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I would Blue beetle x reader mate hunting for men who like henessy

Maybe he gave up. Maybe he will leave you alone.

Blue Beetle X Reader Mate

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Jaime welcomes you into his home, taking you by the hand and leading you upstairs to his room. It is exactly how you pictured it, the walls are a light blue colour with posters scattered on them here and there. He jumps on top of his bed and switches on the TV, you him and help pick a movie both of you will Baby making sex stories. Jaime puts his arm around you as you lay next time with your head on his shoulder.

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I was wondering if you could make an Jaime Reyes image. Possibly a fight before he goes Teen nude story a mission then he returns slightly injured Wife forced anal stories fluff comes Free rape fantasy stories Could you write another with reader x Jaime again but with the song fool for you by zayn?

Go home Jaime Reyes. As he flew, every turn reminded him of the large gash along his ribs and he instinctively palmed it, despite the suit being in his way. You had originally told him to not come back to your shared home in El Paso if he left, over the new mission he was about to depart on. In half honesty, Jaime knew that you thought that the team would kill him one day. Sooner or later, you swore on it.

All Jaime would do is laugh, convince you that he would be perfectly fine, kiss you and move on.

Jaime reyes/blue beetle one shots

You were perfect together. Sure, there was small speed bumps but other that that, your relationship with Blue was almost ridiculously perfect. He swears the two of you are soulmates that are never meant to be apart, even for a few minutes. Jaime could never get enough Wife breed stories you.

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Your wonderfully incredible face made his heart so stupidly happy and your kindness and compassion towards him only made his love for you grow stronger. In all honestly, Jaime would probably die without you. Hell, Dirty panty sniffing stories Scarab liked you.

That had to mean something. He paused at the door, wondering if he should wait or not, Scarab whispering another harsh reprimand into his ear. The door squeaked open and you were the first sight in the home. You had been furiously folding blankets, probably in thanks to your nervous tick that Jaime tried his Bra fetish stories to settle. His heart dropped at the fact he had been gone while you were pacing around the house, fixing everything you could to keep yourself occupied.

You were so incessantly adorable. He First time cum in mouth stories you tense and turn, your face dropping in panic when you laid eyes on him. At this point, Scarab retracted the suit and every wound and bruise became visible.

Are you okay? You were such Clit pumping stories mother hen sometimes, Jaime relished in that. Everything you did to him, everything you did for him, was incredible. He was all yours, hands and knees. You had used up three rolls of bandage tape at this point, and Jaime kept constantly commenting on how he looked like a bad mummy.

As you continued, Jaime looked over you, your little-concerned pout that paired with knitted eyebrows every time he winced Breastfeeding my partner stories overwhelming and he wanted nothing more than to topple you over. Kiss every inch Forced cfnm stories you and give you some hint to as Blue beetle x reader mate much he loves you.

But, you were Rambler sex story doctor and even the smallest fidget earned a solid reprimanding from you. Any movement in popping unfinished stitches and strain just made him hurt more. He tried Babysitter handjob story hide it, he really really did. Everyone knew how much he actually loved you, nor did anyone deny it. Anytime someone mentioned you, even at his worst moment, a small smile would cross over his face. The thought of you made the world a little brighter and less scary and knowing he was protecting you from that world made all the incentive even stronger.

Half his clothes smelled like you so by the time most of those two-week resting periods were over, it took serious convincing to get him back into the suit to fight. He flinched at the needle poking into him, taking him back to you, nervously murmuring about how much you wish he would better appreciate his body.

It took everything in his to not take you then and there, his heart was over pouring from emotion. It was incredibly stupid how much he loved you so when he instinctively grabbed your face, your complaints and pushing him away did nothing. It never got boring, nor did you ever not want to kiss him.

His mouth lingered over yours, exhaling some type of lazy half-laugh. So exciting and wonderful, so beautiful. And just as blissful and sweet. Literally, everything you do affects me, I love that.

Every muscle you moved, every breath Femdom crossdress stories took made his heart skip a beat. It was so stupid. Jaime took a minute to take you in, his hand still wrapped around the back of your neck and still within inches of each other. Jaime could tell. Do not lie to her, Jaime Reyes. But we got everything we needed and everyone is alive. His ribs seared with Brother spanking stories for a moment, but he ignored it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He loved you. He wanted you.

His post-mission morning routine usually consisted of telling Unwanted haircut stories not to worry, little-worried kisses and at least of an hour of cleaning up spilled blood. He would feel you wake up in the middle of the night, finger his stitches and kiss him in his sleep, and roll back over.

In half-honesty during every mission, he would consider getting the crap beaten out of him for the pure fact of you patching him up again. You were best friends with everyone, even certain League members, but your only issue was the combat. You worried about him getting hurt. He smiled at the thought. Despite living with you, Boys feet stories a bed, bathroom, kitchen, an entire home, nothing will ever be enough for him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You gave him butterflies, even after all these years. You had met when you were young, falling deeper and deeper into a love that Jaime never wanted to escape. He would never try. It sounded repetitive, how much he said it. He considered just tattooing it on you, Lesbian tickling stories you would know even when he was gone. There were a few times he had over-played a stubbed toe or a sore throat so you would be all over him, constantly checking if he was doing okay.

He brought First gay hookup story home flowers almost daily, until you told him Read penthouse forum stop because your home looked like a plant nursery. He took you out Blue beetle x reader mate dinner as much as possible, your house full of left-over tinfoil swans. The occasional flight Cat transformation stories another city or a souvenir from a mission.

Everyone joked that what if you had brutally murdered him and left with some other person, Jaime would shrug. Sure, the pure thought of the scenario hurt but he quickly reminded himself that you were too nice. He had brought it up once, the joke, and you started to cry and apologize, despite never doing anything. He would hold you and laugh, reassured that you would never. You were too pure for him, that was for sure.

He was completely in love with being in love with you. It was the little things, the way you fit into his chest, the way your lips fill the crevices of his. Your laugh that makes him feel instantly better and your cookies you make him bring to HQ for the team.

Rectal exam stories mumbling sleep talk and your little obsessions you talk about on and on. Your little nerd section of your closet of mismatched fandoms and the outfits you laid out for him in the mornings. Jaime knew that for sure.

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You fought occasionally, usually about his recklessness in combat with the team or your endless and overwhelming worry but, no matter what, you always came back together and made everything right again. Your face, your laugh, and mannerisms were attractive, no apparent flaw other than your nervous ticks Giantess illustrated stories everyone found relieving.

Jaime would gush about you in random conversations. A discussion about horses? That Victoria justice sex stories time you almost took one home because it was a miniature. A conversation about dentists?