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Catwoman x female reader baby found friend to massage

Selina because boy is a lady in the streets and freak in the sheets appealing! Who is louder? She makes it that way.

Catwoman X Female Reader

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Gay sex stories wattpad. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Request: Can I please request a Gotham sirens x teen! Harley, Ivy and Catwoman hear about this and find and protect r for the jokers men.

Name: Kylie
Years old: 44
Where am I from: I'm indian
I like: Gentleman
What I like to drink: Red wine
Favourite music: Dance
I like tattoo: None

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I just do this for fun in my spare time. Thank you for checking out my writing!

How you meet! These were originally preferences but they ended up too long, so they ended up as mini one shots :.

Despite the fact you worked three jobs, you could barely afford your rent. Your landlord was threatening to evict you for all French kissing stories late bills, and you were struggling in your classes because of the stress.

Dc imagines

The whole store was dark, so you used your phone as a flashlight. As you tried to come up with a way to open the display cases, the harsh clack of high heels on the floor Super short sex stories you off guard.

Who the hell could be here at this time? You looked around desperately for a hiding place, and ducked under the nearest counter.

Pussycat. / catwoman x reader

Oh no, had you been caught? My favorite. You racked your brain trying to remember if you had gone under the emerald cabinet.

She knew you were there. You peeked your head out from beneath the display case. Standing right over you was a woman in tight, leather clothing, and cat ears?

The woman smirked and leaned down so her face was next to yours. Everyone in Gotham city knew that name. Come here, come out of there.

You obliged, not wanting to piss off a lady with a whip. I was going to steal these jewels, and sell them. In her heels, she was much taller than you are.

The universe is random for a reason — could you perchance write catwoman/selina

Because you could go to jail, and Gotham prisons are not that nice, trust me. Catwoman placed the cash in your hand, then put her hands Brother fucks virgin sister stories her hips.

You felt like a kid getting lectured by the teacher. Catwoman rolled her eyes and waved her hand.

Now, go. I have some emeralds Mexican gangbang stories steal. You grabbed your phone off the floor and stuffed it in your pocket along with your new money.

You started to One piece sex stories away slowly, scared that she would start laughing and say it was just a joke and demand her money back. You hurried along the department store, anxious to get home.

The first thing you were going 4chan autism stories do was to quit that awful job scrubbing toilets. Catwoman x reader: Thief. Posted February 5, at pm with 66 notes Tagged as: selina kyle catwoman catwoman imagine catwoman x reader selina kyle x reader catwoman oneshot selina kyle oneshot dc imagine.