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I published 12 erotic, thrilling cum cleanup stories for your pleasure. Use this link to read them all at your leisure after you become a supporter. A Heavy Cummer for His Birthday — Read about how your wife gives you the hottest birthday present imaginable: A Milwaukee brace stories that shoots massive lo. She fucks him, he fills her with cum, and you get to clean it all up. Cuckold Does Shots — of Yummy Cum — at a Party Huge cock incest stories Ben attends a party with his wife and ends up watching her suck off multiple men.

Name: Afton
How old am I: I am 40
What is my nationaly: American
Caters to: I like man
Gender: I'm girl
Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
What is my body features: My body type is overweight
I prefer to listen: Electronic
I have tattoo: None

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Click the picture above for more details. My Abduction bondage stories Gina and I got married when we were just 19 yo. We were head over heels in love. I was a virgin on our wedding day. We dated for 6 months before we got married and Exbii english stories allowed me to finger her and lick her pussy and she would let me dry hump her BUT no sex!!!

She was a good church going girl and saved herself for her wedding night. Our honeymoon was to Niagara Falls. We had a blast and we fucked like bunnies. We Really need to pee stories now been married 30 years and she has never sucked me off. NOT one time. I would say the first 10 years of our marriage we had a very good but limited sex life.

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I would give her oral and we would fuck but no blow jobs. During these 1st 10 year we had 2 daughters which we loved and adored. The next 10 Forced enema stories our sex life slowed to 3 or 4 times a month and sometimes once or twice every 3 months.

I would watch porn which she hated as she was a Sunday School teacher and thought it was wrong but once in a while she would watch with Jelqing success stories and make me jack myself off. So our sex life was slow but our love for each other was HOT. The last 10 years has seen some changes was we get older. She is still hot lbs 36 b cup and nice round ass and her face is sweet… she is a HOT little Sunday School teacher.

Once the kids went off on there own — college marriage, jobs, I asked my wife about our almost Hot grindr stories existent sex life. I told her she was so hot and I wanted to lick her and fuck her every day not just once every month or two.

She said OK lets set Friday night as date night and we would try to play and have a good time. One night I got her to watch a hot sex movie with me and it had a cuckold portion and female domination. She asked me if this is what I like and I said Yes it does turn me on. She said she loved Cuckold cum stories and would never want to hurt me BUT she said your little cock never brought much to the table. It hurt but I understood. Erotic stories sil after church we went for a drive and walked through a Cannibal fetish stories woods out in the country.

She said she was horney from the movie Friday night and asked if I could fuck her right now!!! We started making out and she Castration sex stories out my little 4 inch cock and as soon as she touched it I shot my load. She said oh baby why did you cum so fast you ruined your surprise I was going to blow you like that women is the movie.

OH well she said lets just go home. Remember she had never sucked my cock. During the week she never touched me and told me I had to wait till Friday night Date night.

Friday we went out of dinner and then headed home. She said she rented a movie for us to watch.

She told me to get naked and lay Persian kitty stories the bed. She then laughed and got out 4 of my Sunday go to meeting ties and tied my hands and feet to the 4 posts of the bed. There I was naked my little 4 inch cock standing straight up and could not move.

She put in the movie and it was a porno. My sexy Sunday School teacher wife Nipple stimulation stories us a porno!! She left Anal creampie eating stories there to watch it by myself. It was a cum eating cuckold Hot wife flick. Just then the screen showed a guy eating a cream pie and all of a sudden, I shot my Load.

She looked and said you little pathetic little asshole I wanted to fuck tonight. With that she said Keep watching the movie im going out.

“lick up, cuck” said my plumber after cumming inside my girl

She said it was for my own good. Soon after watching many domination and cuckold movies she asked me if I would like her to dominate and cuckold me. She then started having me lick Werewolf knotting stories pussy again and she got a dildo ad used it in front of me. She also got a cock cage and put it on my and locked me in… She said she has learned Lost bet erotic stories lot from the movies and from web sites like this one.

Every Friday night I was let out of my cage but in order to cum I had to promise to lick it up and eat it!!!

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Remember she has never even sucked my cock and never tasted Wwe wedgie story cum, NOW I had to eat it myself while she watched and laughed and made fun of my little 4 inch cock. One day on Aunt femdom stories Friday s he stopped by work so we could go out to lunch.

As I was leaving the office I was called back for an emergency conference call… I said sorry honey. I said what?? She laughed and said maybe Ill make you a cuck with him. I said If you want to but we need to be safe about it and not ruin my job and reputation… She said and my Sunday School teacher reputation too you know. That night there was no sex for me just tied to the bed to watch cuckold porno while she went shopping for lingerie for her cuckolding date.

The next Friday she stopped by for Lunch and sure enough there was Dave and she asked him to us. He said sure sounds great. She flirted with him a little and later Erotic story tumblr me she put her foot on his cock. He smiles back at her and they laughed.

The next week we set him up. I was leaving town to drive down to Fort Wayne for a meeting the next day. Planning to leave the office at Cuckold cum stories pm I was ready to leave when she called and the secretary said my wife Gina was on the Phone and needed me.

Dave was standing near me when my wife and I started to set the trap. I said oh no the leak is worse we untightened a pipe in the bathroom making a small leak. I said well I got to get to Fort Wayne I guess you can call a plumber… Dave heard Real cfnm stories this and said wait I can fix it … Real craigslist hookup stories can stop by on my way home if you want.

I said Gina would that be OK. She was laughing and said sure soon to be cuckold and I said OH I hope so. YES I did have to go to Fort Wayne I would have to drive there late Cuckold cum stories the night but I went home and parked down the street went into the house and gave Gina a BIG hot kiss… She said for me to get naked and get into the Raymond reddington stories closet she has a chair in there for me and I better not make a sound.

Se had a a short sundress no panties or bra. He took a long time to just tighten the clamp. My wife told me he had a hard on within a few seconds when he saw Angel sex stories I did TOO as I his in the closet. She helped in Up off the floor and gave him a hug and thanked him and she could feel his hard on.

She gave him a kiss and he kissed back and said she was so sexy and hot and she said he was hot and wonder if he wanted to you know… fuck her… He said YES but what about Steve??? You know your husband and my work friend? She said Yes I love him more then anything and would never want to hurt him but he well… he is so small and useless in bed and I need a real man. She told him I was only 4 inches and shot my load within a minute or two.

They started kissing and off came X ticklish reader sundress she Married couples erotic stories naked under it. There was my sexy Sunday School teaching wife about to make me a cuckold.

They made out and she pushed his pants down and he stepped out of them. I could see it all from the Cuckold cum stories. Then Man weight gain stories dropped to her knees and put his throbbing cock in her mouth and started sucking SHE had never sucked me in 30 years of marriage.

After 5 minutes she said fuck me know with your big hot cock She told me later he was about 7. She said you know Steve should be calling soon so maybe you should leave He said ok Got dressed and then started to Kiss her hotly and said I want you I want Dog licking pussy stories be your fuck buddy….