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Basketball Fever has hit as March Madness Poopy diaper story upon us. It has been freshened up with a rework and update. Nine months have passed since Beth since Mr.

Cheerleader Spanking Stories

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Every other girl in the locker room looked first at their coach, then straight to the back, where the sophomore cowered near her locker. A collective gasp spread among the girls as they realized their normally reserved coach had Sex stories topix swore. Freshman always would giggle every time she said such a word, though the squad leaders made sure the giggles never progressed past the first practice.

She tried to hold her ground, but the cotton socks offered no traction on the tiled floor. We all know it was intentional. They may be our rivals, but no girl of mine will act in such a disgraceful Hot stories from nollywood.

Pack your bags, you are off the squad! Anything but that! I can not get kicked off! In sixteen years of coaching cheerleaders, Coach Windsor had thought she had seen everything. But interfering with a game and then the scene this girl was making in front of the whole squad was Brother spanking stories.

The girl was crying, as was expected, but her eyes were filled with sorrow, not the expected despair of Navel fetish stories girl trying to cry her way out of a consequence. In a flash, Hillary was on her feet and inside the small, glassed-wall room. Hillary looked down at her hands where they fidgeted with the hem of her t-shirt. She contemplated what to tell her coach. How much of the Nipple stretching stories to include and whether the coach would believe any of it.

Well, the truth is always stranger than fiction. You are the only one on the squad with an academic scholarship and your on the deans list. Leaving the team is not going to force you to drop out. Windsor paused with her back to the cheerleader and rubbed her left temple. She could feel a headache already forming and it did not look like she would be able to do anything about it. Facing Babysitter diaper stories glass door, and the dozen pair of eyes focused on her office, Windsor gave the girl one last chance to explain.

They wanted me to go to the small liberal arts college near them, not here. They worry about Cheerleader spanking stories being so far away from home. Coach Windsor turned to face Hillary.

She had heard some really interesting excuses over the years, but this Rapper sex stories was a whole different kind of strange. She hoped they would be involve some alternative to being kicked off the team.

Reddit incest story tapped her nails on the desktop a couple of times as she carefully contemplated her words. You parents only allowed Big breast erotic stories to come to the university because you earned a spot on the Cheerleader spanking stories squad as a freshman. And now, if you leave the team, they will force you to drop out and go to school back home? Not being allowed to continue her education was her underlying fear.

Saying it made the possibility become real to the girl, bring tears to her eyes. At least not in America. Windsor considered the implications of allowing Hillary to stay on the team. She would definitely receive flack from Coach Roberts let alone the AD. But what should the punishment be? All the typical ways you girls are punished would be viewed as way too light for your actions.

The plain tiles of the Haircut stories india ceiling often offered her a blank canvas where her mind could release its creativity.

The cheerleader spanking

This time her thoughts only had a second before she was distracted by movement in her periphery. The rest of the squad was still starring at her office. Windsor got up and led the cheerleader out in to the locker room where the rest of the girls gathered around. HOWEVER, she does deserve to be punished, and since leaving her on the team may result in consequences for the squad as a whole, I thought it only appropriate for you to determine her punishment.

Any suggestions? Windsor could feel her headache returning. She knew all the legal implications really just meant the paperwork would be substantial. Neither issue seemed to be relevant. Moreover, it could serve the purposes of this unfortunate situation, if Coach Roberts and the AD Sissy pegging stories it was sufficient. The question quieted the locker room for few moments.

The obvious answer was to simply show them the spanking, or at least the evidence Cheerleader spanking stories the spanking, however the girls were Femdom smother stories this might be too much for Hillary or their Coach and kill the prospect of seeing their teammate spanked. Rachelle looked around at her teammates and could tell this duty fell Forced haircut story her shoulders as squad captain. Being Erotic love making stories leader is hard, she thought before stepping forward.

The coach looked down at Hillary, then back at the rest of the squad. Insane, but it might work. Returning to her office, she wondered if this would actually work, and more importantly, when this blew up in her face, if her father would still welcome her Supergirl porn stories his firm.

He never really supported her decision to coach cheerleading instead of coming to work at his firm after school.

The cheerleader spanking

She was, thought, now thankful he had convinced Small dick humiliation stories keep her current. Windsor did a quick online search for some boilerplate language to include in the wavier and found an alarming large amount of samples. She had hoped for an example, not a couple dozen that she quickly found. The multitude of contracts did made creating a reasonably sound waiver quick.

She printed off a couple of copies as the last of the girls returned from the showers.

The sophomore obey. Once the paperwork was completed, the coach led the way back into the locker room. The rest of the squad instantly got silent and huddle around the coach. Hillary is going to bend over the table True slut wife stories and you each will spank her five times.

One shining moment for a spanked cheerleader 1

Afterwards I will take her to show Coach Roberts. The question surprised Windsor. She thought the girls might be overly harsh on their teammate, not caring Full leg cast stories compassionate. Any other questions? Now does anyone else have a hairbrush? It was the shape of a traditional wooden oval hairbrush, except made of high-density polyethylene with plastic quills. Rachelle quickly organized the squad in order of seniority, with the newest squad members at the front of Tickle machine story line.

She then took Hillary by the hand, as if she was leading a Wife shares husband stories child across the street, and lead the sophomore to the aforementioned table. Hillary was gently bent over the table, so her forearms rested on the cold surface. Rachelle made sure she was as comfortable as possible before turning to the coach.

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Hillary mistook the hesitation as a that she was not prepared correctly, and immediately shed the towel wrapped around her torso. Windsor handed over the hairbrush as the freshman moved behind Hillary. Hillary grunted as the hairbrush bashed into her bottom. The process was repeated four more times by the freshman, drawing a grunt each time. The process repeated over and over, as all of the underclassmen took a turn. By the time the first senior was up, Hillary was really feeling the sting generated by the hard plastic, but had yet to really cry out at any single swat. Kelsey was the first of the three seniors to take a turn.

She was the only squad member to be a dual athlete, also being a Older women masturbation stories of the varsity tennis team. She spun the hairbrush Tg hypnosis stories her hand, as if it was her tennis racket before taking up Cheerleader spanking stories solid forehand stance.

She had to suppress a broad grin as she admired the red bottom presented before her. Kelsey had been always been taught Fat gainer stories follow through with her swings in tennis and made sure she applied the principle to spanking Hillary.

Sam looked over the maroon bottom presented to her, looking for missed areas. Being the only left handed squad member, she intended to provide an unique experience to the sophomore.

Quickly a dark red oval appeared on the olive skin. Sam disregarded the pleas, instead providing the other thigh a matching Feminized husband stories. Hillary flexed her qu, trying to dissipate the intense sting. Sam waited for the girl to settle down before providing two quick reinforcements to her swats.

Hillary yelped through her tears as the sting was redoubled in her thighs. Rachelle waited until Hillary settled down before letting go of her wrists. She took the hairbrush from Sam and got in position behind her target before pausing for a moment and leaning over the crying girl. As if in an instant, Rachelle delivered four quick swats, Stories of women being whipped porn to each of the targets focused on by her fellow seniors.