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Best Friend Betrayal Stories

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There is a well-known saying; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. She announced in a scandalous post on Thevalkyrie com new stories that she had allegedly discovered who had been selling stories about her to The Sun newspaper based on information from her private Instagram posts. Whether the claim is true or not — what we can take away from this juicy mess of a situation is that friendships can be tough.

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Nothing can compare to the pain when a best-friend hurt our feelings. You know; Wife gangbanged story a best-friend betrays us, it becomes really hard. Here are some people who shared their stories i.

Betrayal Stories - Never date your best-friend's partner - You know, it hurts badly. Do you have any stories to add here? Comment below. Monday, 02 Oct, 7. Keep reading and yes, IF you want to share your betrayal stories then you can do it. Betrayal Stories - When I was around 16 I came out to my Story of o clothing friend as bisexual.

I have been attracted to women since a very young age and was ready to open myself to a same sex relationship.

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A week later all of our friends were being particularly nasty to me and I couldn't figure out why. Turns out my "best Forced headshave stories had told everyone SHE was bisexual and that I hated her because of it. She started fucking my then husband and then lied about it.

When my marriage was falling apart, I confided in her. She turned around and told Ssbhm weight gain stories everything I had said. My best friend acting inappropriately towards my boyfriend on a spring break trip a trip that I wasn't on because I went home to visit my dog who was dying.

Thankfully he told me about it and I was able to confront her. I still feel sick to my stomach when I think about it.

Betrayal stories

Her boyfriend found out I was lesbian which apparently means I must fancy every girl I lay eyes on logic right? So he told Cigar sex stories to not be my friend anymore and that's exactly what she did.

So, for the rest of high school I was known as the crazy girl and people avoided me. It took me months before I realized she was no friend and I was better Best cock destruction stories without her.

He married my girlfriend. She became my closest friend. We talk, we get along, but then it all comes crashing down when I realize she's been bitching about me, becoming friends with people who had hurt B&d stories.

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Then proceeded to tell me that she always hated me and will continue to do so. That hurt She slept with the Husband sharing sex stories I was seeing who I really liked. Worst part was I told her everything about us. Probably laughing at me the entire time. I told a friend about how I was raped and she went and told several girls who were gossips and by the end of the month the whole school knew. Most of Men in panties story kids then decided that since I didn't go to the police and try to put him in jail that I was lying about it and was disgusting.

People tell us about their worst ever friendship betrayals

This lead to people telling Soap stick punishment stories every day for almost a year that I should kill myself. Jokes on them, I tried but I was such a fuck up that up too. Told her personal stuff about my relationship with my boyfriend.

He stopped being my friend and became a self-centered egotistical prick. He stopped being my friend when he stopped listening to me when I needed someone to talk to. When he would interrupted Erotic tattoo stories real conversation to talk about how much money he was making. I got him out of my life.

20 people share stories of being betrayed by a best friend.

His wife left him. He now lives in a cheap house by the railroad tracks. My best-friend slept with my current so and got pregnant by himthen named the baby after me! Disclaimer : This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by Dailyhunt. Drunk fetish stories Youngisthan.