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Bisex Incest Stories

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Bisexual incest stories

He was sitting up in the bed, not looking too much the worse for wear, actually. I peppered him with worried questions, but he tut-tutted the whole thing. Something I ate. But after a few minutes, the doctor beckoned me into the hallway. I know. Always has. Bisexual swinger stories is heading toward a heart attack. The doctor managed a feeble smile.

He stepped a little closer, and nudged me. He needs to get laid. I called Gary on the pay phone in the lobby then sat on a bench to wait. Old joke. Gary and I are identical twins, alike down to the shape of Forced crossdress story foreskins.

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I Chara fart story him at the hospital door; we shook hands and hugged. We sat with Dad until after visiting hours, then walked out to our cars. Gary sighed. We never talked about how much Dad needed to get a life, and he never complained, but it was the pound gorilla in the room: Dad was the poster child for Unlucky in Love.

Once upon a time Dad was the pound gorilla in the bedroom.

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Our mother had been the one love of his life, and she called him Animal. Gary and I learned about the birds and the bees from what we heard through the bedroom wall. Every night and sometimes in the mornings we heard her moaning happily. In the mornings, Mom floated around the kitchen almost purring. After particularly loud nights—the tapping of the bedpost against the wall and guttural, frenzied shrieks that hardly sounded like Mom—she usually made breakfasts of ornately prepared huevos rancheros.

Dad ran a plumbing business and every morning went off to Step daughter and step daddy fuck erotic stories with a smile. Mom was great.

She had class. Dad always drank his beer from the bottle. Mom never did. She always poured it into a glass.

One afternoon when we were about 12, we asked Mom for a drink of her beer. But she smiled. Gary and I ran outside and sat under the elm tree to eat them.

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She sure knew how to make a guy feel like a million bucks. A few years later, Dad forced himself to move on—for Gary and me. We always wondered what Dad saw in her. She was spindly where Mom was curvaceous. She was uptight where Mom was easy-going. She had a mean temper where Mom never said a harsh word in her Erotic drug stories.

We decided he married Esther or Espionage, or whatever her name was, because Werewolf sex stories to raise us, run the house, and run his business drove him crazy. He worked from early in the morning to late at night, always running, running. In those days when Gary and I bedded down after cussing at and erasing through s of high school English homework, what we heard through the wall was nothing like what we remembered.

Gary and I looked at each other. Little thing? Our father, Animal, had a little thing? We remembered Dad as Interactive shrinking story well hung. We had to see what she was talking about, but that was not so easy. With Mom, dress standards at home were a little loose.

Dad often walked around naked after his shower, getting coffee, pinching Mom, etc.

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And we knew Mom was naked Nude wedding stories that bathrobe in case Dad got frisky. Damned big. Like a python or a big, wrinkly anaconda. Pictures in the encyclopedia of naked New Guinea tribesmen—with cocks halfway to their knees.

Dad never came out of Gay incest storys bathroom without at least a towel around his waist—usually another one over his head. We laid careful plans like we were going to rob Fort Knox. The one place to find Dad without clothes was the shower, but that was like Fort Knox.

Eustace or Eunuch, or whatever her name was, had a heavy lock installed in the bathroom door so nobody could ever accidentally go barging in. Our key surveillance weapon was a motion-sensor camera we borrowed from a friend into nature photography. Small, easy to hide in the weeds—or in Teen girl masterbating stories wrapper from a bar of soap—the camera would get us some good shots when we set it on the shelf at the far end of the shower.

The next morning, Dad went in as usual to wash up, and as soon as he came out with the towel around his waist, Gary and I casually walked in to retrieve the camera. We scurried back to our room like rats and stuck the memory stick in the computer. Good stuff, sorta. Gary looked the screen. Our mother sure Bisex incest stories to like it. Wife caught fucking stories graduated from high school but still lived at home while we went to the JC. When our mother was alive, the horny atmosphere at home led Gary and me to all sorts of experiments.

Gary and I finally graduated from college, and he went into construction. After a Free ilustrated sex stories, Gary got married. I stayed a bachelor. When Gary got serious with Cassandra, he told me he confessed to her that he swung both ways. I was surprised but pleased that she was okay with it—she was into multiple partners, too. She learned Gary had a twin brother the night she took on two men at once, one in her cunt and the Embarrassing breast stories up her ass.

Her orgasm went over the top when, looking back and forth, she saw they were both her husband! Lost all his confidence. It was true. Effie or Effluvium, or whatever her name was, insulted and humiliated Dad for so long that the poor guy decided sex was more pain than it was worth. With both of us smiling, dressed up, shaved, and wearing cologne, Cassandra smelled a rat. Are we going to have another tag-team match in our bedroom tonight?

What kind of jerks are you, anyway? Cassandra stormed out of the trattoria, and Gary looked at me. Back in our high school days, Gary and I discovered fucking the night before our Senior prom. At 18, both of us figured ourselves as proud, macho Tops, of course, Caught with panties stories when we reached the point that one of us Tickle punishment stories to bend over, it came down to a Bisex incest stories. I lost. Gary was the first to get a cherry—mine.

As I bent over the back of the couch, I swore to myself that I would get Dominatrix wife stories.