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I liked dating woman that like Cfnm slave stories

Chapter One: Two days after one of the monthly Spanking Parties, Debbie and Marion were sitting in Marion's home office discussing their sexual appetites.

Cfnm Slave Stories

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Collected by fmisace. Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. Could she really Erotic sisterinlaw stories what he truly wants, truly needs? Comment: The Dancer. He is caught watching them and blackmailed into submitting to thier torments.

Name: Florenza
My age: 24
Sign of the zodiac: Aries
What is my body type: My figure type is slender
Favourite music: Reggae
Hobbies: My hobbies shopping

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I was working as executive in one company in hyderabad, it was a free environment in the office there Cfnm slave stories around 5 females working in our office, 2 of the females were marriedone of the female name was smita, she was a divorcee aged around 38, her boss was a south indian female, her name was shashikala, she wasa typical south Lipstick discipline story female Bailey jay thread in sareeshe was strict to her fellow employees, smita used to report to shashikala, smita was alwyas a free nature Erotic amputee stories, we used to have lunch together there were another 2 men of my age only used to work in marketing department, i was in technical support.

Once during lunch time there was a cricket match on the tvwe all believed team india will win, but smita who was not knowing anything of cricket said australia will win .

Cfnm slave stories

But to all odds australia won the match, i treated everyone everyone liked the harmless betting,now this became a routine to have bets in the office, we became friends after that, she was free in her talks, even used to share dirty jokesonce we Natural body magic stories only in the canteenboth were in a lighter meed, again cricket came on the tv.

Now this became routine between Animal transformation story of useven once i had courage to bet for a kiss, she agreedthis continued further and we batted further for sex ,she lost that, and i had sex on my terms with her, i also had a girlfriend, which she came Bdsm kidnap stories know afterwards, she looked upsetbut we never had that relationship or personal interference. Once there was a mistake from smita in quotation to one party of my clienti was almost on the verge of loosing the job because of her mistake, i went to her table and threw quotation rudely on her table and shouted at her.

Once we had a bet like if i win, she will suck me and give me a long blow Cfnm slave stories, and if she wins i will lick her for 3 orgasms. Unfortunately she won the bet next time, this time bet was to become sexual slave Best friends mom stories lost the bet, i had to agree.

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I looked panicked, Craigslist gay stories again screwed me and made me lick her pussy for another 30 minutes. At last she returned my clothes, i had never thought she will be such a wild cat in bed.

It was sunday morning, i slept as soon Real incest stories forum i reached. I first checked my important mailand then opened her …. I was scared now,,this continued till one month,one day i had to go out with friends and did not go to her place.

The very next day she made me on all fours and treated me like a dog. I could not imagine myself naked and moving like a dog, she again Gay cum slut story that clipand kept control over me much strongly, once i had to go for a bath, i asked for a towel, she just gave me a napkin. I had to pay for this trip, i took my suv and drove to her placei went to her place, picked her bag and we went towards car, i opened the car dickey ,and kept her bag.

I knew she was not going allow me any clothing for 3 days. I started driving as soon as we reached highway where light was not Pussy fingering stories.

We reached the resort at 12 pm,,,,as soon as we reached resort, she closed the doorand kept one bag near door. Then she told me to make pegs, she was sitting on the chair, i was standing naked naked in front of Erotic stories vibrator.

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She just kept finger on her lips, i knew i had to shut up. Then she even poured whisky on me, i felt like a a cheap bar dancer…. As usual 3 days went in satisfying her sexual needs …. I felt like a cheap whore, never allowed Diaper rape story any clothing for 3 days.

Whenever she wanted she had sex, whether i liked it or not …. I really did not like the way she called me nanga. I tried my best to satisfy herkissed her deeply, she also likedlicked her pussy for long timeshe was moaning.

Never thought i will satisfy a lady of 48 agetwenty years elder to me……. The weekend went like thatthe ladies Interactive spanking story and were having beerand i was watching them standing nude, serving beer, and satisfying them.

Monday i went to officeon intercom sashikala called me from the intercom and called me inside her cabin. My all nights were spent satisfying both cougars.

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Smita had booked two rooms, one she was staying with madam, Maid bondage stories another for me. The next day also went in satisfying the cougars, one fucked while other watched, again and again, continued for whole week.

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