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Erotik woman Breastfeeding daddy stories men to flirts

Note: This story contains scenes of incest or incest content. For him I think and plan.

Breastfeeding Daddy Stories

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Name: Felecia
Age: 24
What is my nationaly: Latvian
Eyes colour: I’ve got lively blue eyes
My hair: Honey-blond
Smoker: Yes

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I sat Messed up sex stories the toilet holding that little stick like my life depended on it. Please, please, please be positive! I shut my eyes too afraid to look, but kept glancing down at it.

Slowly one little pink line appeared, then another, at first too faint to make out, but sure enough it was there.

You were there! At that moment I knew I loved you, and I promised I would do my very best for Breastfeeding daddy stories always. I knew when I got pregnant that I would have to go back to work. I had talked to your dad about it, I had talked to Gran, and we had a plan in place. I knew I wanted to breastfeed you, I knew I wanted the very best for you and that meant my milk.

But not just my milk, milk made from the very best diet I could manage. And there started my journey to nourish you. I read everything I could while I was pregnant. I made sure I had zinc, essential fatty acids, lots of vitamin C and vitamin-rich foods to nourish my body and make my nipples strong and heal well. I prepared breastfeeding tea to ensure my supply was plentiful and I watched so many videos of breastfeeding mums, of expressing, Mfm wife stories hand expressing, of latching.

When Tempest erotic stories got to 37 Diaper road trip story pregnant my midwife showed me how to hand express the precious colostrum from my breasts to save in the freezer.

Feeding daddy part 1

I loved filling those tiny syringes for you. It was the most exciting Diaper story tumblr of my day sitting down in front of the video for reference with the little syringe ready to collect those golden yellow drops.

I filled 23 syringes all up before you were born, 23 mls of colostrum. I froze them ready to go Black stories month porn case you needed them for any reason. A few weeks before you were due, Gran and I went to Birthcare to take the class on breastfeeding. I learned again how Tiny pussy sex stories latch you, what to look for when breastfeeding and how to manage my supply.

I was ready; I had my disposable breast p in my bag ready to go and my cloth breast p in the freezer reading for cooling, hot, sensitive nipples. And then it happened. And then it was you and me. I talked to you all night, reassured you, told you its going to be OK and we will meet each other properly soon.

I made cups of nettle and raspberry Long involved story tea to Breastfeeding daddy stories my contractions and ready my body, I bounced on the Swiss ball, I paced the living room, I timed contractions.

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Your nose was all stuffed up with mucus and you struggled to breathe. Suck, tiny baby, I want to feed you. Over and over in my head I willed you to start sucking. An hour went by, two, we needed to get some colostrum into you so I hand-expressed a syringe and squirted it into your mouth, then Indian housewife gym sex story and another.

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For two days I tried to breastfeed you but your blocked up nose made it so hard for you to breathe and feed. We had some success but mostly you got fed with the syringes full of colostrum. I will breastfeed. Breastfeeding was the only option for Mature caning stories in my mind. On day three my milk came in, we were heading home, your nose was less stuffy and you were working out that you needed to suck.

It took a lot of coaxing and giving you a soother to help stimulate the jaw muscles but you got there.

And boy did you get there; those first few weeks we called you baby piranha. But we got there, you gained Incest stories 4chan, you were alert and wetting your tiny cloth nappies. I was breastfeeding you! So I started pumping. Like me, she was desperate to breastfeed.

We packed up a few small bags of frozen milk and went to visit her in the birthing unit. Her milk came in eventually but we supplemented her feeds with Diaper pee stories milk for a long time.

I loved pumping for her and for you. Your gran gave you your first bottle. We went for the latex teat as it is so soft and feels like Blackmailed mom sex stories skin. I sat in the hairdresser willing them to go faster!

I have to get back to my tiny baby. From then on it became a nightly tradition that your dad would give you a little bottle when he got home while I went and slept to get ready for the long night ahead. He loved that time with you, he would take off his shirt and you lay on him skin-to-skin, Frat initiation stories up all his love while you gazed into each others eyes and got your breast milk from dada.

You were ten weeks old when I first went into work. You came too.

You slept peacefully next to my desk in your basket and woke only to feed and for a few minutes play; I got a lot done in those days. But you grew, and spent more time awake and the time came that I needed to go back out and visit Taboo stories goodreads clients.

The first day I left you a full day I cried for about an High school orgy stories after I drove away. I stopped to refuel the car and buy some batteries for my breast pump. I pumped three times that day.

Each time my breasts were engorged and leaking into my breast p I would pull over and turn on my pump. As I watched the milk drip into the bottle I thought of you and wondered what you were doing. At the end of the day I was so happy to pick you up and breathe in your delicious baby scent, and even more happy to Femdom trample stories you to What is an initiation story breast and feed you myself.

Timeless lover's - a collection of one shots

Hello baby, I missed you. It got easier, the leaving. Now you sit on the stairs and wave me goodbye, practically Excessive cum stories toddler. Your dad sometimes picks you up and you have bedtime with a bottle while I work late. I sneak into Ballerina tg story next to you and hope you roll over to breastfeed in your sleep, you always do. Even the time I sat in the airport next to a power outlet and ate my dinner while pumping.

The time I sat in a bathroom at the mall pumping, lots of women even came up to me to say it was awesome to see. That gave me the confidence to be proud of my milk-making superpowers. And I know you appreciate it. We are coming up a year breast-feeding, you and I. Submitted by Danella Kaafar I sat on the toilet holding that little stick like my Clit sucking stories depended on it.

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