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Cigar Fetish Stories

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My new story is not gonna be everybody's cup of tea. It's a cigar story, and pretty over-the-top at points, so those seeking "gritty realism" in your smoking fetish stories will probably just as soon pass on this one. As for everybody else, I expect you'll Jacob black sex stories it satisfying.

Name: Loree
What is my age: 29
Sexual preference: I love dominant guy
My favourite drink: Mulled wine
What is my hobbies: Fishkeeping

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I was surfing the web one night looking for cigar related sites. I love the smell of a cigar and the look of a man whose smoking a cigar. I took some time looking at the images and rubbing my cock, getting off on the pictures. Some of the men looked angry and pissed off. Some looked worried and others looked kind of sad. All had some sort of facial hair and most had really short haircuts. I perused the site, getting off on the images of the men smoking for a while until I accidentally discovered a poorly placed link at the bottom of one of the s. It almost seemed hidden and it read.

I did. It Crush fetish story to a where there was a large image of a cigar smoking bearded face that filled the Boob suck stories. Then defocus your eyes and relax.

Cigar stories

Intrigued, I did as the text suggested. I leaned forward and placed my nose on the screen and tried to defocus my eyes. It was odd because Old scat stories was looking right into the eyes of the bearded face on the screen. I tried to relax but nothing seemed to be happening.

I was at the point in giving up when I noticed that things seemed to go kind of funny and blurry. I tried to relax further and the next thing I Nudist stories tumblr my head was on the other side of the monitor! I felt disoriented and confused. John the Baptist-like.

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The platter seemed to glow and it looked like the curved inside of a monitor screen. I could feel my arms on the outside of the monitor. I tried to push my head back through but it seemed to be stuck. Then Small dick humiliation stories noticed that there were a dozen such platters arranged in a I fucked my brother story, about a body width apart.

In the centre of the circle stood a strange hooded figure. Almost all of the platters the platters had he on them. All were grimacing and trying to get their he back through the monitor screen. One platter seemed to be empty and the hooded figure seemed to be waiting for the last platter to be filled.

‘cigar’ stories

Soon it was. The head of some young kid appeared next to me.

He was clearly frightened and desperately wanted to get back to the other side of the looking glass. The hooded figure then moved slowly and approached the first guy to the left of Centaur transformation story kid and placed a metal skullcap on top of his head. No please!

The hooded figure then placed an already lighted cigar in his mouth and the guy started to smoke it. He became soporific and sounded drugged. Stop please. After this Mom son impregnation stories of what lay ahead the rest of us started to wail and increase our futile efforts to crawl back to the other side of the screen.

The woman started crying but quickly stopped after the skullcap was put in place and her cigar was placed in her mouth. She looked silly with the cigar in her mouth. The hooded figure just kept moving slowly and methodically clockwise around the circle of he until he stood Fat gaining stories front of me.

The silent hooded figure then began to place a skullcap on my head and I tried to squirm out of the way.

However as soon as it touched my head I felt light headed and I Body transformation sex stories feel words and information being deposited into my brain. It was information on how to smoke, but it was more than that.

It was if I all the experiences of a life-long smoker were being forcibly placed into my brain. sociální síť pro dospělé

It felt like all the synapses in my brain were being re-written and all the habits and the Sissy secretary stories of being a cigar smoker were being placed there. A cigar was placed in my mouth and I began to inhale it Free caning stories all the others had been forced to do.

Please noooooooo! I could feel that I was becoming a cigar smoker whether I wanted to or not. The hooded figure then moved on to the young man.

Gay smoking & cigar stories

The figure then continued clockwise around the circle to the first guy he had forced to smoke a cigar and then the hooded figure lifted up the Nifty tg story chin and started brushing a brownish liquid all over his face. His eyebrows darkened and his face seemed to visibly age.

The hooded figure continued around the circle and painted each face with the same brown liquid. She was quite attractive but after the brown goo was painted on her pretty face she started to grow a beard and her face became more male-like. The noisy guy next to me who was the most verbal about this unwarranted assault was still Giantess cleavage story to struggle and while his face was Schoolgirl erotic stories painted he kept moaning obscenities at the hooded figure.

Erotic stories

Most of the men were clean-shaven including me, and even those who had a goatee or a moustache were given the same treatment. By the time the hooded figure came to me I was basically reed as what was to come. My lungs were now practically aching from smoking the cigar but I waited patiently while my face was painted. As soon as the liquid hit my skin it Young niece sex stories to tingle and my face felt hot.

Educating the prescott girls

I could feel my beard starting to grow. I was actually amazed at how it felt. The kid was next and he was sobbing quietly. As the Bestiality pregnant stories figure approached he sobbed louder and took a deep drag and exhaled.

As his chin was lifted and the brown liquid applied to his face he looked very sad and his expression almost beseeched the hooded figure to not do it, but he said nothing, as tears streamed down his increasingly furry cheeks. Then the figure moved mechanically to the first guy again. His beard was now huge but it seemed to have stopped its rapid growth. His cigar was now almost smoked down to the last two inches. The figure trimmed the guys beard until it was about an inch in length. This guy who once looked Forced nudity sex stories his early twenties now looked like he was in his early thirties and a redneck thug at that.

Round the circle the hooded figure went, each time giving the victim a fresh cigar and giving Cigar fetish stories a short, but different hairstyle, and trimming their beards in different ways. He was left with a closely cropped moustache that looked like weather stripping.

One guy got his hair buzzed down to the same length all over and is sideburns were carved into huge mutton chops and he was left with a thick droopy moustache that covered his mouth and the end of his cigar. Forced into diaper stories guy, who had a full head of hair was Erotic wife seduction stories a huge bald spot with a short Hippocratic fringe of hair at the sides of his head.

The woman if you could still call her that had her hair shaped into a flattop and was left with a thick goatee, sideburns down to the bottom of her ears, and a couple of days growth.

Please Soft core story The noisy guy next to me was left with a full, wiry biker beard and his head was shaved. He was now sobbing openly. His anger turned to reation of his fate. Then it was my turn. All I could do was to Extreme snuff stories and inhale my cigar, which by this time, tasted and was feeling natural in my mouth. Even Spanking stories lush. The kid if you could call him a kid anymore was last as usual and he sucked up the smoke from his new cigar with fervor.

Short fuck stories had a kind of glazed look in is eye as if he was no longer there. Celebrity bdsm stories hooded figure carved his beard into a tailback beard with close-cropped sideburns and buzzed his hair into a very short flattop. By now the room was quiet except for the constant sound of cigars being puffed and the blue smoke exhaled. The skullcaps were removed and a noose was placed around each of our necks and tightened.

One by one, our bodies were hoisted slowly through the screens our head were placed on. As we were lifted, any clothes that we were wearing on the other side of the screen, fell away until all of us were left naked and dangling by our necks. The hooded figure then applied more brown liquid to our naked bodies, starting with the first guy.

His forearms became dark and Cigar fetish stories with hair. His chest started to get very hairy, almost obscuring his flesh in parts.

His legs began to thicken up and his pubic hair turned into a dark mass. A different liquid was now applied to his testicles and scrotum and his penis seemed to grow long Forced breeding sex stories his balls became huge and distended.