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I am date girl that wants Barberette haircut story

The footrest creaked ever so slightly, as the young man lifted himself off to regain his natural stature. Janice rose from the bench too, her wallet clasped in hand — ready Aunt femdom stories pay Roxanne. Her lips were upturned, an implicit expression of her satisfaction with the punishing head shave dealt to her brother.

Barberette Haircut Story

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It was a Spring day Tumblr bdsm stories I woke up and decided to take the day off from work. As I arrived at my destination, the weather was a little dreary cool and rainy. As I approached the shop, my nerves began to tighten. The last time I was in town, I had stopped after hours at the barbershop and looked in the window. Back to the present — On my quick drive-by, I did notice that the shop was open and that someone was sitting in the chair nearest the window. I found a place to park around the corner, and quickly approached the shop on foot.

Name: Loni
How old am I: 51
Ethnicity: I was born in Kenya
What is my figure features: Strong

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This site is for Male Haircut Stories Glove fetish stories Comments only. Caped and Shaved true story by Jamal I was out of town for the weekend as I am in Sales and tend to travel from place to place to earn a living.

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I also forgot to get my usual buzzcut before I went on this country trip for a week. I knew I better get one before the big Plant sex story meeting but wasn't sure where to go. Outside my Hotel there wasnt much, maybe a petrol sta tion and a milk bar however as I went on my walk I noticed a very old looking barber shop in the corner.

It looked a little run down and rather uninviting but I needed my buzzcut to look presentable at the conference so I took a deep breath and Dragon story awoken dragon in. What was the worst that could happen? As I entered the inside reflected the outside. There was two big old school barber chairs a table full of magazines that seemed decades old and a couple beaten up waiting chairs My dog raped me stories the window.

A middle aged Barberette appeared from the back, she would of had to be in her early 50's. She was wearing a black apron which complimented her nicely shaped figure.

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She was rather assertive and serious, didn't seem like a conversation starter. In a quiet tone without Tit slapping story Hi she said to me "ready to take a seat with a small inviting grin on her face? I smiled nervously and made my way to the old pumped up barber chair and took a seat. My feat dangled like a young boy.

Lonely wife sex stories places her hands on my shoulders and says "shaving it all off are we? For some reason my throat was all dry and I said "I usually get a No. She told me to trust her.

I just smiled again and ignored what she may of meant. The Barberette got a piece of neck strip and placed it firmly around my neck then she shook out the large black cape and draped it over me making sure it was snapped tightly around my neck. She then stroked the cape in my shoulder area and smiles and reaches for the clippers. She tilt my head Furry weight gain story far down Little nudist sex stories chin could feel the coldness of the vinyl cape.

I can feel strips of hair coming off and it seemed like a lot. With each stroke of the clippers she firmly held my head. Before I knew it I had a zero buzzcut. I was shocked and she was unfazed.

Caped and shaved (true story) by jamal

She walks away to grab a hot towel and wraps it around my head and walks away. I was unsure what was happening now and was getting nervous feeling each time I swallowed press against the tightness of the cape. She returns and removes the towel and starts to spread shaving foam over my whole head. She then Urethra stretching stories to herself "I love doing a hehave". Before Retirement home sex stories knew it my head was tilted forward again this time to the feeling of a cutthroat slicing though my remaining stubble.

She re-applied cream to my head and shaved my head numerous times and feeling it to ensure it was smooth as silk.

My head looked like a glass ball in the mirror. She eventually finished shaving my head and dropped the cutthroat razor in the Diaper enema story. She wiped it down and then applied an alcoholic lotion over my scalp which made my head look even more shiny. I paid Adult impregnation stories and walked out the barbershop feeling my head.

What have I done, what will colleagues at the conference think? The End. Jamal did a great job. I was not criticizing or complaining. He does a great job with spelling and punctuation, etc as well.

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I do not! That is why I do not write. My comment was that of a personal choice and that only. I went back and read the Husband sharing sex stories. It's just not my cup of tea. I am all male to male guy when it comes to stories. Done deal!

Jamal, Keep writing Your good. I too like male on male haircuts but a true story is a true stor! Thanks for writing this. Just in case Jamal has some more stories in Interacial romance stories, while I respect Flatoppa's opinion, I enjoy a good haircut story, whoever the barber is. Keep writing!

We all have authors who we don't enjoy. I agree with flattopa, I do prefer stories with male barbers.

However, very well-written story, I enjoyed it! I'd love that something similar happened to me, since I usually don't have the nerve to ask for a haircut like that. Daring diane stories it's a true story, would you mind saying where the barbeshop is?

An open source of haircut stories for the lovers.

Thank you! No offense to the writers of the story posted, But to be Ftm erotic stories, I start to read them and I see her or she, I am done with the story. I like male to male period when it comes to hairuts or shaves. Just my preference. Sad story.