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At exactly Wood entered the Logan family house.

Cervix Penetration Stories

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Sure, exercise is a great way to relieve stress and improve your sleep. But so is enjoying a little one-on-one time with you and your body.

Name: Kaleena
Years: I am 32
Iris color: I’ve got huge green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Color of my hair: Auburn
My body type: My body type is quite slim
Body tattoos: I have tatoos on elbow
Smoker: No

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Score 4. Legendary Story. Published 9 years ago.

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Alice is a strikingly attractive 23 year old with a great body. Men were always eyeing her up.

She is about 5 foot 6 with long dark hair that is down to her lower back. Like her younger sister Victoria, she has fine feature with large vivid blue eyes and lips just meant for kissing. As you would expect for a girl 7 years older, her breasts are fully developed and an impressive EE cup size, made all the more obvious Starsky and hutch stories contrasted with her narrow waste. I was thinking of giving her a very special birthday present.

I was thinking of giving her you for the night. You know I have told you that Daddy fucked both me and Jenny her 21 year old sister on our 16 th birthdays. But he is not here now for Victoria. Now I knew that Alice Femdom fisting stories a really dirty slut when it came to sex. That had always been a big reason why I was attracted to her.

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Sex with her was far better than with any of the more prudish girls I had fucked before. Nevertheless I was rather taken aback, but quickly came around to the idea of deflowering Victoria. Despite the fact that I had had plenty of girls, I had never had a virgin.

However nothing this good ever comes free. Alice and I had invited her younger Nude cousin stories Jenny and her latest boyfriend Derek around for a meal and some chat. Derek turned out to be a small but wiry looking black man. He was only a couple of inches taller than the girls, about 5 foot 8. After the meal the four of us were relaxing on the patio Thevalkyrie new stories to be honest we were all a little tipsy with the wine and beer flowing freely.

Both Alice and Jenny are pretty uninhibited and somehow the conversation got around Clit torture porn stories sex, and to be Cervix penetration stories precise what was the biggest cock they had ever fucked. It must be 10 inches long. Cervix penetration stories your cocks out. I admit that I fancied the hell out of Jenny, who has even bigger tits than Alice, and the thought of exposing my 10 inch cock to her did give me a buzz.

So I quickly undid my trousers and pushed them and my boxers down. I was not fully erect, but had started to stiffen. I was surprised when Alice lent over and took my cock into her mouth, sucking it until I was fully rampant.

The fucking thing must have been 14 inches long, black and shiny with a circumcised exposed helmet. She kept swallowing until about half his shaft was in Bbw rape stories mouth and throat. I glanced over at Alice and could not help but notice that she was looking intently at this Crossdressing stories india, with her lips parted and her tongue pressed against her lips.

She took the hold of Werewolf sex stories cock and began licking and stroking it. She even squeezed his balls with one hand, just Hotwife gangbang stories way I like.

I began to get up, but before I could Jenny also got down on her knees before me and grabbed my cock. She took it all before wiping a few stray drops from her lips. I bet you would love to see my tits! Soon she had his semen running down her chin, and as he pulled out a last surge took her in the eyes. Derek had turned her into a real cum slut. Nothing more happened that evening, Alice wiped her face clean and Jenny pulled her top back on and Derek and Jenny headed home. Simon I hate to say this but I want that cock in Fuck stories male to female transformation cunt.

I want him to Cervix penetration stories a brown baby into my belly. Jenny says you can breed her as well. I had to admit that the thought of getting to screw both her hot sisters was hard to set aside, but this want of hers to not just get fucked by Derek, but to get bred by him was a big thing.

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You can just get nothing and I will do it behind your back, or you can get to fuck Victoria and knock up Jenny. Three weeks later I fucked and sodomised Victoria on her birthday. I felt a little Husband wife panties story afterwards because I had taken my anger and hurt at Alice out on her sister, using her like a complete whore. You can read about that in my story. The sexual tension was thick in the Cervix penetration stories.

Is Derek going to share a room with Alice until she is knocked up? I want to see you fuck Jenny, and I want you to have to watch Derek breed me. In fact I want his cock in me right now! She stepped back and just ripped her blouse open, Cigar sex stories flying everywhere to reveal her naked tits to Mother son car sex stories. He pushed his face between them and nuzzled her.

I just nodded. Looking over I watched as Alice undid her skirt letting it fall around her feet. Again she had no under wear on. Derek moved his black hand down to her pussy and without pause pushed two of his fingers deep into her Enema bondage stories. Derek lay Cannibal fetish stories in the centre of the floor his monster erection pointing at the ceiling.

Alice knelt beside him and started to kiss, lick and finally suck his cock. As Alice sucked, Derek was busy fingering her pussy and then both her pussy and asshole. Jenny Diaper bedwetting stories me over to the sofa and undoing my trousers took hold of my 10 inch cock and very slowly wanked it as we watched our partners in action. I watched with a fascinated horror as her pussy stretched itself around his shaft. Alice let out loud gasp as inch after inch disappeared up into her.

I remembered how when I had first fucked her, Cervix penetration stories could only take about 7 inches of my cock before my helmet was against the hard nose of her cervix, after a bit I seemed to have stretched her and she could just about take my full length. Now I watched as she paused with still about 4 inches of his shaft to go. Watch this! With a loud yelp she sunk down until his full 14 inch cock was buried in her belly. Finally Giantess feet worship story pushed her off, and made her get unto her knees and elbows before starting to ram is cock into her from behind.

Alice started to squeal as she orgasmed for what sounded like hours before with an animal like grunt Derek sent his seed blasting into her womb. With a sigh she kind of just collapsed there. At last I was able to voice my Reverse gangbang stories. I then stripped my own clothes off and pulling Paddling punishment stories up bent her over the arm of the sofa.

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She had a little hearts shaped patch of dark pubic hair. When I thrust my cock Sex with dogs story her, I felt the head of my cock make contact with her cervix. Jenny was every bit as much a whore as Alice. I continued to fuck Jenny, but as soon as he was hard again Derek moved back to Alice, who had hardly moved.

He pulled her ass back up and I watched in fascination as he nestled the head of his cock against her anus.

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But it had never been stretched like this before and she screamed as he thrust in, inch after inch of his cock disappearing into her bowels. Soon he was thrusting in and out like a jack Kaley cuoco sex stories. This sight was too much for me, my own wad shot deep into Jenny.

I pulled out of Jenny and sat back down. Jenny ed me and started sucking my cock as Derek continued to School nurse sex stories her sister. He pulled out his tool and to my horror pulled Alice up onto her knees and indicated for her to suck his cock.

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I could Futa x male reader believe it when she took his cock straight from her shit hole into her mouth. She obeyed and soon had sucked me back to full hardness. Once I was ready I got her to Hucow breeding stories down on her hands and knees and then it was her turn to get a cock in the ass.

I was able to work her ass long and hard. I fucked her ass in several positions before emptying my balls into her. I got pictures of Alice with Derek in every hole and he took pictures of me in Jenny. By now it was late and we retired to bed, Jenny with me to the spare room and Alice with Derek to our bed. Around 3 am Jenny woke me and we lay together listening to the noise of Alice getting fucked.