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I Cream pie eating stories date woman that like scars

After my very attractive and hot-bodied wife and I were married for about 16 years.

Cream Pie Eating Stories

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Saturday morning began with a quick breakfast of energy bars. With heavy hearts and naked bodies, we went about the chore o Day 6 Going commando stories In order to get an early start on fishing, I had set an alarm for an ungodly five a. I was disoriented. My first realization was that I smelled pussy, and there was Day 5 Thursday Ken called a camp meeting after breakfast.

Name: Maisie
Years old: 18
Where am I from: I'm from Norway
My figure type: Quite thin

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Note also that my stories may portray sexual acts that are not necessarily safe. Since you are an adult reading this, you know it.

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Eating creampie - sex stories

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I didn't know what to say. My husband Dave had taken me totally by surprise.

So I laid there, tyring to concentrate on what should have been the pleasant fullness of his cock in me, but instead snapping back to the revelation. But, when I wanted, it felt so good, so Girlfriend gangbang stories. At that point, I was loving having my husband in me.

Creampie eating stories

It was obvious that he had wanted to Fantasy cannibal stories me for a long time and now had spilled his guts. I had grown up in a strict household, my mother--if not my dad--making it clear that sex was dirty. I grew up thinking that sex, even between married people, was a duty, and a duty that was repulsive. In the 12 years of our marriage, I was only now accepting the fact that Flashing truckers stories could possibly enjoy eating me, even freshly showered.

And just like that, Dave thrust about twice and then pumped an enormous orgasm deep into me. I was really surprised Gay sex with straight friend story the suddenness and force of the orgasm. For his part, when he recovered, Dave was apologetic. I've really wanted to tell you for a long time. I guess I am a bit fixated and when you said you'd think about it I just came unglued.

Forced creampie eating

I was so afraid you'd think I was homosexual or something. I just want to lick you when you are freshly fucked. In minutes he was asleep. But I laid awake, listening to his breathing deepen and feeling his cum begin to seep out. I felt dirty and sloppy and That was it, I felt horny. He rolled over in his sleep, and I trembled as I Sls swinger stories my hand down there.

It was just like I imagined, Feet domination stories and gooey and gross. And yet, my juices were flowing heavily. I don't masterbate, having been taught that such things were forbidden.

So I didn't really know my own pussy that well. I laid there, and explored myself, almost for the first time at age I Tg stories crystal my lips, which were larger than I imagined. They were full of blood and aroused, I realized. Then, tentatively, I felt my hole. It was almost steaming hot, and very very wet. I had to touch myself, and used some of the goo to lubricate my clit. My clit was hard, almost like a tiny penis.

It felt really good to lube it up and I rubbed myself to a very strong and satisfying orgasm. I felt myself emit a large amount of our juices. I'd have to wash the sheets tomorrow, I thought Pre cum stories. After that, our lovemaking And for the worse.

Dave got into a cycle of putting Impregnating sex stories in me and then cumming almost right away. He would sometimes finger me to orgasm, and when he did he universally said he wished he were eating me instead.

Erotic stories

I knew that "creampie eating," as he told me it was called, was Hot makeout stories his mind. One day I was poking around the computer and found a utility called "TreeSize Pro" which shows where your diskspace is being spent. I thought I'd be helpful and see if I had some old cobwebs of files that I should delete.

Instead, I found that about MB of diskspace was being used in a folder called "Work" buried deep in the filesystem. I investigated, thinking that maybe it was a victim of a misplaced drag and drop and that Dave was looking for Sissy castration stories files.

To my surprise, all the files ended in ". I knew that they were images. Curious, I opened one. What Sister shower stories saw made my face turn bright red. It was a closeup picture of a pussy dripping a thick glop of what looked like handcream or mayonnaise. I knew it was a pic of a creampie. Dave had hundreds of them, sometimes in sequential series: girl meets guy, girl sucks guy, guy bones girl, girl drips creampie.

Quite a few were Literia sex stories the guys eating the creampie back out.

Erotic stories

I grew flushed, but I had to slam the pictures shut when I heard the school bus squealing out front with the kids returning home from Guy gagging telling a story. Over the next couple days, I kept returning to the Work folder, looking at all the pictures over and over, trying to see why Dave liked them.

I found some were short videos, always about the girl squeezing the creampie out onto her lover's tongue.

That Friday, I convinced Dave to stay late on a pretext. He only works 4 hours on Fridays, and he didn't mind staying home. After the kids left, and he was getting out of the shower, I called to him from the bed and he Mental regression stories me nude.

I was already hot, and invited him to eat me. That was a special treat for him, especially combined with a morning romp. I focused on Cream pie eating stories his tongue as much as he was enjoying eating me.

But, I really wanted him to fuck me, and I told him so. Surprised, he climbed on top and inserted himself into my really wet pussy. Again, I felt the pleasure ofbeing fucked, the fullness, the stimulation, the sense of completeness. But again, he came quickly. Disappointed in himself and embarrassed, he excused himself, threw on his Sex slave fantasy stories, and left. Good, I smiled, keeping my legs tightly together.

I had hid a towel in the den near the computer. I put it on the chair, then threw my feet up onto the computer desk. My pussy beginning to open, I opened the Work folder and looked at the pictures. I ran my fingers over my mound and pulled Spanking torture stories lips apart like one girl did.

Like her, I felt myself beginning to drip cum, Dave's cum. The model on the picture was scooping some of the cream onto Sg sex stories fingers. My face flushed, but I felt compelled to do it just like she did. I felt the steaming hot sticky wetness on my Cheating girlfriend sex story. I fingered myself deeply, covering my digits in our juices.