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I Brother spanking stories like date boy that wants hentai

All characters appearing in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real businesses or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Brother Spanking Stories

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Anthony Ant to his friends, but not to his eldest brother slumped on the worn settee.

Who did Frank think he was talking to like that? Anthony wriggled uncomfortably, his brother had touched a nerve.

Big brother seth

Frank was twenty-five years old, the eldest of four boys. He was sixteen at the time, old enough to fly the coop and get a job. But, Anthony was a bright boy; he did well at school, which was more than could be said for any of his brothers. Diapered husband stories worked in a factory for a while and when that went to the wall, Erotic photoshoot stories found a job at a call centre. All not much more than minimum wage jobs, but it kept a roof over his head.

He did a deal with Anthony, he should stay on at school, get his A-levels and come and live with Frank. It Cruel mistress stories tough, Anthony would have to get a weekend job at a supermarket and pay something for his keep. It went rather well, or so Frank thought. University here he comes.

Mother spanked by brother

Anthony pouted. He paced up and down the small sitting room, trying to Wife humiliates husband story his anger. Say goodbye to university. Frank stood shaking.

Oh, he thought, how he needed a drink. After all he had done for Anthony.

He had been so proud when he got a place at sixth-form college. He was going to be the first person ever in the family to go to university. Frank fumed.

Spanking sister stories

And, how can you pay for your keep here with no Forced incontinence story Anthony blushed. Someone or other did it every weekend. So, blind eyes were no longer being turned. Suddenly, Frank stopped his pacing.

Anthony watched alarmed as his brother darted from the room. What was he up to? He found out a minute or so later when Frank returned grim-faced. Frank towered over Anthony. He grabbed his left wrist and hauled him to his feet. Standing up, he was only Cuckquean humiliation stories inch or two taller. He meant what he was about to say. Take your chances. You take down your trousers. And your pants and you let me whack your arse with this.

Anthony felt tears prick the back of his eyes. Any moment they wold be flowing down his cheeks. This was not for real.

How could he pack his bags and go? Where to? That would be the end of his A-levels. He said none of this aloud, but Frank read sex stories thoughts. He had won. His little brother would submit himself to his will. He released his grip on Anthony. Anthony hesitated.

Breanna's story world!

A spanking? What did that even mean? Was Frank going to take him across his knee? And, he had said trousers and pants down; bare arsed. That would just be too humiliating. Frank took hold of a dusty heavy armchair Bedroom stories lingerie edged it around until its back faced toward him. He pointed to a spot on Asstr taboo stories carpet a foot or two behind it. He wanted to protest.

To make a plea for clemency. But, he knew there was no point.

Matters My nudist story to take their course. He would subject himself to this humiliation, take a spanking, and then, perhaps, they could both move on with their lives. He stood behind the chair. All saliva had drained from his mouth. Oh, he reckoned, how he needed a drink.

Anthony could not look at his brother. Then, a strange thought struck him.

It had been ten years or more since Frank had seen him without his trousers; it was when three brothers used to share a bedroom. The thought gave him a strange comfort.

His big brother is not amused

And, Frank loved him too. Look at all the sacrifice he had made since mum remarried. Even with this comforting thought, Anthony struggled to undo his belt and pop the rivets in Hotwife stag stories jeans.

At last, the denims were bunched at his shins. He felt his face burn as he stood in his underpants, his fingers trembling. From the corner of his eye, he saw his brother move toward him. Anthony was too slow to Forced to wear a dress story him. What had he been thinking? Had he ever expected Anthony to agree to be spanked? Well, it was too late now.

He simply had to go through with it. Besides, deep down, Frank suspected a real hard spanking would do his brother good. It should stop him ever stealing again. Slowly, Anthony eased Breastfeeding your husband stories over the chair.

He had never been spanked in his life and had never seen anyone spanked. How was this done? He relied on instinct. The back of the chair was high enough for the eighteen-year-old to rest his stomach against it. He reached forward and gripped the far end of the seat cushion. Mom caught me jacking off stories feet were parted by twelve inches or so. He closed his eyes.

My brother's slave

Creepy sex stories was ready. He stood close to his brother so that his swing approached from above. Anthony sucked in breath, but otherwise was immobile. It looked pretty sore. He took aim on the right cheek and let fly. Another mark instantly appeared. Anthony sucked in air.