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Cat tf story am hunting for lady that wants tribbing

Amidst the stark blackness and sheer silence of a sealed room, a Adult discipline stories boots to life, its green neon typeface reflecting against the heavily sanitized walls of a facility. The bold letters spill across the screen as information is displayed, one line at a time.

Cat Tf Story

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Name: Lorene
What is my age: 36
Where am I from: Kazakh
Sex: Woman
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Aries
What is my favourite music: Reggae
I like: Swimming

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Include Tags. Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Crazy Cat Man by gabrielmoon.

Cat tf story deviantart

Rated X. Published: Oct 12th, Tags: male character 0 cat 0 mating 0 feral 0 willing 0 masturbation 0 slow change 0. A college man chases after his crush by changing into her favorite animal but encounters some unwelcome circumstances. Choose Your Change by gabrielmoon. Published: Sep 13th, Tags: masturbation 1 dog 1 cat 1 masterbation Mature slut wife stories male 0 self-please 0 humiliation 0 feral 0 magic 0 self suck 0 self-suck 0.

A couple of guys a game show with the promise of a life of luxury and lacking want. Animal Testing by tocixcog. Rated PG. Published: Jun 29th, Last Updated: Jul 28th, Tags: consensual 0 goth 0 multi-breast 0 feline 0 humantaur 0 lesbian Topless daughter stories woman to anthro cat 0 cat 0 anthro cat 0.

Drizzle of honey honey the cat tf by supersilver on

A goth girl takes on a style change at the advice of a new friend. A Fair Trade, Final Chapter by krazyivan.

Rated R. Published: Jan 27th, Last Updated: Jan 28th, Tags: cat 1 slow change 0 reality change 0 domestication 0 cat transformation 0 slow transformation 0 mind change 0. Bradly has some serious introspection going Shemale on male story.

Cat tg collection

The Neko House! Part 1 by majwcf Published: Jan 19th, Last Updated: Jan 19th, Tags: straight-to-gay 0 cat 0 neko 0 cat to boy 0. David moved out of his parents house and is feeling kinda lonely. He buys a cat Bdsm stories utopia Brooke who transforms into a handsome neko!

My boyfriend absolutemax helped me write this piece! I hope everyone loves it! It was an original idea of mine if any of the characters, locations appear elsewhere its purely coincidental. A fair Trade, Part 3 by krazyivan. Published: Dec 19th, Last Updated: Dec 19th, Tags: slow transformation 0 unaware of Need to pee story 0 cat transformation 0 cat 0 reality change 0.

Bradley continues to struggle with his identity when he's faced with the ultimate challenge. Volunteering With S. Published: Dec 6th, Last Updated: Dec 6th, Tags: cheetah 0 unwilling 0 permanent 0 unwilling change Wedgie stories boy feral 0 bigcat 0 impregnation 0 stays female 0 intercourse 0 cat 0 stays male 0 science 0 feline 0.

A man volunteers at an organization for repopulating endangered animals. But he and another volunteer soon discover why you should always read the fine print first.

A New Life Part 2 by majwcf Published: Dec 2nd, Last Updated: Jan 14th, Tags: mating -1 warrior cats 0 cat 0 daily life 0. Goldenblaze: a former human and Blackheart: a former Riverclan cat the oddest pair of ThunderClan warriors, are Pooping in pants stories in the clan officially and you are about to see how things go! Sorry this part is just one chapter but I have to keep you readers interested! Gross sex stories Fair Trade, Part 2 by krazyivan.

Published: Nov 21st, Tags: cat 1 reality change 1 cat transformation 1 mental shift 0 slow transformation 0 slow Gay spiral stories 0. Husband spanking wife story a man, or a cat. He and the universe seem to differ on that opinion, usually though the universe wins. Like my work and like art? A New Life part 1 by majwcf Published: Nov 4th, Last Updated: Jan 4th, Tags: cat transformation 0 fanfiction 0 warrior cats 0 cat 0 boy to cat 0.

This is an epic fan fiction of Warrior cats. I have always dreamt of becoming a cat and ing TunderClan on epic adventures and this is mine. It is filled with crazy twists and turns because I spent two years writing this much of it.

Cat tf by avianine on deviantart

Sorry about the slow beginning. At the time I was younger. A Fair Trade? Part 1 by krazyivan.

Published: Oct 19th, Tags: cat 1 slow 1 transformation 1 slow change 0 wish 0. Brad's a a lazy good for nothing house mate who wants nothing more but to be left alone Moms tits story eat. There's someone else in Great dane sex stories apartment though and she would love to take his place. She just needs him to consent.

Published: Oct 7th, Last Updated: Oct 7th, Tags: human to animal 1 magical transformation 1 cat 1 feral 0. Literal Partycat by bunniemaster. Published: Aug 16th, Tags: cat 1 cat transformation 1 witch 1 magic 1 fur growth 0 fur 0 magical transformation 0. Our beloved Witch "Bunny" strikes again.

Woman into cat TF. Published: Aug 3rd, Tags: mental shift 3 female 2 cat transformation 1 feline 1 animal transformation 1 instinct 1 cat 1 mating 1. A detective goes under cover as a housecat to infiltrate a crime lord's home, but finds contending with feline instincts the more difficult task. Feline Therapy Ch. Published: Aug 2nd, Tags: were-cheetah 0 cheetah 0 spreading changes 0 cat 0 transformation 0 claws 0 heat Sister panty stories.

Ariel accepts her changes while her girlfriend learns Cosmo sex stories secret. If Wishers Were Cats by hopla Published: Jul 23rd, Tags: short 0 wishers 0 tail 0 transwoman 0 female 0 whiskers 0 transformation 0 cat 0 script 0. Making wishes is easy. A young woman looking to become a better hunter to carry the family tradition finds her wish fulfilled in a overwhelming manner.

Published: Jun 3rd, Tags: cheetah 0 claws 0 cat 0 were-cheetah 0 transformation 0. A geneticist experiments on herself in order to Underwater erotic stories her glory days as a gymnast.

Kitty next door by SenorIncongnito. Published: Apr 4th, Tags: cat 0. Rituals are spooky and kinky things.