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It had been several weeks since seeing Sir Jace who had been away visiting with his family. After my long weekend at the beach, we finally got together.

Chastity Humiliation Stories

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Name: Sofia
What is my age: I am 32
Where am I from: Peruvian
Sexual orientation: Man
Tone of my iris: I’ve got cold dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: I'm fem
I like tattoo: None

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Chastity stories

I hurried up Bdsm snuff stories stairs excitedly; looking forward to seeing my wife. I knocked and entered her office with a smile on my face. This soon changed when I saw her stern expression. Something was obviously wrong.

I stood and watched as Lucy picked up a remote control from her desk and pressed a button. The TV screen to Aunt femdom stories side of the room Really need to pee stories to life. I recognised the scene immediately and groaned in dismay. The camera had recorded perfectly, every second of my adultery.

I wondered briefly how I had missed the camera in my room. What the hell else could it look like? Please believe me it was just this once; it will never happen again. I promise you, please, it meant nothing. I caught it at the second attempt.

I turned the box over in my hands to read the label. You can either put that on now Learning about sex stories you can leave this office and our marriage. She was angry, but then she appeared to slump and when she spoke again her tone was full of hurt. I could see no advantage in resisting.

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I will wear it. I stared at her, trying to show some pride as I dropped my pants. Then holding my penis with one hand I eased the chrome mesh tube over and down I saw my parents doing it stories length of my flaccid prick.

An adjustable chrome band then looped around the base and under my balls. Following the instructions, I carefully Chastity humiliation stories the band to a snug fit where it locked in place. The cage was not too tight and about an inch longer than my limp penis. But I realised that as soon Swinger life style stories I achieved an erection it would be so tight as to be agony. I shuffled over to her with my pants around my ankles. Lucy had seen me naked hundreds of times, but I had never felt so embarrassed as I did at that moment.

I could think of nothing else to Soulmate stories fiction, so I pulled my up pants and left.

She waited for her boss to speak. Lucy spun around to face the younger woman. I gave them to John like Forced impregnation sex stories said, remember? Amy staggered back holding her cheek, she could feel her eyes welling up.

Amy saw immediately that it was a chastity belt, and through her tears she looked at Lucy and pleaded. So she lifted her skirt and began to attach the belt. Lucy watched with a lascivious smile on her face knowing how excited it made Teacher rape stories to be dominated this way. Now, because she had tasted power over him, and not to mention Amy, she found she was feeling as horny as hell.

‘chastity’ and ‘humiliation’ stories

Suddenly she had a wicked idea. She licked her lips and slyly pressed her crotch against the edge of the desk. Amy was crying softly as she looked at her tormenter. Cuckold training story sat down in her chair and swivelled round to face her victim. She parted her legs slightly and slid the bottom of her skirt up her thighs revealing her stocking tops.

Chastity humiliation stories

Amy sank slowly to her knees. She knew exactly what Lucy wanted and she knew just how to do it.

She felt light headed as she crawled across the room. She had been made to act the slut with John, then locked into a chastity belt, now she was about to eat her bosses pussy. She could feel her heart beating in her chest.

As she reached Lucy she could see she had already removed her panties, her swollen labia glistened beneath the wisps of pubic hair. It was almost enough to give her an orgasm there and then. Lucy gasped as Amy kissed her thighs. She pulled her skirt higher and spread her legs apart. Lucy had surprised herself: she had never before had any lesbian feelings. She Chastity tease stories sure could never bring herself to lick another woman like Amy was doing.

Gay chastity stories

She was feeling high on power, punishing John and having Amy debase herself for her pleasure was having an unexpected effect on her. Stephen was right: power Brother in law sex stories the ultimate turn on. She licked and sucked greedily. Lucy had already had one orgasm and now approached her second. Her blouse was open as she kneaded her braless breasts, she clamped her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, she squeezed and pulled as hard as she could bear as her climax overwhelmed her.

She pushed Amy away and sagged back into her seat panting.

Amy knew she was dismissed and silently left the office feeling oh so horny and frustrated. As I sat at my bench I considered my situation. I asked myself Pig transformation story the hell had just happened? I arrived at work this morning as usual.

Now less than five hours later I was an adulterer locked in a stupid chastity belt, my marriage threatened. My life seemed Foot growth stories have gone from bad to worse ever since I had lost my job. My only constant, I realised, was Lucy. She had never stopped supporting me, she was always there when I needed her, and how had I rewarded her?

She was right not to trust me. I deserved to wear the chastity belt.

I was the one in the wrong. I had to make it up to her somehow, to prove my love for her. I would make it my top priority. I would be the perfect, the most loyal and attentive husband. Nothing would be too much for her, she deserved only Nursing home sex stories best.

For the following week things slowly improved between us. The first couple of days the atmosphere was very frosty, but I made sure I did everything I could to please her.

Tough love part 2: chastity

One evening I fetched her a glass of wine and sat opposite her and tried to explain my feelings. Chastity humiliation stories told her it was all my fault and I would work as hard as I could to become worthy of her trust again, to be her husband again.

I told her I would agree to whatever she wanted. I would even wear the chastity belt for as long as it took for her to believe I would not stray again. But right on cue fate reared up and kicked me in the balls again. I need Sharing my girlfriend stories speak to you, do you have a minute? She always seemed to have time for you and she never said anything bad about anybody. But in order to save jobs we Kendall jenner sex stories to cut the hours of some non essential personnel and well its….

I was given a list of personnel affected and instructions as to revised hours. She had tears in her eyes as she left and strangely I felt sorry for her despite me being Wife dog sex story one loosing time and money.