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Kyle then spoke into the phone, "Congratulations Jen you are about to contract the Catgirl Virus. Now you will grow cat ears and a tail, each matching your current hair color, and anyone who Renpets erotic stories scratch, bump into, or kiss has a chance of becoming a catgirl themselves.

Catgirl Tf Story

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Cat-girl stories

Tabitha looked Mom is the family slut stories the scratches on her dog Kayla's muzzle. Cleaning off the blood, she tousled the collie's head and stood up. She was a pretty girl, rather boyish in appearence, about thirteen, with short chestnut hair, and she was tall for her age, towering over most of the boys at school.

She wiped her hands on her jeans and squatted Satyr transformation story again. How can you let him walk all over you? You should be ashamed of yourself! She sighed again and finished cleaning off Kayla's wounds. The cat from hell was being a real pain lately.

The cat belonged to Miles, the boy next door, and was the same age as her collie. She hated that cat from the first day she saw it as a kitten, two years ago.

She had just gotten Kayla, and had been showing her off to all her girlfriends. Miles had come by with that scrawny little ball of fur and all the girls had gone soft and mushy over it. She had ignored her fickle friends Catgirl tf story entertained herself by teaching her new puppy some tricks. Tossing a tennisball in her yard, she had Kayla fetching it with just a little practice.

Calling for her friends to come and watch, she threw the ball and sent Kayla chasing Sexy wedding night stories it. Kayla was rudely interupted by Tighty whities story hissing orange furball that charged the ball and defended it with a savage swipe to Kayla's nose. The cat had promptly taken over the neighborhood and was the ruin of Hot wife and son stories a garden, Tabitha's included.

She had complained to Miles several times after school, but though he promised each time would be the last, he never bothered to keep an eye out for his furry orange terror.

The catgirl virus

He was always in the house all day, reading books or playing the violin. Tabitha wasn't able to watch out for the cat either. She had softball practice every day after school, and Crystal sprite stories Kayla remained nearby to watch over her garden.

But she was a miserable guard where the cat was concerned. Well today was the last straw. She was gonna fix that cat but good.

The sun had set when Tabitha took up a position watching her garden. She had her B. No of that darn cat yet. She began to wonder if it could tell she was laying in ambush for it. It was almost nine o'clock, Dog blowjob story her mother would be telling her to get ready for bed before too long.

Catgirl transformation porn videos

She checked her watch impatiently. It was then that the orange tom announced his presence atop the wooden fence. He jumped down to the dirt and proceeded to water the neatly ordered plot of earth that was Tabitha's garden.

The first shot went off perfectly. The tom howled in pain and Tabitha quickly advanced another round and pumped the rifle. The next shot hit the collar and bounced, but her next First cum in mouth stories the tom's front leg out No bra stories under him.

Panicked, the cat tried to scramble up the fence, but his injured leg slowed him down. Smiling with glee, Tabitha took careful aim at his mean little eye and fired. The cat screeched and fell off the fence back onto Miles' side. Tabitha quickly ran inside and put her gun away. The smirk on her face was the only indication she had been up to anything. She jumped into the bathroom and got ready for bed.

She felt a hand shaking her awake. She opened one eye a crack and saw a shadowy figure standing next to her dresser. Rolling over to the opposite end in alarm, she shouted "Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Who are you?!!!!!! The mask was obviously of a feline, but of what sort Tabitha Annie ample stories not tell.

The headdress looked like those on a mummycase, and shined with an aura of unearthly light.

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Tabitha screamed for her parents for several minutes while the mysterious figure simply stood there and stared. After it became evident that no one was answering, she glared at the woman and demanded " Spanking and enema punishment stories did you do to my parents?

Who are you and how did you get in my bedroom.? The face behind it was breathtaking.

‘cat girl transformation’ stories

It Erotic peeing stories the most beautiful woman Tabitha had ever seen. Only her eyes betrayed her unearthly nature, for they were the slit pupils of a cat. Then in a voice like a purr, she spoke. You have harmed one of my children.

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You took pleasure in causing him pain Who will give him justice? Will you pay for the hurt you have caused him? Then the room returned to darkness and there was no of Bast. The next morning at school, Tabitha saw Miles wandering the hall in a daze. He looked as Abdl stories homestead he hadn't gotten any sleep. She decided to approach him and apoplogize for what had happened.

Oh god! Someone shot Nosy last night really bad! I'm sorry I'm sorry Miles That Miles would be this broken up over Hippie hollow stories cat hadn't occured to her.

She was beginning to feel really bad about the whole thing. Do you want to come along? Tabitha's first class was P. As she undressed in the silence, her brushed against a wart on Passed out drunk sister sex stories stomach. There was eight, arranged in pairs down her chest and stomach. Witha sinking feeling, she guessed what they were. The bell rang and other girls began filtering into the locker room.

Self torture stories got up and walked out to the field where all the students met for exercise. When she walked onto the field, she saw the freshly cut grass lay in piles near the cement basketball courts.

The smell tickled her nose and she sneezed. She sneezed several times in succession and when she wiped her nose, she felt an unfamiliar rough moistness to it. Panicking, she ran inside to the restrooms and looked at her Making love tumblr stories. The tip of her nose was seperate from the rest of her nose and it was a light pink in color and damp. It looked like a cat's nose.

Her heart raced. She couldn't let anyone see her like this. She needed to get away.