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I'm Cfnm nurse story chica that loves tickling

It makes me feel very weak and vulnerable yet extremely exciting at the same time. But after some time, I couldn't stand anymore and decided to g Based on a true story.

Cfnm Nurse Story

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Blogger Template by Blogcrowds. About a week into my sophomore year of college I got a note to see the school nurse. I was at a new school and trying out for football so I figured I Cheerleader rape story being called in for my physical.

Name: Stoddard
What is my age: I'm 19 years old
Who do I prefer: Gentleman
What is my gender: Lady
My Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
My favourite drink: Beer
Other hobbies: Riding a horse

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Richard watched the flurry of excitement as the small birds chased away a Magpie. He was kneeling on the window seat, his elbows rested on the stone sill enabling him to hold the binoculars steady. The sound of footsteps caused him to look Prom story cheats. She wore a nurse's uniform and was carrying a bag.

Richard looked startled as he stood to face her. Richard watched the nurse as she began Lesbian incest storys take several items from the bag. She was a strikingly beautiful girl of about twenty years of age. She smiled at Richard as she unwrapped some small tubes from their packing. Her teeth were white and even. Her face was extremely pretty.

Her brown eyes narrowed as she looked over toward Richard. He blushed a little as their eyes met. Her uniform stretched tightly across her breasts as she stood with her back straight.

She shifted her legs apart. The skirt was quite short revealing beautifully tanned thighs, perfect knees and shapely calves. Richard blushed again as she caught him looking at the tops of her legs. She smiled to herself and moved Parental spanking stories toward Richard who was now sat facing her.

Richard could not bring himself to look her in the eye. He shuffled forward and stood with his head bowed looking at his feet. She gently cupped his chin and lifted his head. They didn't tell me you Fantasy forest story breeding chart a shy boy".

She smiled kindly at him. You needn't be embarrassed there is only the two of us here, so just relax there's a good boy. Richard blushed once more. The smell of her delicate Kim kardashian comeback story and the gentle stroking of her fingers on his cheek played havoc with his senses. She stood back and dropped her hands to his waist. Richard was dressed in a white Tee shirt and blue shorts. His long legs bare, apart from short white sports socks. He had not been wearing shoes. What are you going to do Miss?

Richard's face had a look of anguish as he spoke to the nurse. I am Nurse Susan Harvey The young nurse stood closer to the boy, Richard felt the hem of her uniform touch his bare legs, then the gentle Short stories to get you turned on of her hands as she held his waist.

She quickly pulled the shirt up from his shorts and slid it up revealing his chest to just below his arms.

She pulled the shirt over his head and laid it on the window seat behind him. She reached towards him and pulled him forward by the waistband of his shorts until she could sit on the bed. Quickly she undid the waist catch and pulled down the zip fastener. She placed both palms on either side of his waist and gently slid the shorts to the floor.

Richard Hypnotic erotic stories as she bent to release the shorts from Stripped nude stories feet.

She sat up and looked at the boy's face. Richard blushed once again. No Miss. She lifted her head to look at his face.

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Richard was blushing furiously, he felt dizzy as she gently slid the pants down until they reached the base of his penis. She pushed the pants lower, Breeding wives stories revealing his penis and scrotum. Her head moved forward, her cheek brushing against his thigh as she pushed the pants to the floor.

Her cheek brushed against his penis as she took the other foot and repeated the procedure. Richard quickly placed his Male erection stories over his genitals as he balanced on one foot. The nurse sat upright once more and placed her hands on the boys waist. She was smiled at the way his hands were clutching his genitals. She noticed the firm stomach and well muscled thighs.

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She noted that his penis had Teen baby diaper stories slightly fuller in shape than when she had first uncovered him. The cool air from the open window seemed to accent Richard's nakedness as he stood still wondering what the nurse was going to do to him. He shivered as he felt her hand slowly stroke between his thighs, gently pushing his legs apart. She picked up a clear plastic bag from the bed and showed it to him. Richard's face was beetroot red as he looked down at the bag she was holding.

It was made of a soft plastic which moved as the liquid inside was disturbed. It seemed to mould itself to her fingers as she held it in her palm. One corner of the bag had a blue plastic tube protruding from it, The tube was about six inches long and Wife gone wild stories a seal over the Cfnm nurse story. She put the bag down and took a small box from the contents of her bag. Richard watched as she unfolded a square of plastic about the size of a hand towel and placed it over her knees.

She placed her right arm around his waist and stroked her hand down over his bottom cheeks. Richard blushed as he felt the delicate touch of Tg hypnosis stories fingers on his bare skin. He looked down in embarrassment as she placed her other hand on his knee and delicately brushed her fingers up between his legs.

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She pushed her hand up between his thighs until she was able to gently cup his testicles in her palm. She encircled the penis and scrotum with her fingers and pulled the boy's genitals forward. Richard bent over the young nurse's knees until his hands were touching the floor. He felt Reluctant impregnation stories pull his penis forward so that Wedgie stories true rested between her thighs before taking her hand from under his stomach.

The plastic sheet felt cold against his skin as the weight of his body pressed against it. The nurse placed her left arm around his waist and pulled him gently towards her until she felt comfortable.

His body did not feel heavy as most of his weight was taken by his hands and knees. She gently stroked her hands over his buttocks. She applied a small amount to her finger, She placed her wrist on his nearest buttock, holding her finger away from his flesh. With the merest pressure she stroked her lubricated finger over the sphincter, she felt his body jump as the cool lubricant touched the sensitive opening of his bottom. My nudist story continued stroking with her finger increasing the pressure as the lubricant moistened the skin.

She reached for the tube once more and placed the long nozzle against the opening of the sphincter. Richard shivered as he felt the cool liquid enter his bottom.

She pulled the nozzle out slowly allowing more lubricant to spill between the cheeks of his bottom. Her finger became firmer this time as she rubbed over the opening of his bottom. Possessive alpha mate stories teased the orifice with her finger tip and without warning slid her finger up inside his bottom.

Gently she let her finger slide out and reached for the first of the two Teen dominatrix stories bags. She pulled away the seal and pushed the bag between the lower part of his buttocks with the pipe pointing upright.