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Espanol lady Birth fetish stories men to chat

This is my first submission and also my first time actually posting No underwear stories story anywhere, I hope you enjoy! You step onto the set of your latest and hopefully last shoot, supporting your belly as you walk.

Birth Fetish Stories

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Louis is believed to have enjoyed watching women give birth and was First lesbian kiss story present in the room when his wife gave birth. Louis did not require that women give birth lying flat on their back, nor did he inspire the practice. In laterumors once again circled the internet about the womanizing 17th-century ruler Gengar x reader France King Louis XIV who was thought to have had a fetish for watching women give birth. As with most internet legends, kernels of truth are sprinkled within this claim, but it is largely false. The claim is based on a review published in the American Journal of Public Health. The story picked up steam again in October when historian and author Greg Jenner shared a tweet claiming that the findings were presented out of context by media outlets.

Name: Nadine
Years old: I'm 21 years old
Nationality: I'm czech
Sexual orientation: I like man
Iris tone: Large hazel
Sex: Female
I understand: English, Russian
Body features: My figure type is slender
Favourite music: Pop
Smoker: Yes

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In stirrups?

On all fours like an animal? Flat on my back with my hands not allowed to leave my aching nipples?

Do you know anyone who shares this fetish after they actually give birth? I feel the same way though and have the same thoughts. Will everything change if I have kids or not?

However, I have groups I belong to and some females post, talk or reference their own births and having. But even after they do Latex feminization stories kids, they still are the same afterwards as if nothing changed them and still enjoy the fetish.

Send me your favorite birth denial stories 🖤

I've decided that with my free time, I will be writing short stories again like I used to. Just like some videos I'll never see again.

I missed hearing how much someone loved my story Erotic horror stories werewolf they've never heard a niche subject within loving this fetish. I have seen new stories that I already haven't seen, but not as much as I used to see people post, but hey we all get busy with our everyday lives.

So I thought I'd take a step back into doing it! I always come up with interesting scenarios and think, "Damn I should've wrote that down". Well now I'm finally gonna do it lol I'm still unsure as to where I'll post the stories, but I'll keep everyone updated. Just for my curiosity, is there any other sites or places where I Body swap spell stories maybe find more or different birth stories?

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I would greatly appreciate it! Hey, sorry for my quietness. Did anyone else experience this within the last week or so?

Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Tell me how I should give birth?

It's comiiiiing!!

Where are y'all from? This right here R xx. Any birth discords I can in on? Quick 20min labor doodle.