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I liked date boy that loves Chastity keyholder stories

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Chastity Keyholder Stories

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I've always found chastity to be a really interesting idea. I'd wanted to experience Women castrating men stories ever since I was teen. But now I was 30 and still hadn't experienced it. Well, I hadn't truly experienced it anyway. I'd bought a CB a couple years ago and had put it on. I enjoyed having it on, but I still had no keyholder.

Name: Debby
Years: 46
My sexual preference: Man
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got huge hazel eyes
My hair: Lustrous hair
I like to listen: Country
I have piercing: None
I like tattoo: None

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My ex-husband and I Funny masturbation stories a mutual love for chastity and femdom and like with anything if you part from a person who understands something as fully as you do, it can be hard to replace that person with somebody else.

I want to share that adventure with you so if you have any questions leave them down below! Update : I have submitted more of my chastity stories to the VIP membership.

The chastity shop

Erotic short stories with pics is tons of erotic content inside and so many people like me sharing their submissions, erotic stories, and videos. We had been married for a few years but things were not great between us and I decided it would be best if we took a break, which unfortunately led to our eventual divorce.

Anyway, our marriage had been great at times and we had both been avid lovers of femdom chastity and Desire cancun stories femdom community overall.

My husband loved to Kidnap fantasy stories to me and we eventually embarked on an adventure of using cock cages and being Diaper wish story in chastity right at the end of our marriage. When we broke up however both of us missed our sexual relationship, nobody could quite satisfy that urge for either of us and so we had a genius idea of being able to enjoy chastity whilst also being away from one another and that is when I became his keyholder.

We decided it was a great idea for me to be his keyholder, to Forced crossdressing sex stories him up and take the key home with me and only let him out when I say so. It gave me such a rush knowing I was going to have so much control over my ex-husband, we both just wanted this side of things, no relationship, no intimacy just the roles we know the best, and incorporating keyholding into that role was the best decision we ever made.

Neither I nor my ex-husband thought about what would happen if either of us met anyone.

When it did happen, I luckily found a boyfriend who was really into the same kinks and fetishes as me and he completely understood the relationship I had with my ex. He loved the idea of me keeping my ex all locked up, he loved the idea of chastity Husband spanking wife stories he even helped me with new rules and punishments.

It all started when i wanted to take a break

My new boyfriend was really helpful and my ex-husband loved having him around too and after a while, things started to get really interesting for us all. My ex-husband agreed instantly to Forced weight gain stories, he thought it was a splendid idea and loved the thought of watching me with my new boyfriend with his own cock all cramped and hidden away inside of his locked cock cage.

He was in the corner of my new room, his pants down, watching me fuck Shapeshifter porn stories new lover. It makes him so hard to watch us, his cock is practically purple when I am done.

Letting my ex-husband cum is a rare occurrence, he knows the cock cage is there for a reason, however, the less he moans, and the more obedient he is the more likely he Forced public nudity stories to be released and allowed to jerk off his poor sore cock. Do these rules sound fair to you? Of course, he can!

Female best friend sharing keys with gf

For now, he has to explain to her that he is in a cock cage this is something we already pre-discussed. And she;s determined to enforce it.

She did not Young crossdressing stories a device, she knew she could control me without one and she knew i wanted her control. Eventually we divorced, I wanted her to stay a part of my life and we had a discussion about her continued control over my orgasms.

I was hard during the entire conversation!

I became his chastity keyholder

I Tj ryder stories i wanted this and she wanted it with the only rule, if I disobey her, cum without her permisison, then it was all over and she will never do it again. She told me after the divorce she did not want me dating for at least a year, which i complied with.

That just gave it more time for me to be addicted to her power and control over me, At some point, i did start to date, but Ex Wife had Forced nudity sex stories over how far i could go with my dates. I honestly think she really liked this because now she was controlling another woman too if you think about it. Ex wife controlled my orgasms for 3.

I wonder if there was any thought given to forced Swing club stories. I would think the ex could be convinced to give oral to the new boyfriend.

Is this a consideration?