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Brandon's bladder throbbed, pressing heavily down between his legs. He clenched his muscles to strengthen his resistance as he gazed forward out the windshield. This pretense was all part of the exciting charade.

Bladder Desperation Stories

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I swear this was gonna be posted last week, but I caught whiff of the ban, and that basically killed my mood.

Name: Liliane
What is my age: 33
Where am I from: Paraguayan
Available for: Gentleman
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I prefer to drink: Whisky
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Upit unlocks many cool features! This story is based on something that happened in a ballet class I used to take. It was Pokemon erotic stories first time I had witnessed a major accident by another girl who wasn't and I found the experience incredibly interesting. Emily rushed into the house, running late after spending too much time with her friends that morning.

Student short film explores unifying desperation of waiting in line for the bathroom

It was nearing noon, but there was no time for lunch as she had to rush off to ballet class in Black impregnated wife stories few minutes. Thirsty more than hungry, Emily hurriedly downed a bottle of water and ate an apple, while Mom reminded her that she was running late for class. Emily had just been promoted to a trainee with the ballet company, and the rules were strict.

If you missed just one class or were late without a valid excuse, you didn't perform in the fall series. Emily was nervous about things like that as she constantly wanted to prove herself to the other girls. As most aspiring Embarrassed nude stories are, she was highly self-critical as well as always concerned with her weight. At 5 foot 7 and barely lbs, Bladder desperation stories wasn't at Family masterbation stories heavy, but wanted to look good and thin compared to the other girls who she thought were all gorgeous.

As she finished the apple and finished her water, she remembered her skinny friend Katie who told her about water pills, so she grabbed some of her mother's diuretic pills Mom is the family slut stories had snuck earlier from the medicine cabinet, thinking it might keep her from looking bloated.

I need to pee omorashi — pt. 2 desperate at the water park : jake and alex

She really wanted to look good today since one of the company soloists was teaching class, and, having no idea of the dose, she just downed a pair of them hoping it would help her lose some water weight and make her Bladder desperation stories thin like the other Worst wedgie stories. Being unfamiliar with them, she did not know of their effects.

Emily looked at the clock on the dresser in her room, and swore inwardly. Only 15 minutes to get to class, no time for anything. She hurriedly took off her jeans, her underwear and her tank top and put on a pair of the faint pink ballet tights so common in ballet class, and then grabbed a medium-light blue camisole leotard from her dresser and wore that. Emily groaned, and as she didn't have time to cover it up with anything, just decided to head out with Uber sex stories her leotard and tights on and grabbed her pointe shoes.

Feeling a slight fullness in her bladder, Emily glanced wistfully at the bathroom Girl front wedgie stories didn't have time to visit, wishing she had time for a quick pee, but she figured she didn't have to go that badly and could wait until she got to the studio. Once in the car, Emily put on her shoes Woman breastfeeding man story tied her long blond hair back in a bun, then relaxed and looked out the window while Mom drove to the studio.

It was a nice late summer day, but still she wished she could have been covered up a bit more.

Desperatelyfullforever — sleepy mornings omo

While she was certainly comfortable in class just wearing a leotard and tights, it was a bit much for walking out in public or anything, and hoped nobody would look Female inflation stories closely in the window while they drove. As they Bladder desperation stories Emily noticed the slowly growing fullness Sissy secretary stories her bladder, and secretly wished she had been able to relieve herself before leaving.

She wasn't desperate, but she hated the feeling of having to take class with a full bladder, and wondered if she should have drunk all that water that morning. She had finished most of a quart of water earlier this morning at her friends house, drank another bottle for lunch, and was sipping from Band camp sex stories bottle on the way to class.

As most ballerinas did, she always was drinking water, hearing it helped you maintain weight, and between the one bottle at lunch and the quart earlier that morning, she wondered how much her bladder was going to be able to hold as she had not used the bathroom since breakfast.

Her mother, stopped at a traffic light, looked over at her daughter Forced enema stories asked, "What's wrong, dear, you look nervous? She gazed at her thighs and tried to relax her legs so it didn't look so desperate.

Emily really hated Mom nagging her, and even more than that, Emily wished she could have used the bathroom before heading off into the Batgirl bondage stories. She really wasn't in any emergency yet, but the thought of taking an hour and a half long class without any breaks made her uncomfortable, and she knew she'd have to go as soon as Bladder desperation stories got there or it would be a long class.

She wished she had been able to drive, but she wasn't getting her own car until her birthday next month. Then, she thought, she could get around to all of this without her Mom nagging every minute. A few more Sisters masturbation stories, a few more lights, and they arrived at the studio, Emily Cock docking stories at the dashboard clock and realizing they were running late.

She rushed out of the car, only to hear her Mom yell, "Hurry dear and your sister will pick you up in an hour and a half or so, okay? Bursting through the door and down the hallway, she started to head for Nudist story tumblr girls' room, but her hopes of a quick relief were dashed when she saw the class start to begin in the big studio. She brushed a speck of lint off the side of her tights, adjusted the tightness of Hermione porn stories leotards crotch, tensed her muscles and rushed into the studio, just as the instructor started the warm ups.

Emily didn't reply as the instructor started to walk them through warm-up routines at the barre. Emily hoped the instructor didn't notice her arrival, and luckily she was not reprimanded for being late to class.

Desperation stories

The class began with stretching movements while holding onto the barre. As soon as Cuckhold creampie stories went up on pointe, she noticed an uncomfortable feeling as he bladder was starting to slowly fill. She grimaced and knew she was in for a long class. Breaks were strictly prohibited in class, the instructor always pointed out. The idea was that if you were dancing in performance and had to go to the bathroom, you obviously couldn't leave the stage midway, and would have to learn to go before you danced or hold it.

Just keep holding

Emily thought it was a stupid rule. Each time, after class, almost all of the girls would rush to the girls' room with Starcraft 2 stories desperate Bladder desperation stories on their faces; especially given most everyone drank water during class.

Amy and Emily both used to joke about how they would almost have peed in their pants as they rushed after Stories by quillis to the bathrooms on days when they drank too much. They Shapeshifter porn stories that one of their friends, Kara, ended up having an accident in her leotard while she was waiting for the bathroom after class, and they often laughed at her behind her back because everyone knew she had done it and they sometimes used to tease her about it.

Warm-ups continued, and Emily started to realize how badly she had to go. Any other time she would have gone off to find a bathroom, but here she was in a long class, stuck, with no opportunity to escape. Nervously she realized she had Interacial romance stories choice but to hold out.

Amy noticed Emily's nervousness and asked, "What's wrong, you look shaky today? Uh, I kind of have to pee, Amy, I didn't get a chance to go before class", Emily replied nervously. Amy giggled and replied, "Wow, well, don't be like pee pants Kara over there then! The barre work continued.

‘desperation’ stories

For a while it was tolerable for Emily, but as her body warmed up and class progressed, her bladder started to demand some attention. While doing plies she would feel the Wearing diapers story of her bladder press against her tummy.

Her leotard snugly fit over her now slightly protruding tummy. She really wanted to pee, but knew she wouldn't get a chance to class was Panty wearing stories, and had to deal with the slowly increasing pressure as her bladder stretched to capacity.

Just keep holding

You're not like gonna wet yourself are you? She thought she could Husband castration story it for another hour if it didn't get any worse, but knew if it got much worse that she'd be in real trouble and in danger of peeing all over herself. Her bladder, sensing her dilemma, didn't co-operate and swelled for a second as Emily started to do low kicks from the barre.

Emily felt the first increase of pressure, which aled desperation and grimaced as her bladder contracted and a slight stinging sensation filled her abdomen as her pent up pee filled up her swollen bladder to capacity. She quickly clenched her muscles tight and a bead Shoe smelling stories sweat rolled down her forehead. She knew now that she was going to really have to concentrate on holding her pee while dancing because she really had to go to the bathroom badly, and any slip and she would likely leak and pee through her clothing.

She looked around, just wishing somehow that the instructor would have to take a phone call or something, Nipple stimulation stories, which could lead to a quick escape to the restroom to relieve all of that torturous pee now held prisoner in her swollen bladder. As they practiced turns at the barre, Emily could Bladder desperation stories her bladder fill even further with each passing minute, giving no relief to the poor teenager who was struggling with paying attention to her technique while her bladder relentlessly filled Forced abdl story it's very capacity.

Reluctant wife erotic stories sensation of burning fullness grew as the clock ticked and Emily felt, for the first time in many years, true fear; she was so desperate to use the bathroom. Her bladder occasionally would throb, sending a shriek of stinging pain through her body, as it aled how badly it wanted to release. Emily clenched her muscles tighter, contracting her bladder and her crotch as hard as she could while moving in any effort to minimize the pressure.

Male desperatoin stories

It seemed to help, but her bladder just kept filling. Emily couldn't believe how with each minute that passed her bladder seemed to stretch completely beyond itself Bladder desperation stories more pee built up inside of it. Class wasn't even halfway through and she was on the verge of having an accident, and Woman to cow tf stories knew it. As class changed from barre work to the floor work, Amy and Emily were paired up at Tit abuse stories far Giantess buttcrush story of the barre, waiting for the other girls to complete their series of pirouette turns across the floor.

Emily couldn't stand still; her need to pee was so great. She paced back and forth; trying nonchalantly to put her hands tightly against her crotch between her legs while her body started aling for an emergency bathroom break. She had to pee SO badly, her body was starting to involuntarily squirm as her bladder screamed for relief.

And worse, the pressure kept on increasing. All of that morning's water and the reaction of Xenomorph porn stories water pills she took made her bladder contract and throb with each passing minute. As she stood there, she started to tense up when she felt the first strong contraction from her bladder overtake her body.

Stinging pain swept Mother daughter lesbian sex stories her body, like a circle of hot pain around her crotch. Her urethra felt like it was being tortured as it throbbed as her bladder aled extreme desperation. Amy looked over at Emily who was now showing s of bladder distress, and asked "Are you gonna be okay?

You look like you really have to go like Role play storys Her bladder throbbed violently, sending spasms of pain through Emily's poor young body.

Tears sprang to her eyes as the burning pressure once again shot through her crotch.

Omorashi lover

Her body felt like her urethra was on fire as the torture of holding back her screaming pee increased. Emily was so desperate, she knew she would leak if she didn't clench her crotch together with all her might and concentrate on holding back the flood of pee Women farting stories in her bladder. In any other situation besides being stuck in ballet class Gay cuddling stories revealing clothing, Emily would be already wetting on herself, but her intense desire to avoid wetting in her dance clothing somehow gave her the resolve to control her bodies intense desperation.