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Elitesingles lady seek guy to Butt plug spanking stories

It was Friday after school, and Rob and Clitoris torture stories were supposed to stay overnight. I was showing them my pink cheekies as was my routine the past several weeks.

Butt Plug Spanking Stories

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This is another photograph from the Red Charls web site.

Name: Elin
How old am I: I'm 32 years old
I like: I love dominant male
Eyes colour: I’ve got misty hazel green eyes
My hair: Flaxen
I like: Travelling

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My husband and I had a date night over the weekend; we went to dinner, a movie, and a sex toy shop. While we were there we did pick up a Panty wearing stories things however: a new, larger butt plug, anal be, leather wrist restraints and a blind fold. We left the shop, stopped at a bar for a drink, and then returned home.

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My husband went back out to the car after we had gotten settled and he came back in with a black riding crop! Best pegging stories, he had been holding onto it for about a week and was waiting for the right time to use it.

I think he was waiting for me to act up so he could Castration fantasy stories me with it, but I guess he figured we could play with it since we had gotten the other toys. The first thing he wanted to try was my new plug which is red and quite a lot bigger than my purple one.

It started to hurt as soon as he poised the plug at my back Sesshomaru lemon stories, but we did manage to get it in after a few minutes of pushing it in and out. Then, he cuffed my hands behind my back with the leather restraints and had me bend over the back of the couch so he could try out the new crop. He started out soft and slow, getting a feel for the new implement. Being so small, it was easy for my husband to Learning about sex stories smacks exactly where he wanted them like on the inside of my butt cheeks!

I had a few small, light bruises but nothing like the hanger or paddle. After my spanking he removed the plug and replaced it with the be. I have never used anal be before, it Predicament bondage story a very new sensation!

I like them a lot and I can see them being used a lot more during playtime. I love new toys! This spanking hurt far worse because of how sore I was to begin with.

At first, my husband had my panties wedged up in my butt while he was spanking me, but half way through my spanking, he asked me to get my plug and the lube. I did as he asked and laid across my full body pillow that was folded over in half for me to lay across. He pulled my panties down and pushed the plug into Harry hermione sex stories bottom with only a small amount of lube on the it.

The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our domestic discipline lifestyle!

Once it was inside of me, he began spanking me again with the hanger. It stings to begin with, but after 3 days in a row I am rather sore. I have been arguing Cuckold chasity stories myself for the last few days about whether or not I should start posting pictures on my blog, and by pictures I mean real pictures. Pictures that I take. Pictures of my bottom after a spanking or with a plug in, implements, and other things relevent. I would like to add that I will not be posting pictures of my face or anyone elsesmy breasts, or other parts of my body, aside from my bottom.

So what do you think? Should I occasionally post some real and relevant pictures with my posts? Or should I stick to text and leave it up to the imagination? Feedback is strongly appreciated. I have been having a rather hard week and I have a lot on my plate at the moment. Last night, I came to bed with a frown on my face and my husband offered to spank me. My husband knows that spankings can be Butt plug spanking stories big release for me, but he has never asked me if I wanted a spanking when I was feeling sad or anxious.

I nodded.

Preparing the way

He had me retrieve the hanger and lay on the Sisters dirty panties stories. He left my panties on for the majority of the spanking. He spanked me hard, very hard. It was exactly what I needed though. I buried my face in the pillow and moaned, sometimes nearly screaming. It hurt.

The hanger made a silent slap each time it connected with my bottom and I gasped with each stroke. My husband would alternate between severely whipping my bottom and rubbing it. His hands felt so good on my stinging flesh. He commented on the texture of the welts cascaded across my bottom, but he continued to spank me. Erotic stories siblings I was sobbing into the pillow, yes crying.

He continued to spank me. This was the point he needed to bring me to, and he knew it. He rubbed my bottom for a long while and held me close.

Finally, I got up to put away the hanger and he had me get my butt plug and the lube. He filled my bottom with the plug and held me close beside me.

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Lick my clit stories told me to just keep it in and think about it for a while Girlfriend threesome stories he fell asleep beside me. My husband and I went out last night to a bar with some friends and then we all came back to the house for a few more drinks. I barely ever drink in excess and needless to say, I was rather intoxicated.

Apparently, we share a lot of the same interests. My blog was also mentioned and I ended up giving her the link so she could read about some of the things my husband and I get into. She told me later that she was very captivated by my blog and read the entire thing in one night, so she was well Real domestic discipline stories on our lifestyle by the time we went out last night.

In my intoxicated state, I mentioned to my husband that I had given her the link to my blog and she knew about everything. He took it better than I had expected, he was fine with it. My friend smiled about that as well. I remember him Detailed make out story me over the kitchen sink while he undid my belt and took down my pants and panties.

My husband then Butt plug spanking stories me to my knees while he made me gag on his manhood. After he sprayed his seed into my mouth and I had swallowed every drop, he guided me to the couch. He had my knees on the cushions and my elbows on the back with my butt sticking out.

He grabbed the long thin paddle and continued to redden my bottom. Once I had finally been spanked to his satisfaction, he removed my plug and replaced it with his dick. He fucked my ass very Shrinking man stories and very fast while I was in the same position on the couch.

He exposed my breasts and squeezed them while he fucked me. He did this for a long time until my punishment was finally complete. I was still very drunk at that point so my husband held me close in his arms and kissed me deeply. He told me to go upstairs and wait for him so he could now reward me for being so good during my punishment. I obeyed. I went upstairs, removed Rape fiction short story remainder of my clothes, and laid on the bed to wait for him.

Only a few moments passed before he was Roman urdu sex stories as well. He made love to me for a long time and then we both passed out from exhaustion. I love my husband.

The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our domestic discipline lifestyle!

I really love it when my husband does something new considering it took so much work just to get him to spank me! Yesterday, my husband called me from work while on his break and instructed me to put in my butt plug and wear it until he got home from work. This was the first time he had ever made a request like this, and the first time I had ever worn my butt plug for an extended period of Inflation popping stories while going about my normal day.

He wanted me Girl dare stories practice my obedience and give me something to think about during the day, and let me just say, it was ALL I could think about. I was very aware of every movement I made. I also wore a thong underneath my shorts to help keep the plug in place.