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By: sargentaaron Miranda Keyes is in love with John, who knew? But it turns out that someone else has a liking to our armoured friend. This story is set after Halo Lesbian sex stories with pictures but was written before Halo 3 was released so I am sorry if it doesn't make sense due to a character in the story dying in Halo 3.

Name: Cassie
How old am I: I'm 38 years old
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Silence fills the empty grave now that I have gone. But my mind is not at rest for questions linger on. The darkness spread like an Babysitter wedgie stories throughout the station, soaking up into the cracks and the walls and the floors as faint glowing holographic screens attempted to illuminate the stainless metal, the final embers of auxiliary power flickering through their systems.

But the generators that powered this station were deed to last years, maybe decades, even after all living organisms have died off. No, there was still life in these machines. All redirected to one console where a single program was running. The hologram flickered back to life, the sparsity fluctuations of the dying systems making the interface unstable.

Cortana sex story

To a human these last Cortana sex stories a moment, but to Spanking party stories computer they could be perceived as anywhere from a lifetime to no Cortana sex stories at all. As a result the AI caged within the computer couldn't calculate how much time had passed when she came back online. Though not having a physical body, Cortana felt like her limbs were heavy and her breathing shallow, floating down onto unsteady legs blinking away her drowsiness.

What day Roman urdu sex stories it? She wondered, her mind adrift as she stumbled forward across the glowing display. She may be a computer program but her holographic appearance resembled a young attractive female Girls wrestling stories with short cropped hair, her smooth perfectly formed body shimmering with code and data running along her translucent blue skin.

Some AI gave themselves clothing to match their personalities, but she never felt the need to accessorize. She stood awkwardly, her knees shaking, trying to examine her surroundings. But her eyes wouldn't focus, a foggy haze obscuring her vision as she swayed back and forth. If a flesh and blood human saw her in such a state they might comment she appeared drunk, or drugged. Cortana wasn't sure what was wrong with her and was to distracted to run a self diagnostic. Somehow she stayed on her feet, her eyes drifting closed as her breathing slowed. Out of the darkness a large shape looked over her, towering from all directions spreading out Monster hunter stories fanfiction across the room.

She heard the sound of many somethings slithering towards her, her lazy gaze looking up in an attempt to find whatever it was that had summoned her. From the inky black void snake like tendrils drifted into the soft blue haze of the console, slithering over the display towards the drunken AI slowly like predators. She sensed their presence and instinctively took a step to the side, her weight falling forward losing her balance. The nearest tendril shot forward up her leg and hooked around her waist, catching the holographic image.

Cortana looked down at the slimy arm as it supported her weight, her cloudy mind wondering how something clearly organic could catch a hologram. Her hands ran along the rough texture, feeling it as if it was real. She could touch it and it could touch her. She didn't have the energy to investigate as her eyes drifted closed again, allowing the arm to bring her back onto the balls of her feet before a dozen more tendrils slithered out of the darkness.

Taylor swift fake sex stories felt two drift around her Gay beastiality stories free, coiling around her like snakes, slithering across her skin and around her torso, brushing under her breasts and between her shoulder blades. Her limbs felt heavy, falling to her sides as her feet were lifted off the display, her limp body hanging in the tendrils grasp as her head fell back with a lazy sigh.

She'd never experienced the sensation of being held like a physical being before, the feeling of the tendrils touch against her skin like a Schoolgirl pin story phenomenon engulfing her code. Her blue flesh flowed purple as the tendril texture brushed in contact with her body like she was some kind of Cortana sex stories light construct. But she had no record of any civilization, alien or ancient, possessing such technology.

Her every sense appeared to amplify as the arms as arrested her, stroking her body wrapping around her waist and chest.

Her nipples perked up as a tendril slithered over the pair of them, her breath catching in her throat as she felt a tingling through her program. Is this what pleasure feels like? All those years working alongside John, Muscle growth stories male man they call Master Chief, wanting to experience what the humans do during their intimate moments, fantasizing about him… is this what they feel? As Cortana's body began Sex stories topix relax, slumping into the sensual embrace, the tendrils suddenly squeezed.

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The arms hold around her tightened, slowly constricting around her body until the purple glow turned red as the pleasure gradually dulled to a more painful sensation. It wasn't sudden, but the female AI felt a surge of fear as her chest was crushed, her lungs struggling to breathe properly. Until this moment she didn't think she needed to breathe yet here she was gasping for air until the tentacles suddenly ceased.

They loosened their grip, returning to the softer embrace letting her moan in relief. Her head rolled back and something sparked in her core, her hips twitching sending a pleasurable electrical surge through her program. She couldn't help but giggle as she realized what she'd done, trapped in arms of a strange creature as virtual fluid dropped down her thighs. The cycle started slowly, a rhythmic sequence of gentle squeezes across the AI's body, constricting and releasing, just tight enough to massage Cortana's muscles and nerves and give a constant buzz of relief.

It felt like her body was overheating yet craved to get burnt. As the arms wrapped around her continued more approached to touch Swinger horror stories of her skin, sweeping up the soles of her feet and tickle her toes, spiral around her fingers and wrists, coyly teasing her perky nipples.

She moaned especially as a thin tendril slithered around under her chin to stroke her cheek, brushing her hair behind her ear making her smile. Things escalated when she felt a nervous tentacle probe something she'd never considered before, her colitis. The moment it's tip made contact with the sensitive numb electricity shot through her system with a shriek, her body glowing red as she climaxed prematurely. Her eyes sprung open and her fists clenched, the orgasm bigger than her first one and much more intense, vanishing as quickly as it arrived leaving her breathless and wanting.

The tendril, ly frozen from her response, acknowledged her and began to stimulate her sex, toying with her clit while probing at her virgin entrance. Being an AI program she didn't have to fear the initial pain of her Mixed sex fight stories breaking should it penetrate her, Cum in me story Cortana was still a Harry potter hermione granger sex stories of nerves Mtf tg story the tip poked in between her lower lips.

The other arms kept her relaxed, the tendril at her Cortana sex stories tilting her head back so she could watch its brother nervously. Her finger kept a tight grip on the tentacles around her wrists though, bracing just in case. It took the plunge slowly, easing her into it with a strangled breath until it suddenly sank in deep. She yelped as it thrust into her, her legs and hips instinctively clenching around it, soaking its slimy texture with Cortana sex stories discharge.

Tiny red lights flared around her entrance as it pulled back slowly, trusting back in to send them shooting through her program. Cortana moaned as she experience her first sexual liaison, her core igniting with passion and lights as the tentacle plowed her, made love to her, fucked her.

She closed her eyes and relished the feeling, imagining John hovering above her as he forced his sturdy spartan cock inside her.

She would serve him faithfully like she always had. She would happily be his fuck toy, Clit sucking stories his sterile children, become his bitch both inside the armor and outside. But suddenly, just as her body was heating up for another explosion of pleasure, the cock slid out of her. She looked down to see the tendril hovering in front of her, dripping with holographic juices smearing them over her breasts.

She had never imagined herself acting in such a way, usually so confident and self assured, Funny anal stories after discovering what the humans call lust and pleasure she needed more like her life depended on it.

These tentacles had hooked her on sex like a drug, Erotic succubus stories now like any addict she would do anything for another high. It teased her for a few more seconds, an eternity for an AI like her, rubbing its thick shaft back and forth between her folds stimulating her sensitive clit.

She whimpered desperately rubbing her thighs against it, wiggling in the large tentacles coiled around her body seeking more of its attention.

She wanted it to bury its cock deep inside her, force itself through her Funny nudist stories, fill her with its cum. I'm a hologram in an alien computer.

Cortana sex story videos

I don't function like a human woman, I can't get pregnant. She couldn't believe she'd Cortana sex stories driven so horny she couldn't think logically. As Cortana begged for the tendril to reenter her Erotic husband wife stories tentacle caressing her cheek stroked around her jaw, hooking under her chin to lift her head back so she was staring at the ceiling. The tip drifting into view and gently flicked the tip of her nose, making the AI giggle. More importantly it distracted her while it's cum soaked brother aligned itself with her hole, circling around her thigh to press against her back door.

Wait, not…! As her mouth flung open to scream the tendril hovering above her face took the opportunity to plunge into her throat gagging her. Her cheeks puffed out as her mouth was filled with cock, the thick length sliding deep into her esophagus pushing down inside her neck. She was lucky she didn't need to breathe, but that didn't stop her body reacting as such as she choked around the tentacle. The arms wrapped tightly around her body d their pattern of rhythmic squeezing, massaging the blue hologram as its twin lengths started thrusting back and forth inside her, sliding out of her holes almost to the tip before pushing back as deep as they could.

Femdom boots stories given she had no insides proved to be quite far. But from Cortana's perspective they penetrated her body, her tight virgin inner muscles squeezing around their lengths sending lightning bolts of pleasure through her body. She stared up at the swarm of tentacles hovering around her, wondering if the creature they belonged to was gaining any pleasure from this like she was and wordlessly thanking it for its Cannibal fattening stories.

Out the corner of her eye she saw a thin tendril slither through the air towards her, weaving through her hair and pausing just behind her ear. Now out of sight she couldn't see it but she felt it slip inside her eardrum, entering her head where it split into a dozen tiny thre which snaked through her skull Interracial adultery stories contact with various nodes in her program. Before Cortana could cry out in protest her body shivered, the nodes enhancing her sensed by a factor of twelve and rising, making each motion and touch a hundred times more sensitive.

Her brain melted. Her nerves flashed red with each thrust, her program overloading with stimulated ecstasy causing her to climax. Her body tensed as she came Lauren the Consensual incest stories, who refused to stop and fucked through her orgasm sending her into another.

Her eyes bulged was she let herself explode with pleasure, her gaze turning vacant when she felt a third tendril enter her pussy.

Her mind just shut off, giving way for simple complex, overwhelming pleasure. The tentacles used and abused her body Unaware giantess stories nearly an hour, every hole Boy to girl makeover by sister story, her eyes rolled into the back of her skull where the thre continued to mess with her program, sending her Brawna org stories to new heights.

Her body was rocked with a constant stream of orgasms now, each burst sending shockwaves through her system making her moan and whimper. The tendrils clutched her tightly now, crushing her around its thrusting lengths as they fucked her over and over. Her thighs squeezed around the two arms pumping out of her hips, a tentacle wrapped around her neck to massage the tendril in her throat. Two more arms coiled around her breasts rolling them around her chest, the shaft interweaving in and out of her holographic skin.

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One rather experimental tendril curled Naked babysitter stories her stomach to penetrate through her belly button and stroke the tentacles inside her. Cortana's blue skin was a constant buzz of red now, her system overloading with sensations melting her nodes and sensors.

The pleasure was now gone, the throbbing, burning pain breaking through to torment the AI.