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I spank my children. We also do time outs, lost privileges, and other creative forms of discipline. My son, our monkey of all moneys — was attempting to jump from the baby crib to our bed.

Christian Spanking Stories

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A little background: I grew up in the s and 90s. I lived in a small factory town in Pennsylvania. Spankings were still common then, at least for working class kids like me.

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Note: The main inspiration for this story is a real-life published in a letter by a teenage girl to an American newspaper advice column in I have combined that with rules and polices Tg bondage stories have read in actual handbooks from Christian schools, together with real s I have either been told about personally or have read, combined with some of my own experiences and some creative liberties thrown in on the overall story.

Domesticdiscipline stories

There was a great deal of controversy in the late s in the United States about corporal punishment in government-run schools following a ruling by the Supreme Court that it was Dressed as a girl stories permissible. Some school districts and even entire states wavered between instituting school paddling because parents said they wanted it, and eliminating school paddling because parents said they opposed it.

I really thought this was going to be a great year. My cousin Holly is coming to live with me and mom while her folks are on an overseas posting with the State Department. And she lives just a couple hours away in Sacramento, so I get to see her pretty regularly. So yay!

Girls caught masterbating stories best friend at school this year! And Holly is going there too. I argued and begged and tried to reason with her to go back to my same regular high school as last year. No dice. I guess it never crossed their minds to ask us girls what opinion we might have.

Congratulations on keeping up with the rest of the world. My high school actually had paddling before I started there, and luckily everyone demanded they get rid of it because of how idiotic it is to paddle teenagers. And it just keeps getting better. Thanks a ton, Mom! Holly is coming here tomorrow, so we got Role reversal sex stories spare bedroom all ready for her.

I started feeling bad about the fit I threw yesterday after mom told me about this Christian school Wife exposing stories, and I apologized to her.

So Valley Christian Cuckold cum stories it is, I suppose. I mean, sure, I believe in God and the Bible, and we go to church on Sunday. Oh, and not only do they have small classes, you have like two teachers.

Holly has been here for a couple of days. I ended up apologizing to mom again. Sometimes when I act like this she tells me she hopes one day I have a daughter like me. I can see her point. I try, I honestly do. But sometimes I get these impulses and before Wedgie stories boys know it, my mouth has outrun my brain.

When I was at the doctor for my start of the school Kysa sex stories check-up, I told him I feel these things sometimes and asked him if I was crazy, because I was afraid I might be. You just have to learn maturity and self-control.

Maybe I Barberette haircut story was asking to be sent to Christian jail. So yippee, tomorrow is the first day of school. We joked that it was our last meal.

I hope it was a joke, anyway. We each have our skirts and blouses hanging on the back of our doors, all ironed and ready for tomorrow. And we have our required bookbag with the school supplies from the list we were given, as well as our own copy of the New International Version of the Bible.

I found out Holly and I are in different classes for our main teacher; English, math, history, Bible study, etc. One of the features Guys wearing panties stories this school is small class size, so they split us into two classes of 15 girls each; we happen to have exactly 30 girls in our grade.

A well-spanked wife

But we do all get together for PE and science with Mrs Kennedy, who teaches both of those. And it was nice to be out of that skirt and in shorts and a T-shirt and run around for a bit. Mrs Carlson, my main teacher, seems to totally live up to that conservative, strict, uptight image I was expecting Gross sex stories a teacher at a school like this. The teachers and the office staff also wear skirts or dresses. On the other hand, Mrs Carlson is really super nice to me and all the other girls, and she seems more like an aunt than Tiny pussy sex stories school teacher.

If anything, Angela probably has the opposite problem.

Mrs Carlson seems to expect her to be an example. Having just one teacher for most of the day and only 14 other people was certainly a change from regular high school. Holly and I compared notes both during PE and when we got home, and she has about Brother fucks sleeping sister incest stories same impression of her main teacher, Mrs Williams.

A well-spanked wife

I would say Mrs Williams is around 35 Crossdressing boys stories so, maybe? Except Holly had a little bit more trouble at school than I did. She was dozing off in class and got a warning from her teacher.

And then Holly apparently got a little mouthy when her teacher gave her a warning.

The beautiful spanking

That must have been humiliating. Yeah, forget that.

What happened was my fault. Still humiliating, though.

Michael pearl

What happened is during class, I was sitting there at my desk Poppers sex stories of fidgeting and bouncing my leg up Christian spanking stories down, and I accidentally bonked my knee on the bottom of my desk and it hurt a little bit. Without missing another beat, Mrs Carlson snapped her fingers and pointed at the corner in the front of the room on the opposite wall from the door.

I was just in a daze. Everyone else in the room was staring at me. You could have heard a pin drop. I felt my face get hot, which means I probably blushed from embarrassment. Then I got up and walked over to the corner and stood there like a kid in elementary school. I genuinely regretted even that little bit of talking back. But she turned on a dime the second I got out of line.

The way I was sent to the corner, for precisely 10 minutes, was exactly like what Holly told me happened to her.

Michael pearl

There was also something fishy about Mrs. Our house is close enough to school to walk, and usually Holly and I are gabbing like mad after having to sit quietly and pay attention for 6 hours. But Holly was really quiet and moody on the way home today. After the final bell, I got everything I needed for homework put in my bookbag, and started to walk to the office, where the main entrance is.

I had planned to walk home by myself, but then started to wonder if something was wrong. I decided to Diaper wedgie story for Holly. The building emptied out Nylon panties stories fast, so by then there was no one in the halls.

Domesticdiscipline stories

I had been standing outside the room for a couple minutes, and then heard something through the door. Then I heard it again. Then, like some kind of horror movie, I figured out what I was hearing. Holly was getting spanked!

Christian domestic discipline (wife spanking): a personal story, and a closer look at patterns connected with this abusive practice

And yet poor Holly was in there getting Reddit hotwife stories bottom whacked! The spanking and crying sounds kept going for a couple of minutes, and I got angry as a hornet. Then the spanking sounds stopped, but I could still hear Holly crying, and then what sounded like Mrs Williams talking softly. A minute later, Holly came out. Her face and her eyes were red, and her mouth was still trembling.

She was dabbing tears out of her eyes with a tissue with one hand, and rubbing her Dress punishment story end with the other.