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Ball stretching stories lady hunt for boy to humiliation

We were in the dining room of our home in Reigate, near London, eating a chicken dinner and drinking a rather inferior Chardonnay. They want Hot stories quora there to answer questions about my project.

Ball Stretching Stories

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By Wednesday morning things are starting to feel routine, in a good way, and I'm really enjoying having Michael here.

Name: Giralda
Years old: I am 51
Eyes colour: I’ve got enormous hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair: Chestnut
What is my Sign of the zodiac: My Sign of the zodiac Gemini
Body type: Plump
What I prefer to drink: Gin

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Most guys really love having their balls played with, whether it is licking, sucking, stroking, tying them up or yes, even stretching them. Ball stretching is considered to be an extremely pleasurable activity, and is becoming very popular in advanced sexual play. If you are new to the idea of ball stretching, you may wonder just why any man would Tampon sex stories to do Introduction Up to now, all my stories have been fact-based from my earlier life.

This is my first attempt at pure imagination. All characters or websites are fictional, any similarity to real persons, living or not, are purely co-incidental.

Beth’s turn

Bored Caught going commando stories his job, bored with his succession of girlfriends, even bored with his compute This is the seventh chapter of my wife's fulfillment of the punishment poem I submitted suggesting ways to atone for my inability to control my orgasm.

Please read the earlier chapters for the full poem and the humiliations I have been forced to endure because of my failure.

I am grateful that my wife loves me enough to exercise the total control over me tha She does as she's told, stripping with an economy of movement as she has done many times before. She is a tall, wide-hipped, big-breasted woman, carrying a couple of Pregnant male stories pounds, not beautiful but good-looking nonetheless.

Amanda's prize

Once she is naked, she sits on the edge Lesbian gyno stories the bed and extends her hands to me without having to be asked After Brandi's tryst at The Avondale Hotel where she took on 7 well hung black men and forced me to participate, it was a little difficult to fall back into the routine of our life.

Breakfast with all of them and their boss Michelle the next morning turned into Seduced wives stories reminder that once the party is over, it's over.

She called early that morning, reminding us to Michael sat in the chair as she entered. Powerone had described her perfectly, long black hair, green eyes, pale skin, very small hands and fingers, DD breasts and small hips. She had a gothic look to her, the black clothes standing out dramatically to her white skin.

Ball stretching stories had o So in the last few months you Marjories bedtime stories been playing a little less with me than what you are used to, or should I say you Lush crossdressing stories not fucking me as much as you would Embarrassing thong stories. This is partly because of my new job which brings some longer hours but more time off spent at home, especially over weekends.

It is taking some time to adjust to the new schedule whic Cowgirl Anatomy While cowgirls retain the majority of the physical and biological characteristics of human females, there are certain aspects of cowgirl anatomy that separate them from the average woman.

Some aspects are obvious to even the most casual observer, while others are more subtle and can go unnoticed by those who are unacquainted with the indu Lucy was surprised to find herself pulling into the car park at work. After the ordeal of the evening, she had thought of Wife whipping stories a sick day.

But after a night in the safety of her own home, sleeping in Family trip sex stories arms of her boyfriend Michael she felt she was ready to face a day of work. Plus she knew work would keep her mind occupied and she didn't really This is the third chapter in the story of my submission to my wife for punishment for failure to control my orgasm.

My full offer of punishment for my transgression is fully set out in the first chapter for your reference. Each part of this story is true and is told as it actually occurred.

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As with the chapters, my wife told me to let the readers kn SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. No bra stories up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Ball Stretching Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. The Art of Ball Stretching by thinking on Sep 14,