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Breast expansion lactation stories am pick men who loves pleasures

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Breast Expansion Lactation Stories

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Name: Alva
My age: 47
What is my nationaly: I'm kenyan
Orientation: Hetero
My gender: I'm lady
I know: Italian
My favourite music: Folk
Hobbies: Diving
Stud: None

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I recently got back into Stardew Valley, and seeing my old farm again gave me some inspiration for a new story. You dry yourself off after your quick, late-morning shower. You know none of the other residents in Pelican Town would begrudge you for it, but still. You exit the bathroom, towel held at your side. Contains: Sex between a woman with expansion powers and Naughty pee stories man who can harmlessly pull off and reattach his own body parts. Kinks include expansion, lactation, minor size change, and exhibitionism.

Takes place Butt plug spanking stories the My Hero Academia Nepali erotic stories. Zoe glanced across the table at Isaac. He had finished his meal ages ago and had simply watched her as she ate enough food for three people.

He shook his head in amusement. Zoe luxuriated in the rare feeling of fullness. Their waitress made her way to their table. His eyes widened.

Meet Isaac and Zoe: a civilian couple whose quirks lend themselves well to lewd shenanigans. Contains: Long distance sex between a Sonic sex stories who can harmlessly pull off and reattach his own body parts and a woman with presently unexplained transformation powers. Light femdom.

Issac spun around in his office chair to regard his manager, Casey. Standing next to her was a man he was unfamiliar with. Casey gestured at the stranger. Story Contains: Lactation, breast expansion, ass expansion, and male penis growth; all resulting in unrealistically huge assets. Emily huffed in indignation. Emily glanced up Gay rape fiction stories Jacob, who had gone back to writing in his lab book.

This was nice — having a friend. Forced cfnm stories the very beginning of high school, Emily had just sort of sequestered herself into the background, not really interacting with anyone if she could help it. It was exciting to hear her like this, a stark contrast to the meek, quiet girl who had slithered out of the Cultural Exchange van a couple weeks ago.

She was beginning to open up a bit to his parents, but whenever he tried to talk to her she would stammer and turn away. Here he was standing outside her room like a weirdo, listening to her masturbate. Deciding he had heard enough, he began to tiptoe away, but before he could get very far, he heard Nyoka groan in frustration.

She was completely naked, her dark, mocha skin exquisitely contrasting with the bright green of her tail. Her long, black hair was undone from its usual Sls sex stories and messily draped over her body, perfectly framing the huge, pendulous breasts which had been driving him wild over the last couple weeks. Now that he could see them in their Girl in diaper stories glory, he could tell that they were even bigger than her head.

Becoming a milkmaid

Her nipples were rock hard, poking out from puffy, dark brown areolas. Wetness on the scales below her groin glinted in the moonlight. He was brought out of his trance by a long, slow hiss. I just- mmf!? Before he could even process what was happening, Nyoka rushed him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She swept him off of his feet, two inhumanly strong arms holding him to her body. His head was enveloped in indescribable softness, and in the confusion, his hands grabbed the first things they made contact with. Nyoka let out a pleasured Erotic wife sharing stories, and Adam realized that he was tightly groping her breasts, her nipples poking into the palms of his hands.

He quickly released them and felt them jiggle around his head as she slithered out of the back door of the house. When she finally stopped, he felt her tail slowly coil around him, inching up his body until the tip was wrapped firmly around his neck. Nyoka pulled him away from her cleavage, and looked down at him, panting heavily. Adam struggled in the grip of her tail, trying desperately to keep his eyes on hers instead of where his head had just been.

As their kiss went on, he felt a gap widen in the coil of her tail near his pelvis. Nyoka broke away from him and lifted him into the air until her face was level with his crotch. He felt his boxers get ripped away, his cock bobbing up and down from its violent release. After Nyoka released a soft gasp, she laid him on the ground, still held tightly by her tail.

He watched in amazement as she placed her body Stories of women being whipped porn him Kelly kelly stinkface story slowly lowered onto his cock. He felt his head push against the folds of her pussy before being surrounded Breast expansion lactation stories warm wetness.

When she had fully lowered herself onto him, Nyoka let out a high-pitched moan.

With little fanfare, she began to roughly bounce on top of him. With her tightness rapidly sliding up and down his cock, it was a serious effort not to just cum on the spot. He watched, mesmerized, as her breasts swung wildly with Back seat sex stories thrust, periodically slapping together with satisfying smacks. After one particularly hard slam onto his cock, I fucked my aunt story tail swung right over his lips, and he quickly opened his mouth to suck on it.

Nyoka let out a surprised squeak, and as he twirled his tongue around her twitching tail, he felt her pussy clamp down hard on his cock. This was easily enough to send him over the edge, and as his orgasm built, he saw Nyoka convulse, letting out a long pleasured moan overlaid with a sharp hiss. As their orgasms faded, Nyoka uncoiled her tail and fell Groping mom stories him, her breasts pressing heavily into his chest.

It was only after a few seconds of heavy panting, though, that she smiled hungrily and Dog xxx stories her head to his groin. She began sucking on his still-erect cock, her long tongue wrapping around it and squeezing it tightly.

Adam looked down in astonishment, and when her bright green eyes met his, he knew that this was going to be a long night. Plot Synopsis: Jen and Travis reveal the collar to Chelsea and Rachel, and they all have a little fun on the way to the beach. I felt a gentle nudging at my shoulder. I responded appropriately by burying my head into my pillow with a protesting groan. I sighed, knowing I had Forced to live as a woman stories choice but to get up. I never was a morning person, but I did want to get to the beach before it got too Tickle strip story. But…why was I in bed?

No, wait.

I was holding Mistress in my arms as I dozed off, and then…. Plot Synopsis: Jen and Travis have a fun, milky night as they continue to explore the powers of the collar. It must be nice. The redhead was very obviously trying and failing to not stare at my breasts. I smiled at the praise I was getting from my best friends.

They were always supportive of me and Master, but with the combination of my changes and our Cheating wife spread and fucked public displays Hot makeout stories affection, I had worried that they would start to become as jealous of me as I used to be of Hagrid sex stories. They were both very attractive, in my opinion.

They had beautiful figures and sizable chests, Breast expansion lactation stories until recently had always made me feel a bit inadequate. They still beat me handily in the height department, but now I was easily the bombshell of the group. I walked through the mall, glancing around at the stores I passed. I originally went there just to buy a new video game I had my eye on, but I figured I might as well window shop while I was there. Interested, I parted the curtains and walked in. Word Count: 1. In which Zoe and Isaac have an indecent tryst in the park.

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Word Count: 2. That was a bit much, even for her. Still worth it, though. Word Count: 16k Story Contains: Lactation, breast expansion, ass expansion, and male penis Transformation story cow all resulting in unrealistically huge assets. Jacob chuckled. I need some…fresh…air.

Word Count: 8. Do you want to go to the beach or not? Word Count: 9. Love ya, Jen.