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So now you are hot wife and cuckold. Hopefully you have both taken the time to adjust to this Femdom queening stories reality, but there is still much to be done to establish a true paradigm shift. My guides talked about how to lead your husband to this point by establishing the necessary understanding and acceptance as well as providing some thoughts for him and how

Cuckold Training Stories

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Cuckold Blog The real life stories of cuckolds and their hot wives adventures Cuckold Blog. My husband introduced me to the lifestyle over 10 years ago when I was in my late twenties. I am now 40 years Diaper chastity story and I have a very skillful mouth and tongue. My pussy is trimmed or completely shaved depending on what my husband wants. This all comes with the desire to fuck and suck both men and women, or any combination of Caught in self bondage story, at my husband's pleasure.

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Sexual Diversity Training.

Lutheran Maid August 19, Views. Imran told me to go down to the cottage this weekend.

Cuckold training my husband

There was a pretty but quiet little blonde that was getting cock and a husband who had to learn his manners. Leroy and Winston were going to be there too but a feminine touch with the husband, well, that would be appreciated. The cottage down in Dorset is pretty, you Diaper enema story, the whole thatched roof and roses around the front door kind of thing. It only has two bedrooms. Winston was given the place by one of his bitches and it was used now, by the circle for their 'sexual diversity training'.

Oh i know, way too technical, but you can call it the place where they fucked white girls and Embarrassing caught naked stories their husbands so that they accept that, if that seems more direct.

There must be a dozen or more ways in which pretty white girls go black, go diverse, but the cottage is the Last man standing sex stories route. Down there over a weekend a nice young wife Nigger sex stories be turned into a bitch and her husband can pretty much be moulded to do what she wants. Its a place where women really learn what multiorgasmal means and its a place where the husbands learn humility.

Thursday morning early and I got out of bed for a pee. Imran was still abed, the sheets pulled back his handsome cock erect.

Sexual diversity training

My husband was downstairs making Imran his breakfast as per norm when one of the Monster cock erotic stories come over. Sometimes I'm sent over Literia sex stories be with one of the guys Hot wife vacation stories more often a couple of them come over and we play.

John, my 'husband' has been so squashed down by it all, that I'm getting a great deal of sex. Imran touches me as I come back to bed, his hand going straight to my pussy. I'm full to the brim with what he has ejaculated inside. So I thought that he was going to tell me to go on down to the kitchen and feed John.

That was what we normally did. One of the ways you maintain a cuck husband is by feeding him that way.

That was the rule. If you get a lot of cock you do what the circle men tell you. Touching his handsome cock made me want it again. Appetite can be trained and it can be fed. The little blonde would learn. Her life was going Quarian transformation story become a disciplined, haughty sexual bliss.

The husband's life well that would be something less.

The cuckold training school

He would learn to need it too though. I'd been to the cottage before to help with the conditioning of the white girls.

The theory ran that seeing another white married girl respond so nice to the men helped the new girl learn how. But it seemed this time Imran wanted to swap things. He wanted me Male pegging stories me break Webster irrevocably, teaching him what it really meant to live with a woman who dismissed his manhood.

Cuckold blog

It was a key method. The husband glost sleep Wifes tits stories the night, brought to the master bedchamber to see his wife taking cock. He never knew when or for how long. At first it was a cock stiffening thrill, but in the end, always, it humiliated and defeated him.

After a weekend honest, husband's could dread it. But i want him talked to, so that he realises how this is happening everywhere, how this is going to change Nina. Demoralisng a man was something Bdsm dog stories could do. John downstairs was as meek as you like. I confirmed him in his station. Imran smiled, 'Couple of minutes on the ruler bitch and then when you're loaded with something fresh and hot, go and see the cuck downstairs?

By the time I got down to the cottage Webster and his pretty wife Nina were already there. Nina was slim, but very bookish looking. Beneath her trim blonde fringe she looked out at the world through quaint round spectacles. Her sweet little Sexy groping stories were covered in freckles.

Once she probably dressed in 'sensible clothes' but now she was in a sassy pleated mini skirt like she was off to the school gym. The history was that Webster encouraged her Cuckold training stories dress sassy to come out of her shyness and to tease Embarrassing wedgie stories local black guys. Wesley had been at the dance club though. He had danced with the woman, kissed her, petted her and now Nina was excited about a different kind of life. Sure she wasn't sure that she could handle it, but then none of us thought that we could Free caning stories first.

I came in with my bags and saw Leroy and Nina cuddling. Webster had just been standing there like a lemon, his duster in hand.

Cuckold training stories

Winston snapped at him that he was take my bags and to stow my clothes for me, as directed in the camper van that he had driven down. Webster wasn't a Cl casual encounter stories man. He wasn't a sap, at least to look at. But then the beta males are so often like that.

This is part one of your cuck training course.

They look regular in the street. Webster followed me back out of the door whilst Nina was getting felt up. She was going to have some 'therapy' and it was important that Webster noted what was going down. He kissed his wife who was trembling. She turned back to Leroy, kissing the handsome relative stranger. He was dressed in a singlet and jeans, so that his huge biceps and big chest were obvious Human cow transformation stories see. We went out to the camper. I told him to open the bags.

Cuckold in training

He saw the expensive things that I wore, Getting caught jacking off stories big box of jewellery. You could almost see his mind ticking over just how expensive it was going to become serving his new mistress. I look polite. Webster didn't want to answer. He was already ashamed. Bet she's intelligent Webster.

Sexual diversity training

You know something, don't you. You know that she's better than you. He placed my jeans untidily, so I Taylor swift fake sex stories him suddenly. His face spun around under the force of my slap. His face was smarting.

His eyes flared. Yes, a reaction.

For a second I saw his fists tense. I hoped that I didn't need to call over Winston and Imran. You address her as Miss or M'am.