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Blackmailing mom sex stories hunt for guy who loves playmates

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Blackmailing Mom Sex Stories

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It Baby pussy stories started when I watched my dad fuck my mom. Unfortunately my father has to go overseas to work leaving my horny mom alone. One day I have left our house for school but i forgot something very important inside my room.

Name: Gustie
Years old: 22
My gender: Lady
My Zodiac sign: Scorpio
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This story from Gordon has been read 3 6 1 7 8 times. Blackmailing Mom Written by Gordonongenre incest I'm Gordon 28 little overweight and shy around women, I live with my parents. I work Erotic sisterinlaw stories home as a IT programmer.


My parents Donald 65 and Elizabeth 56 are both board members of Mutual mastrubation stories. My 3 siblings have all left home, I'm the only one still at home.

I hardly see my father, as he's always working or away on business. Mom isn't as First boner story as dad and doesn't travel as much. Last April I had go away for a work meeting, mainly to meet the new boss in person. It was to be a 3 day trip, but I was able to get away early.

I arrived home and I heard mom talking to someone, I peeked in and saw her with a man and they weren't dressed. At first I didn't know what to do, then I decided to film her and her lover. After he had left I waited a little while, then pretended to arrive home from my trip. Mom was in the shower and I yelled to her to let her know Naturist beach stories had got home.

Diaper domination stories she had finished and dressed, she came to see why I was home so early. I just said I had met the new boss and at the first chance I came home, I don't like crowded rooms as you know. The next day I found out who the man was, he was an overseas board member of one the companies my mother was on the board of.

He had return overseas, I would sit and watch my mother having sex with him. Every time I saw my mother in a swimsuit or revealing clothes I started getting a hard on. Public femdom stories wanted to fuck my mother, I knew it was wrong.

But I would just and watch the video and masturbate, then one day in may I was watching porn on my computer. I saw vid about a son blackmailing his mother for sex. I thought I might be able to do that, I was a bit hesitant, but after watching the video with mom and her lover. I put my plan into action, I waited for a time when we were home alone and programmed her Kim kardashian sex stories to play the vision I had of her and her lover.

I waited in the hallway and I she scream when it played, Soiled panties story came stringing out of her room and finding me. She let loose on me about me filming her and telling me to Navel kissing stories my bags and get out.

I said Alright and I will send dad a copy and to the rest of her board as well. She stopped shouting at me Vegas hooker stories ask me What have I done to you that you need to punish me so badly.

Nothing I answered, but after seeing you fuck that man. I became so jealous and wanted you to fuck me, you're the only woman I feel comfortable around. I think I Janitor sex stories never be able to have Open marriage sex stories with anyone, Panties men stories you.

You want to fuck me, your mother she answered That what this is all about. Yeah that's all I replied. Your SICK she added. Yeah I know I'm sick for doing this, but I'm also very horny and I wouldn't have sent anyone copies I said I'm just so lonely and horny, I'm shy around all females you know that. I can't even speak to Amanda my 10 year cousin. Yeah I do she replied You'll never have sex till you get over your fear of women. I walked away and she asked where are you going.

To pack my things I replied, You don't have to Erotic doctor exam stories that she said. Later that day she came to me and we talked about what I had done and that she and my father were both having sex with other people.

It wasn't a big deal, just sex.

Then she said That she would help me get over my fear of women and would teach me how to have sex with a woman. But Vault 69 story wasn't to tell anyone or film it.

I agreed and that evening we bathed together and Chastity device stories showed her whole body and later we had sex. We had sex the next day as well and by the end of June, she said I was a very good lover and I should try and find a girl. I was hesitant and she said I will find you someone. Vault 69 story did, a lady of the night. I went with her on a business trip and she arranged for the woman to come to our room.

She had explained to the woman that I was ultra shy and she stayed in the room with me and the woman. It took a little time, but was to have sex with the woman.

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After the woman had left, my mother rewarded me with sex. Since then I have been with 5 other women and I'm now starting to look for a girlfriend.

But I'm still getting sex from mom. She said She will keep providing me sex as long as I want it, I replied I'll always want you.

She smiled and I said I know. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies Tit abuse stories accordance with the terms of this policy.