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I'd like hunt for Ball squeeze story that wants fatties

I posted this story to another site many years ago.

Ball Squeeze Story

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We sat in the hot tub for a few minutes, talking and teasing each other, and it was apparent we were all incredibly horny now. We no longer had any qualms about touching each other's bodies. The hot tub was Maxi pad stories secluded so we were a lot less shy about enjoying the other couple's company.

Name: Bonnee
How old am I: 20
Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
Body type: My body type is quite strong
I like to listen: Opera
Piercing: None

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Finally, today was going to be the day when I would get some sexual, manual Age swap stories. So I get home at 6 or so. I was a little upset to see my wife doing yard work with the new lawnmower a friend of ours had seen online and bought for us, and we paid him for it.

It's electric. My wife likes to try new stuff out.

‘squeezing balls’ stories

I'd rather have cut the lawn myself. What Young exhibitionist stories was upset about was if she was doing yard work, she'd be worn out for the handjob and ballbusting, and wouldn't have the sweet attitude she had the day before. She's taking a long trip this weekend. So after that, she's busy taking care of stuff until about midnight. I didn't make her come downstairs because it was stuff she needed to do. She knew I was waiting. For the past few days, I've been so horny for this ballbusting experience, with the idea of the game.

Today, though, when it was going to happen, I felt less horny. As it was getting close to midnight, I was concerned because I just did not feel that horny. I had these little red rubies in a bag. I had a shaving George lopez sex stories cap to put mine in if I got a point and a lid from one of our boxes of sex Sneeze stories female in the sex gear suitcase to put her points in.

I had the cockring and rubber band to separate my testicles. When we laid down, my wife said in her language, "Let's not do anything strange. She complained about the cockring and Body switch sex stories band Ball squeeze story 'strange. That stuff was slick and the rubber band wouldn't stay there separating my testicles very well. I hadn't tried it with lube. Maybe I should put it on first and lube later or just wait for a proper testicle divider.

She starts playing with my testicles, gently at first, while she is listening to a video she wants to hear. I show her how to press her thumb against her finger to squeeze my balls, which she does pretty hard.

But she complains she's been working with her hands-- my concern when I saw her doing Gay rape fiction stories work. So she's squeezing my balls, not each nut between fingers, but with some odd two hand grip where one thumb is pressing way too hard on my right nut. I ask her to lay off, and she thinks I'm asking for something else, as she doesn't pay attention. She says, "Don't torture me for your pleasure" as she tortures my nuts.

I kind of Enema play stories to just take the torture for a while. I ask her to do some other squeezes and ask her to lay off. Sometimes she does.

Sometimes, I don't feel Cuckold bride stories difference. The does this hard grip squeeze thing, then rubs her thumbs hard across my balls. I always tell her to stop that. It's just too much. Like I can feel the tubules busting.

So then she strokes my penis and really quickly gets me to an edge. I move my hand Futa mom story get her to lay off so I don't explode and give her an excuse to end the session right then and there. So she tortures my nuts, and when I asked for each nut being squeezed, she says "Do not torture me", while she is squeezing way too hard and torturing me.

And she does not get the irony. She doesn't realize what she is Naked birthday story to me. I don't really let on at how severe this is so it does not spoil it. She just knows I like it. During the Real male masturbation stories nut squeezes, I'm up on my elbows with my pelvis retracted back about as far as it can go.

It doesn't matter. She's got my nuts in both her hands, squeezing hard.

I thought if that were a point losing position in the game, she might win. I'd imagined beating her in the game, then, when I had a good lead and four nights of sex with positions Homecoming sex stories my choice lined up, telling her she could get me to ejaculate, then keep playing the game or something like that, or squeeze my nuts like this to win.

Bedtime stories

If Men jacking off stories played the game, I'd probably have been defeated. And the nut squeezes, while torture, kind of felt good in the hurts so good ballbusting say, but also hurt. But they did not feel nearly as sexy as that last session. What I described Sexy sleepover stories is a more realistic and likely ballbusting session with my wife, especially if it is late at night, than the game I imagined in the Thread "Story-- A Dangerous Ball Busting Game".

The coffee shop collection

I think she squeezed the right ball harder. Do not squeeze so hard.

She wasn't really paying attention, just crushing hard and complaining because she thought I was asking her to crush harder. My butt muscles hurt, too. My butt was off the bed and my back arched Ssbhm weight gain stories she squeezed my nuts.

I thought about the game idea. If back off the bed gives her a point, she could just squeeze hard and get a point on the nut Femdom abduction stories. I am probably not aware how I react. I'll have to work with her to set a 'max' squeeze.

For the slapping, Dominant bbw stories did slap my balls all around as I requested. The rubber band kept slipping out of the balls. Maybe when I get the testicle separator.

And part of me wants to give up ball busting, since I was diagnosed with low testosterone. Remember Me? 1 to 2 of 2. Reply With Quote. At one point I was saying, in her language, stuff like 'right ball, too Amputee fiction story. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.