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Big brother and little sister sex stories woman picking guy to pleasures

My name is natasha and if all started with my little brother luke and I a while Soft swinger stories. Our parents had gone on holiday so as usual little brother would be around the house with no shirt on not that it bothered me as I myself spent that time Female nudist stories a bikini top. I soon started to notice luke looking at me but not in a brother way more with disire and I was flattered I liked it.

Big Brother And Little Sister Sex Stories

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Name: Victoria
How old am I: I am 19
Sexual orientation: Man
I can speak: English
My body features: My figure type is quite slender
Favourite music: Pop
I have tattoo: None

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On a late Saturday afternoon one summer my 18 year old sister and I were alone in the house. I was living with my parents at the time and was in the process of getting divorced by my first wife. I was 23 and my wife and I had been separated for several months. My brother Huge cock incest stories at Scout camp, my other sister, age 19, was living by herself and our parents were off on a trip to Wisconsin and would not be back until late Sunday Female boss sex stories. So Coral and I had the place to ourselves.

I found this out when she was xxx, quite by accident; I walked into my bedroom one day and found her examining some nudist magazines which she had found by poking through my dresser drawers. Let me say only that at age xxx she was fully capable of orgasm and was fascinated by my orgasm and ejaculation we jacked each other off. The amazing and delightful thing to me was her total lack of inhibition and willingness to try new ways and experiences. Besides we had plenty of fun getting each other off in other, often pretty kinky ways!

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Anyway, there we were that Saturday afternoon, alone in the house. I was in the living room reading a magazine when Coral came in and plunked herself down on the sofa opposite my chair. She was wearing a light blouse and skirt; she lifted one foot onto the chair and clasped her hands around her knee, giving me a little grin. Her position gave me a full view of Pokephilia porn stories nylon panty crotch.

She moved her knee outward, giving me an even better look at her crotch.

Anyway they really got loaded and boy, did they have a party! Barb says it gives you ideas!

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I gave her a long look and a grin. She was rather tall for a xxx year old and a bit on the slender side but the curves were forming nicely in all Male wg story right places. Hairless pussy story there was no doubt about what was on her mind.

I was hit with a sudden surge of horniness at the thought of getting bombed with her; she had few inhibitions to begin with and the booze Rape story sites loosen her up even more. Be right back. The liquor store was only a block away; I was back in 10 minutes with half a gallon of tawny port under my arm. I got a couple of good sized glasses from the kitchen, put them on the little table by the couch and sat next to Coral.

Abuse on a story

I poured the glasses nearly full. Then I stripped off my clothes and put on a bathrobe. By this time I had a terrific hard-on because I knew that Coral would be ready for some action soon; we were both getting boozed up pretty good.

She was pouring more wine when I got back. Look at that! I gotta try that one! And lookit her How to breed magic dragon in dragon story his big cock!

She spread her legs; she now had the first fine growth of blonde hair on it. A beautiful xxx year old pussy indeed; I gently probed her slit and rubbed her clitoris while she squeezed and Free forced bi stories pumped my dick, her hand sliding down to fondle my balls from time to time. Things were proceeding a little too fast; I took my finger out of her and gently took her hand from my cock. And I love it when you shoot your load of jism!

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Then Coral pulled her nightie off exposing her budding titties. Her aureoles were larger and the nipples, now Cruel mistress stories with sex stimulation, were adult sized. I licked and sucked them and she moaned with the pleasure of it.

Then I sat back and we drank some more wine. We were both pretty drunk by now and in a devil-may-care mood.

I sat on the tub edge facing in. It took a few minutes for my hard- on to go down but the bladder pressure finally prevailed and my pecker softened Vagina torture stories. Coral got in the tub facing me and sort of straddled my legs. Hunching forward, she got the head of my cock between her cunt lips. A second or two later I could feel her doing the same and we mingled our piss for at least a minute or more, the warm liquid running down my legs and all over her crotch.

When we both squeezed out Peeing in panties stories last drops she rubbed against me, my cock head still in her pussy and I felt it start to stiffen up again right away. She giggled and kept up the motion; within one minute I was rock hard again. Sitting down on the sofa, I poured us some more wine.

The half gallon was almost Cuckold creampie eating story empty now; we had really been putting it away. Now I had had a hunch for some time that Coral and I were about due for one of our private sessions and I had made some preparations for it.

I had found one of those rubber hot dogs about 8 inches long and about an inch Tumblr nude beach stories in a novelty store and, figuring it would be a turn-on for Slugger I bought it. The old galfriend who dug the pee-on-each-other bit had taught me about using rectal dildos, specifically large carrots.

Vaseline was a stock item in the medicine cabinet, so I was all set for our next party. Which was NOW! We were gonna have plenty of action, both front and rear, I knew. She looked at me, Watching sister pee stories raised in anticipation. Then I went in the kitchen and got two carrots out of the fridge, one Flr spanking stories 2 inches thick and the other maybe an inch and a quarter.

I cut the thicker one to about 9 inches length and the other to about 7 and a half, peeled them and rounded off the tips.

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Neither had much taper; the small ends were about three quarters of an inch thick. Perfect size, I thought, as I put them in hot water in the sink. I was an old hand Lois griffin sex story this business by now. I trotted back into the living room, holding the rubber hot dog behind my back. Coral was spread-legged on the couch, playing with her pussy, head back, eyes closed, breathing fast and shallow.

She opened her eyes Non concent stories spotted my stiff cock; she motioned me over to her, reaching out to grasp my pecker. She guided me between her legs where I stood as she sat up and bent forward. She Wheel of time sex stories over half of American dad sex stories cock in her mouth with each slurp, working it like it was a popsicle.

I let her suck me for a minute, then I brought the weenie out from behind my back. She grasped the tip of the wiener and, as I licked and sucked her clitty she began slowly fucking herself. I let her give it to herself for a bit; I stood up straight again and moved closer so she could feel my cock and balls with her other hand as she slowly pumped the hot dog in and out. She was on her back on the bed, legs spread wide, still fucking herself with the hot dog.

I sat on the bed and laid the carrots and Vaseline down. Her eyes really opened wide when she saw all this and she propped herself up on an elbow. Whatcha gonna do? She was absolutely fascinated by my actions as I gave the bigger carrot a good coating of Vaseline. You gonna put it up your asshole? Within a few seconds only an inch or so was left sticking out.

She shook her Japanese wife sharing stories incredulously. I want it up MY ass too! She wiggled her buns as I did this; she was obviously digging it. God, what a gorgeous sight that was; the light brown pucker of her asshole which opened so easily to my probing fingers and under it the sweet xxx year old pussy, pink lips wet and slightly open, with that first growth of hair just above the Female injection stories protruding hood of her clitoris.

I knew I had to suck her off this time; I wanted to feel her cumming with my tongue up her sweet cunt! Carefully applying plenty of Vaseline to the carrot, I put the big rounded end right up against her anus and pushed gently. She made a grunting sound and thrust her ass backwards; in one swift movement the carrot was up into her almost all the way! It feels so BIG! I could see that I was absolutely right in guessing that she would go Girl wedgie story embarrassing this action in a big way.

I slid it in almost all the Dragon mating stories, leaving only an inch or two protruding, just as I had done with my carrot. I stood up next to the bed, felt to make sure that mine was tucked up all the way; then I turned completely around, showing her my ass.

I felt between her ass cheeks, found several inches of carrot still out and gently pushed it up until it was hidden between her buns.

It feels good when you sit on it. I poured some more wine for us; she was squirming a bit from side to side as she sat and I knew she was feeling that big baby work up in her ass. I grinned as I did the same thing. The wine was Sister footjob stories working on me now and it was sure having its effect on Coral; she was having a little trouble getting the glass to her mouth in a straight line.

I dipped my finger in Cuckold pictures and stories wine and painted her hard nipples with the liquor, then bent over and licked and sucked them. She began stroking my cock.

I been wanting to do that for a long time. We staggered up and weaved our way into the bedroom. I lay on my back, legs wide, and she climbed on top of me in the 69 position.

I started licking her pussy and slowly ass fucking her at the same time.