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Chastity Belt Sex Stories

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This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. If you are under the age of 18 or 21 and reside in a state, country, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!! Archiving permitted, but only if you include Stupid sex stories statement of limitation of use and notify the author by e-mail.

Name: Arabela
Age: 44
Gender: I'm female
My body type: I'm slim
I have piercing: None

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. The Club, Ch. Posted Fri 3rd of May Report. Introduction: Mr. His story of sucking cock and his new slave continue their day out. She is fitted for a new chastity belt and a few other things I was embarrassed to go in dressed as I was but I obeyed Mr.

I did feel beautiful and sexy, just very vulnerable at the same time. He ordered for me. He knew what I liked. He knew everything about me. After the lunch, we drove on. I had no idea where we Wife lost bet story going. Occasionally, his hand would travel up my thigh or he would spread my legs wider so he could probe my pussy at a traffic light.

I loved his fingers on me with other people around. It gave me such a thrill.

We were again out in the middle of nowhere when we finally stopped. This seemed like an unlikely place compared to where we had been. It seemed like Strapon pegging stories was a of things.

It seemed like it was a custom metalwork shop for bikers and a tattoo place but it was tucked away where no one could possibly find it unless they knew it was there. Savage snapped on a leash to my collar. I blushed but I got out and followed him inside. I saw some beautiful work and several amazing bikes as we walked through.

Then I saw two men. Their eyes followed me closely as I walked through. Savage knocked Nude wedding stories a door and was greeted warmly by a man on the other side.

We walked into a large workroom. In this room were some very different items Wife naked in public stories I blushed furiously. Sweater bondage stories metal works hanging on the walls everywhere but they were all of a sexual nature. The man closed Naked birthday story door behind us. Savage proceeded to explain what he wanted.

He removed my raincoat and I was standing before the man naked. I need the following Frank. One locking chastity belt comfortable enough for her to wear all day, for now, no slots. I want her to have to Chastity belt sex stories permission to use the bathroom. We might get a second one later for special situations. I obviously want it to have dildo attachments for both her pussy and ass. The of keys I want is on the order form. I also want a sterling silver collar with a permanent locking mechanism that she cannot remove.

A Hagrid sex stories locked bracelet also. Engraved with the following, that is her name it states she is the property of George Savage. Then lastly I want to permanently mark her with a tattoo with a registered slave and my symbol, here is the de. I want to place it right here just to the left of her pussy so I can always see it.

Now how quickly can you do the order? I will pay whatever the cost for a rush.

The tattoo we can do Giantess mother story. The chastity belt, if we take all the measurements, if you like the ones I have, I can make the modifications and get it to you tomorrow. Savage beamed.

I would like my little bitch here to like her collar. Can you lay them out for us? I was nervous Satanic sex stories told I could have some input. He massaged my breasts and pulled on my nipples as I looked at them. My pussy was getting so wet. What are your terms? I have two of my l here today. They got to see her walk in here.

Chastity belt and device fiction

Seems only fair. Savage pondered. I want a moment of intimacy with my slut when I put my mark on her. I want to be fucking her cunt slowly while you Dolcett snuff story that tattoo on her and deposit my cum in my property. Would you all agree to fuck her as you close the collar onto her neck and wrist?

He looked up to get his response. The measuring started. The bracelet and collar were straightforward.

Des were picked and I loved them both. But the measuring for the belt had my head spinning.


Frank had Mr. Savage writing the Schoolgirl erotic stories as he called out measurement after measurement; hips, waist, thigh, and then they became more intimate, the tape was run tightly between my ass cheeks and pussy. Then more detailed measurements. My pussy ached for him. Next Frank spent a little time over by a sink and then laid a tray over by what I recognized as a sex bench.

He had me lay back, setting the tray next to me. I am Dickgirl sex stories to hold your legs up and open and just rest your head on my lap here so you can watch your Master have fun. He is going to sit on the end. Just lay back and enjoy it.

Imagine what each one will feel like inside you for hours on end. Your Master will need your input. He squeezed my breasts. We came here from Dr. She had her first exam and Stories about getting eaten out do intend for her to produce milk.

Those are her first injections. I could feel his Foot smell stories getting hard. He lifted my legs over my head and spread me and Mr. Savage started the insertions.

There was a tray full of metal cylindrical dildos, two rows, one for my pussy and one for my ass. A few had bumps, some were straight, some longer, some thinner. Savage tried them all, several times, seeking my Cruel cuckold stories, drawing moans from me, driving me wild.