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Camping With Mom Sex Story

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Ever since Dad passed, my mother and I have become very close. I was raised good by them and growing Mmsa spanking stories we did a lot of camping and hiking, it was our family therapy. This particular week had been planned for 2 months in advance and both Mom and I were pretty excited. My apartment was completely on the other side of town. We loaded the car that night as to be ready for a quick early morning exit. Neither of us could Cumming inside sister stories to get out of town and into nature.

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Score Wife tease stories. Note: I am not the Author of this story. I recently read this much of the story on this website XNXX with less grammar etc. I searched the web for the rest of the story and will be ing them part by part at some point during this week.

The reason for the delay in uplo is that I am editing Grammar, Paragraphs, and re-typing sections of it. So consider this story Camping With Mom: Remastered. It was January and I was your normal 15 year old. Always full of energy and ready to Wet pantie stories anything fun and exciting.

One of my favorite Wife whipping stories to do was hiking and camping in the mountains near our house. We would spend days camped in a tent next to our favorite lake. This year we didn't get to take our usual trip due to my dad's job. My mother could tell I was depressed because I looked forward to this trip all year. Mom and I have always been very close.

She wakes me up and puts me to bed every night Wifes first gangbang stories a hug and a kiss. She's an attractive woman, but I never really thought about her in a sexual way. Don't get me wrong, like most boys I tried to catch Stories about breastfeeding your husband occasional peek at her when she was changing or getting out of the shower.

She still had big firm tits and a well-rounded ass. Her long black hair and green eyes were a family In love with my cousin stories that all the women in our family had.

I guess I would say she was average weight and height. One day, as I sat down to breakfast mom dropped a little surprise on me. Are you serious?

Camping with mom - by robert_lean

I know your dad won't be able to come since he's been working so much, but I figure you and I could have a pretty good time without him. What do you say?

I was packed and ready to go in less than 10 minutes. As I got my gear downstairs I saw that mom had Family nudism stories packed her things and had them sitting by the door. We packed the car and off we went. Being that we live so far north and it was the middle of January, it was blistering cold outside. Not quite freezing, but still in the low 40s.

Perfect camping weather. After a three hour drive into the mountains we got to the spot where we always park our car. We Daddy dom sex stories out, gathered our equipment and had a quick bite to eat.

My mom may be 38, but she can still carry her own share of the gear. We packed pretty light, just a small tent, sleeping rolls, cooking supplies our clothes and fishing gear. Everything was tucked neatly into our backpacks.

We hiked for almost 4 hours when we noticed it was started to get cloudy. It was close to 4 in the afternoon and we decided it may be best to pick a spot to make Lesbian gyno stories. We still had another hour to walk before we got to our favorite fishing spot, but we thought it best to finish in the morning.

Before we could get the gear unpacked it started to rain. In a matter of minutes the rain became a total downpour.


And it was freezing. By now the temperature had dropped to 35 and our hands were hurting from the cold. By the time we got the tent set up, neither of us had a dry spot on us. Everything was soaked. We hopped into the tent and collapsed on the ground completely exhausted and shivering. In the frenzy Family swinger sex stories get the tent set up, my mom didn't realize Bug sex stories her sleeping roll had been washed down the hillside, and my roll was the only thing we had that was remotely dry.

Mom said in a shivering voice, "Turn around for a minute.

Camping with mom - different sex story - chapter by copykatto full book limited free

I'm going to strip and hop into the sleeping bag and try to dry off and warm up. I was always wanting to see her naked, but as I sat there freezing, I didn't even think about turning to look. Fist fight stories soon as she was undressed she slipped into the down-filled sleeping bag and told me Stories of nudist do the same.

She could Erotic massage parlor stories I was a little reluctant and said, "Come on, you're going to get pneumonia. I'll close my eyes. I didn't know if it was the cold that was making me shake or the thought of getting next to her naked body. I looked up and saw her staring at me, "hurry up and get those things off!

The only way we're going to survive this night is with our body heat. At this altitude, the temperature would drop to the teens by midnight, and we were both experienced enough to know how to survive. I quickly slid my undies off and tossed them in the pile with our other clothes. She unzipped the bag and in the little light that was available, I saw her full tits with their hard nipples starring back at me.

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She slid over as much as she could, but it was only built for one person. As I slid into the bag, I Cuckold boyfriend stories my behind to her.

The last thing I wanted to do was rub my dick down the entire length of her body.

The problem was that there was no way we would fit that way. Now lay next to me facing me. I had a hard time getting into the bag with her.

I literally had to grab her and pull myself down into it. As I feared, my dick was pressed into her upper back. I still wasn't hard thank GodI was way too cold. She didn't say anything as I slid further into the sleeping bag, the whole time with my dick and balls rubbing all the way down her back. First time swallowing cum story my dick reached her butt I got quite a surprise. I had assumed she kept her panties on. I was wrong. My dick slid along her ass cheek and along the crack of her ass.

She giggled some to try to lighten the mood I guess. It's my own fault that my sleeping roll got washed away and who cares if we don't have clothes on. You don't have anything I haven't seen before, right? I ran my hand up Regressed to baby stories down her arm and shoulder trying to warm her up.

She reached around and grabbed my hand and pulled it across Forced ejaculation stories chest. My heart skipped a beat as she placed it right between her tits. She said, "Hold me tight against you.