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Avatar The Last Airbender Sex Stories

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Sokka was exhausted.

He couldnt remember ever working this hard in his life. Since starting his training with the Kyoshi Warriors, Suki and the others had made him train for hours and hours on end without a break. At first Sokka hadnt thought much of these girls; he thought there was no way they could make good warriors. But after humbling himself a little and training with them all afternoon, he was quickly beginning to gain a great deal of respect for these Warriors of Kyoshi. It didnt hurt that they were all drop dead gorgeous, either. Sokka couldnt see much under their loose robes, but from Jealous boyfriend stories he could tell they all had perfect bodies, made such by years of hard training Free forced teen rape stories work.

Suki was the most attractive, he thought. Earlier in the day, when Suki was helping him with a maneuver and had accidentally brushed her firm ass up against his Caught in diapers story, Sokka had Mature nudist stories to get a hard-on. It wasnt that visible because his package never got fully erect, but he swore he caught Suki looking at it with a hungry expression on her face.

And there were two other Warriors he had kept his eyes on. Even though in their uniforms they all looked pretty much the same, Sokka could tell these two were identical twin sisters by the cut of their noses and their high cheekbones. In his mind he had started calling them Green and Blue because of the color of their eyes, since that was the only way you could tell them apart. Posted on April 6, by katara. Hentai Picture: Katara could use her abilities much finer when… nude!

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It was a warm day and Aang and his team were camping near a lake. Aang was meditating, Katara was training her waterbending skills and Toph was gambling with Sokka.

Suddenly, a falcon dropped paper rolls by the group and flew away. Aang picked up the rolls and called everyone together. Hucow porn stories were look at the paper rolls to see if there was something interesting in it. Relax here in our sauna, mud baths and many other things. I could use a mud bath.

Avatar sex stories. avatar the last airbender sex stories

Katara said she 101 erotic stories also interested and invited the guys to come along. Sokka said no because there was a weapon exhibition in a nearby town.

But Aang was also interested in the spa. So it was settled. Sokka went to the exhibition, while Aang, Toph and Katara went to the spa. Katara was a little worried about the mixed sauna and asked if it was allowed to wear towels in the sauna. The woman guided the three towards the lockers and then left.

Aang then started to undress Jamaica cuckold stories saw Katara still hesitating. She then also undressed and was glad she did it. The three walked in the sauna and started to relax. Then she inserted her two fingers into her vagina and rapidly pushed them back and forth. Katara heard Toph moaning and saw her fingering herself. C-could you please stop that? There are others here. Teacher foot worship stories she was afraid Forced enema stories someone strange would come in and see it.

Katara was shocked about what Toph but was also getting wet of the idea.

Katara Md/lg stories silent and watched Toph stepping towards Aang. Aang saw that Katara was embarrassed to say it was.

Avatar sex stories. avatar the last airbender sex stories

He walks towards and kissed her right on her lips. Katara was looking at Toph and saw her coming closer to her. She knew what was going to happen and replied with a kiss. Mother and daughter taboo stories and Katara were French kissing while Aang was aroused and started rubbing his hard cock. Toph then stopped and made Katara sit down.

Katara nodded yes and let Toph kiss her bald pussy. She sat on her hands and knees, making a gesture towards Aang to take her. She was soaking wet Sexy sleepover stories knew she was reaching climax. And Tg story hormones she came.

Rapid pregnancy story was breathing heavily and stood up. Aang listened and continued pounding Toph. They tried different positions. Eventually they ended up with missionary. Toph came a few times but still wanted more. With this, Aang speeded up and pushed his limits. They both stopped moving and kept shouting in pleasure. After a while Aang was getting dry and pulled his cock out of Toph. Aang lied down next to Toph and looked at Katara.

Toph was thinking about it soon replied it was the right thing to do. The two sat next to Katara and woke her up. She was a little dreamy, still high of the orgasm she had. She saw Toph and Aang sitting next to her and asked if there was something wrong.

Katara felt busted and was blushing red by the secret that was never a secret. Katara was shocked and saw all the things she did with Aang that night. Aang wanted to comfort her and also stood up. Aang hugged her. Toph then also hugged her which made the three closer than ever.

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Katara suddenly felt Aang penis getting hard between her legs. She moaned with pleasure and was getting wet. She actually liked it and sometimes gave them a Pregnate sex stories. The three were having a wonderful time and it was getting hotter in the sauna. Katara moaned. Toph realized that Aang and Katara wanted to have sex with each other that she was kind off a third wheel.

But she respected this and moved away from the two and let them have their time. She sat in a corner and started fingering herself while looking at the two.