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Most babysitters aren't much older than kids themselves, so it's usually up to the parents to set the ground rules.

Bad Babysitter Stories

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Especially the kids discussed in this Reddit thread:. I used to baby sit Stories of nudism two boys of family while their parents Went out once every few weeks to get some alone time.

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And if all goes well, those babysitters hang out with the kids for a couple hours, then watch TV for a couple hours, Stories of brother and sisters having sex then get paid and go home. Easy peasy. It was at a house in my neighborhood about a 5-minute walk from my house.

They had an older girl who was maybe 8 or 9 and a young toddler-ish age boy.

29 babysitting stories that are straight out of a horror film

Their mom was giving me a rundown of their routine and giving me a little tour of their house. She hurried through the rest of the Slave hypnosis stories and then told me to go hang out with the kids while she finished getting ready. About 2 minutes later she hurries in, sort of hustles us out the door and outside. Once we get to the driveway she pulls me aside and tells me that she went back to Lesbian gyno stories bedroom after noticing the window was open, and saw most of her jewelry was missing.

Soon after telling me this, about 10 cop cars come flying in, cops run out with guns drawnthe whole works. Cops tell me to leave, so I head home, pretty terrified. Needless to say, that was the beginning and end of my babysitting career. I thought he swallowed the Big breast erotic stories bottle or enough to be overdosed. I learned later he was practicing with candy, specifically skittles.

Just that gut wrenching moment was terrifying to me — crazyrandomnerd. They were never disciplined and Ronda rousey sex stories hyper and violent. The youngest one, maybe 4 at the time, swiped a pencil from a drawer and stabbed me in the forehead above my eye with it HARD. It ended up getting infected and becoming extremely painful. I ended up having to have surgery and still have a scar from it. She just basically said that boys will be boys.

15 of the worst babysitting stories ever

They were awful people. I get 2 elementary school age kids ready for school in the morning so their parents can leave for work. I came in one morning and the mom was on the floor, having what I later found out was a seizure.

While I Plant sex story on the phone withI could hear the TV in the next room and figured the other kid was still sleeping. I sent the TV-watching kid upstairs with the dog just before the paramedics arrived.

10 of the worst things parents told babysitters to do

They take her to the hospital and I talk to the kids and get them ready for school. They were totally okay Monster cock erotic stories really, they missed the whole thing. The school bus came, and I cried the whole way home! Once I was babysitting two sisters— one was about 6 and the other was an infant.

The 6-year-old was down the street at a birthday party and the baby and I were just chilling and watching TV. The parents were Incest bdsm stories at a movie and about 30 minutes after they left there Fish stories font a knock at the door.

He gives me this talk about checking a gas meter in the basement. I go back to the door and explain that I wont be letting him in. He starts getting pushy with me and telling me that its really important and is a safety issue.

15 of the worst babysitting stories ever

Luckily, the parents called a neighbor who showed up and demanded the guy leave the property. The guy ran off and walked around the corner so we didnt get a vehicle description but Cock ring stories police came and took my statement as soon as the parents got home.

I put her to bed, read her a story, gave her a cuddle, then went down to watch a movie and ended up falling asleep on the couch in the living room. Bad idea. I was playing hide-and-seek with the three kids I was babysitting they were Family nudity story, 6, and 9 and I was seeking.

So I called the parents, ready to have the worst from them on of losing their. I was watching 4 kids while their Mom was out and the Dad was working on the duct work on the house.

15 babysitting horror stories that prove children are too much to handle

Dude got super high and somehow crawled into a duct and fell through the ceiling right in front of us. I damn near pissed my pants.

The little girl was so sweet. While eating lunch, she started to choke, but every time my mom looked over at her, she would just smile big as anything. Shemale mistress stories eventually realized the poor girl was really choking and helped her.

The poor kid would have died just to not have my mom worry. The kid was already sleeping for a few hours, I was watching a movie. At midnight, I heard something scratching at the door. First I ignored it, got scared and checked again. I am Armando. I was 11 and babysitting for our neighbor who was going through a nasty divorce. She Batgirl sex stories two sons who were 8 and 1.

Babysitter horror stories

Then banging and drunken cursing. I grab both kids and run out the back door and across the street to my house where my mom calls Furry weight gain stories police. He gets arrested and I wait with the kids at my house for their mom to show up.

Look, parents need to have a life outside the home, too.