0 bull 0 m-f 0 herd-sire 0 estranged 0 bovine 0 friends 0 satyr 0 offspring 0 transformation 0.

A Dirty old man sex stories has troubles at his workplace and was in no mood to talk with Sunday guests, so he went for a jogging escapade and met a pretty woman who had her plans of how she would change his future Rated X. Published: Aug 14th, Tags: messy 1 in heat 0 tf virus 0 milking 0 ungulate 0 humiliation 0 unwilling change 0 acceptance 0 feral 0 breeding 0 farting 0 bovine 0 cow 0 slow transformation 0 estrus 0. A new disease called ZMV is changing its victims into animals.

Milly Carter is one of the afflicted. This is her journal. Published: Jul 6th, Last Updated: Jul 8th, Tags: transformed 0 hot 0 impregnated 0 goddess 0 unwilling to willing 0 cow transformation 0 horny 0 fucking 0 mating 0 bovine 0 breeding cow Breastfeeding incest stories espa 0 human to animal 0 forest 0 lost 0 breeding 0 cow girl 0 cream-pie 0 penetration 0 female character 0 magic 0 lost persons 0 impregnation 0 cow 0 h 0.

Alina searches her lost boyfriend in the forest, but Giantess interactive story personification of nature has other plans with her. Published: Apr 14th, Tags: breast growth 1 big breasts 1 cow 1 female 0 milking 0 anthro cow 0 lactation 0 weight gain 0 female on female 0 bovine 0 blowjob 0 milk 0 ass growth 0 cum 0.

She moos in mysterious ways

Girl wants to know the secret to all those great milkshakes that are produce at her favorite t, run by cows. Cow Belle by tocixcog. Rated PG. Published: Mar 24th, Tags: woman to anthro cow 0 cow 0 anthro cow 0 lactation 0 bovine 0. A model sick of being typecast gets Gay s&m stories huge style update.

Cow transformation

The Witches by gabrielmoon. Published: Feb 25th, Tags: unwilling 1 bull 0 partial transformation 0 donkey 0 m-tg-f 0 bovine 0 female on male 0 mtf Overwatch sex stories mouse 0 male and female 0 forced 0 horse 0 humiliation 0 transgender 0 chicken 0 animal transformation 0 magical transformation 0 equine 0 f-tg-m 0. Based on the film that introduced many of us to the concept of TF, a North American chapter of the coven tries to eliminate college-aged people by making asses of them. A Mixed Bag by kayemarquet.

Published: Feb 14th, Tags: mental changes 0 clothes ripping 0 chimera transformation 0 bovine 0 magical transformation 0 antlers 0 man Enema bondage stories chimera 0 horse 0 snow leopard 0 lion 0 unwilling change 0 mess 0 messy 0 tiger 0. A fun commission involving something of a fun chimera when one of our characters blunders into a multitude of transformations.

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Always be sure to take sensible bites! Published: Dec 24th, Tags: dog 0 farm 0 forced transformation 0 corgi 0 male 0 involuntary 0 embarrassment 0 punishment 0 milking 0 cow 0 mouse 0 udder 0 degradation 0 forced 0 farm animal 0 punishment for a crime 0 bovine 0 shrinking 0 fat 0 male to 0 unwilling 0 humiliation 0 karma 0. When Victor Truven plans to rob the Companions Really need to pee stories the Workers, a Incest stories 4chan pacifist organization with seemingly no self defense, he expects it to be an easy mugging, only to be swept up beneath his feet when he realizes the group's "unorthodox" methods of defending from attackers.

Special thanks to Mars for commissioning this story!

Published: Nov 15th, Last Updated: Nov 15th, Tags: transgender 0 bovine 0 hypnosis 0 cow 0. You can't have a TF tale without Pokemon inflation story pun in the title!

Published: Nov 2nd, Tags: moo 1 cunnilingus 0 oral 0 female on female 0 milking 0 cattle 0 bovine 0 breast growth 0 udders 0 cow 0 lactation 0 breast enlargement 0. Wedgie stories fiction girl story with two girls transforming into Cows.

The Morning After Commission by maris. Published: Jun 27th, Last Updated: Jun 27th, Tags: permanent Sissy panty boy stories milking 0 involuntary 0 milk 0 bovine 0 humiliation 0 cow 0 forced change 0 breeding 0. After turning a bull into a male human one drunken, horny night, a witch finds herself starting to turn into a dairy cow. Thanks to chesshire for commissioning me!

‘furry anthro cow’ stories

Full Moo by adiabaticcombustion. Published: May 16th, Last Updated: May 17th, Tags: lactation 1 breast expansion 0 bovine 0 werecow 0 curse 0 cow 0 cowgirl 0 unwilling 0 weight gain 0. A bad business call le Wedgie stories boys a startling change for one office worker.

The Greedy Cow Commission by maris. Published: May 7th, Tags: cow 0 humiliation 0 karma 0 messy 0 forced 0 forced transformation 0 animal age regression 0 breeding 0 forced change 0 milking 0 age regression 0 farm animal 0 animal transformation 0 involuntary 0 degradation 0 mating Wife humiliation sex stories bovine 0 transformation 0 moo 0 unwilling 0 punishment 0 barnyard animals 0 udder 0.

Published: Mar 19th, Tags: celebrity 0 consensual 0 public display 0 feral 0 cow 0 bovine 0. Marketing campaigns can be pretty dangerous things!

Published: Dec 31st, Tags: double penetration 0 lactation 0 cow 0 blowjob 0 cumshot 0 bovine 0 lactating 0 milking 0 jizz 0 female on male 0 udders 0 bulls 0 milking machine 0. Just a run-of-the-mill Cow TF story.

With plenty of jizz to go around. Happy New Year and Decade! Ranch Hand by joshisanegg. Published: Dec 9th, Last Updated: Jan 2nd, Tags: bestiality 0 male 0 male Forced headshave stories male 0 feral 0 bull 0 gay 0 forced transformation 0 willing 0 bovine 0 transformation 0 anal 0.

Chastity device stories by azazel Published: Sep 30th, Tags: cow 2 revenge 0 breeding 0 fairy 0 magic 0 impregnation 0 farm 0 bovine 0 workplace 0 pregnancy 0 mating 0 mtf 0 boss 0. An arrogant boss is demoted from humanity.

‘furry anthro cow’ stories

Envy at the Ranch — Part 1 by loop Cumming in daughter stories Jun 26th, Tags: slow 2 transgender 2 cow 1 bovine 1 masturbation 0 sex 0 unwanted 0 change 0 udders 0 lactation 0 m2f 0 transformation 0 milking 0. A man isolated in Gay story gone wild rural area succumbs to the Transformation Virus Published: May 18th, Tags: nightclub 0 bovine 0 female on female 0 dickgrowth 0 cow 0.

Another one from my past on FA that did well. Simplistic plot with a shady nightclub that causes a girl not just to turn into a Cow, but grow a dick as well, allowing her to feel pleasures untold. Published: Apr 9th, Tags: cow 1 mtf 0 tg 0 ftm 0 gender 0 bull 0 dickgrowth 0 breast growth 0 bovine 0 milking 0. A couple, whom are having a boring sex Lipstick discipline story as of late, try a potion that allows them to experience the other gender for a small time.