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Athlete Sex Stories

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In fact, when players blow off steam, they usually do it even harder than they play.

It might surprise you to learn that some of the most successful teams also have some of the hardest partiers among their ranks. The Brutal spanking stories on this list risked life and limb by getting trashed and diving head first into gun duels, locker room brawls, even insane orgies.

Interestingly enough, it seems like a lot of professional sports teams have managed to put their own spin on a drug-fueled sex party. Some guys rented a fleet of limos, some rented houseboats, Sir snuff stories others flew whole groups of women around the country.

If you're ready to see your favorite sports stars in a whole new light, take a look at these insane locker room sports stories. Photo: Wikimedia.

According to one of Dwyane Wade's former business associates, Wade and his Miami Heat cohorts made Dolcett snuff story their business Wedgie stories boys " have sex with as many women as possible. On a team full of guys who partied hardMichael Irvin may have partied the hardest - and he was a stickler about seniority. Inthe wide receiver walked into the locker room where another player was having his hair trimmed and started screaming, "Seniority!

After losing a over one thousand dollars on a card game, two millionaire basketball stars got into a tense standoff that almost ended in murder. Wizards player Gilbert Arenas pulled a loaded gun on Javaris Crittenton.

Luckily, the other players were able to diffuse the situation and no one ended up getting shot. But Rodman's time Pony play stories for the Pistons was marred by one particular practice where he brought a shotgun with himand attempted to commit suicide in the parking lot.

The incident raised a few red flags about the then young player obviouslybut luckily his best days were still ahead of him.