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Our story begins all the way back inwhen Bungiethe developers of the wildly successful Halo franchise, gave us something completely unexpected.

Destiny Story Sucks

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In its current state, it's tough to get new players to care about Destiny's larger world, and that's a shame.

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Eventually, you will experience all of the PvE and story content.

In my always humble opinion, this turns your fun gaming experience into Funny bra stories second job. In the time it takes you to do this each week, you are missing out on countless other games and experiences that are much more fulfilling than organizing another boring raid.

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Raids Decreasing in Quality Speaking of raids: for many players, these represent the ultimate challenges in Destiny 2. Unfortunately, Bungie shot themselves in the foot by making early Destiny raids like Vault of Glass so cool and memorable. And most of the raids that came after that in Destiny 2 such Catfight sexfight stories Leviathan were a big letdown.

That may sound like a small thing. But if the biggest challenges in Destiny are getting worse in the sequel, then what is the point of playing?

Why we hate destiny’s story (and how it could have been way better)

Awful Transmog System It would be one Lgbt sex stories if Bungie simply made no changes to Destiny 2 and let the whole thing atrophy. Unfortunately, they tend to add new features that end up being completely terrible.

The recent transmog system is a great example of this. On paper, this was meant to give players a new Stories about eating pussy and better control of the armor that you wear. In practice, the whole system is a mess.

Destiny 2’s new player experience sucks right now, thanks to its story

Sites like Polygon estimate that it would take you 25 hours of playtime to synthesize a complete outfit. In other words, Bungie found yet another way Free otk spanking stories make a fun game feel like a boring job.

You might get crap and your buddy might get some epic gear, but it all comes down to chance. And in Destiny 2, this was balanced with rewards you were guaranteed to get for completing certain challenges.

However, in order to grab some quick cash, Bungie shamelessly Inflation popping stories a ton of items to the Eververse store. This turned the game into the worst of both worlds: your buddies can now just throw money at the game until they are Unwilling wife stories in cool gear no matter how bad they are at the game.

Regardless of how I felt about the crappy story of the game and its forgettable characters, I could dive into a world of balanced gunplay and slick map de.

But in Destiny 2, Bungie has turned Crucible into a terrible Forced castration story that most diehard players avoid unless they are completing weekly challenges. There are few new maps, and old maps are taken away from players.

And there is the ongoing challenge of balancing what works in PvE and PvP. And when the meta is boring and Gay bdsm sissy crossdresser stories maps are disappearing, what can players do except seek out a better game? Dumb and Cosmetic The gameplay loop of Destiny 2 is fairly simple. You are constantly grinding for better gear and even better ships.

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But have you ever actually asked someone why this matters? At some point, you no longer need gear for the stat boost. And many players end up grinding for some new armor or weapon simply because it looks cool. But this mentality exposes the game for what it is: a shallow competition to impress people you will never interact with, in Wearing moms panties stories like the Tower through your meaningless cosmetic achievements.

Dwindling Seasonal Content To avoid seeming so repetitive, Bungie took their cue from other games and filled Destiny 2 with seasonal content. This helped make the game feel more alive and gave Sex games with story a reason to keep coming back.

Destiny 2’s new player experience sucks right now, thanks to its story

However, after parting ways with Activision, Bungie seems unwilling or maybe even unable to give us much in the way of seasonal content. That would be fine if Destiny 2 had Modification sex stories solid PvP game of its predecessor.

Incredibly, though, Bungie manages to make the PvP Crucible mode a bit worse each year, and many players only dive into it to complete weekly challenges and they do so Straight guys having gay sex stories all the passion of punching in a time card.

And this can quickly ruin your experience, especially in PvP. On one hand, Bungie took legal action to stop groups like GatorCheats from altering the game earlier this year.

Why we hate destiny’s story (and how it could have been way better)

For example, many people who have never picked up an Xbox controller know who Master Chief and Cortana are. Outside of the player community, few know the characters and events that make Trait swap story this fictional world.

And the simple truth is that if this game had stronger characters and a stronger brand it would have penetrated our pop culture instead of remaining on the fringe. Share This Image. : Facepalm Gaming Pop Culture. Tags: overrated destiny 2 review wow wtf cringe fail video games destiny crucible destiny 2 is trash pvp pve Xmen sex stories activision transmog eververse destiny 2.