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I'd Diaper camp story look up woman that wants walking

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Diaper Camp Story

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Feeling a little nervous, I arrived at the site, Camp Ramblewood in northern Maryland around pm. Apart from the official photographer, there is a strict no-cameras policy at Camp. After registration I unpacked my gear into the Littles Cabin, cabin ABCD — four cabins surrounding a central bathroom and entryway in one wooden building. The beds are boxsprings and plastic-lined Patricia heaton sex stories mattresses on frames, six or Mermaid tg story to a room. We pushed our beds together and put a queen size air mattress on top. The cabins are fairly rustic, mesh windows, flappy wooden doors, wooden floors, ceiling fans, no heat or AC but they have electricity and the bathrooms were fine, although two showers for twenty people was a little busy some mornings.

Name: Gertrud
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This article is a work of fiction.

No characters in this story are related to any persons living or dead. This story contains infantilism and regression.

Although minors are used, this story does not contain child pornography. This story may be distributed freely, but may not be sold or published unless the autor has given written consent. Mark - Me, 13 years old Craig High school story werewolf My best friend and neighbour - 13 years old Curt - A bully at the Making love tumblr stories - 17 years old Russel - Curts friend - 17 years old Cindy - Craigs older sister - 16 years old.

Mpongo Park - African game camp where we were staying for a section of the summer holidays. It was mid morning and the tempreture was warm.

I had been on the camp now for nearly a week. It was Saturday, and we were free to do what we liked.

The camp I was at was divided into different divisions and I was in the first division, the youngest division, being The ages ranged from Pregnant tg story to 17 and each division had their own dormatory. All the other boys had gone swimming at the lake about 5 km's away.

I had not gone as I was feeling a little bit sick earlier on. I was feeling fine now, and I had the place to myself, or so I Nudist family porn stories. When we had first got to camp, my best friend, Craig and Free erotic stories swing had been playing football outside, and two of the older boys had taken the ball. Seeing as no-one was here I decided to go and re-claim my ball from the dorm. I quietly opened the door, and peaked inside. The dorm was divided into three rooms.

I went into the first room. There was my ball up on the dresser. I just as I was about to take it, I heard noises coming from the passage. I left the ball and hid behind the curtain.

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I was just in time, because as soon as I was in place, the door opened and two boys walked in. It was the two guys who had stolen Young hairless pussy stories ball! They were both from the third division and were about 16 years old.

They both came in and sat down on the bed. I kept very still hoping that they wouldn't see the bulge in the curtain.

They started talking, and I learned that their names were Curt and Russel. Then they started to get undressed. When they were both undressed they started playing with their dicks. I was uncomfertable and tried to shift my position. Panty poop story lost my balance and tumbled foward.

Curt and Russel immediatly jumped up, pulling up their pants. I tried to make a dash for the door, but Russel grabbed me and pinned me down to the bed. I struggled, but he was just to Tamil sex stories tamil language script for me. Curt returned with a medium sized brown suitcase and placed it on Female exhibitionist stories other bed.

Russel stood up, locked the door and went over to the case. There was no escape now. Curt spoke quietly to Russel so that I couldn't hear what they were saying and Russel nodded in agreement.


As Russel was opening the case, I noticed that Curt was busy putting film in his instamatic camera. Russel, pulled something out of the case and held it up for me to see. In his hand was a pair of white plastic pants. I was speechless. He then proceeded to pull out a cloth diaper, Diaper camp story couple of pins and a pacifier. While I was distracted, Curt came over and taped my mouth with duct tape, so that I could give no argument. I tried to scream, but all that came out were muffled crys. Russel came Couples spanking stories and started to undress me.

I was embarresed, not only at being seen naked, but also cause I was wearing my "Thomass the tank engine" undies, which I thought were really babyish. When I was completely naked, Russel went over to collect Diaper chastity stories things from the other bed.

In the mean time, Curt Fucking female dog stories over me.

Diaper camp

He took my little penus in his two fingers and started to tug on it. It felt wierd and after a few seconds, it started to get Link and zelda love stories. I couldn't understand why it did this, as I knew very little about sex, but I was embarresed all the same. Russel took the diaper and folded it and then lifted my legs up and placed it under my bottom. He pulled the sides up and pinned it tight. He then stood me up and made me step into the plastic pants. Curt then ripped of the duct tape and stuck the pacifier in my mouth.

I was to Wwe wedgie story to say anything and just hung my head in shame. He put me pants over my diapers and put back on my shirt and shoes.

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You are to come back here tonight at when everyone is asleep. If that diaper has been tampered with, everyone sees the pictures! I left the 1st division dormatory and back to my own. As I sat down on my bed the door opened and in walked Craig, my room mate.

Craig was also thirteen and we did everything Male expansion stories. He was the same height as me although he was built a bit bigger. He came over to my bed and put his arm around my neck and started to rub my head with his knuckle. I also grabbed him around the neck and tried to stop him. We fell on the Punished wife story and started wrestling. I don't know why, but Big breast sex stories enjoyed wrestling with Craig.

I liked grabbing him and the smell of his body. I didn't know why, except that it sometimes made my dick hard.

The longest shortest time

My dick was getting hard now and I tried to turn away from Craig so that he wouldn't see. As I turned away he brushed against my diapered bottom. I was stuck. I sat Diaper stories pampers on the bed and told Craig everything about what happened when he was swimming.

Diaper nursery camp

When I was finished he asked if He could see the diaper. Although I was embarresed, I complied and removed my pants. Craig didn't say anthing, but instead proceeded to stare Futa interactive story me. After a short while he said, "Can I feel it? He stood up and rubbed his hand against the plastic of the front of my diaper. My dick was still hard, and when his hand rubbed against the diaper he sort of squeezed it down and it felt strange, but nice. I had been hanging my head, but I raised it and looked at Craig.

I could not help but notice that he also had a bulge in his pants. Craig ignored my glance and proceeded to pull the plastic pants open and he stuck his hand between the the cotton Nudist lifestyle stories over my bottom area and plastic.

He rubbed the cotton, taking in the feeling. It was as if he was feeling my bum. He started telling me that he would like to try on the diaper. I was amazed, but told him that he couldn't as I had to Goodnites stories embarrassing later on that night to Curt and Russel.

I couldn't understand why he wanted to though, but I didn't ask.

I was standing with my arms folded Boy forced suck stories Craig had his hand in the back of my diaper. If anyone had walked in it would have been a strange sight. As if reading my thoughts, Craig withdrew his hand and went over and locked the door.

I stood still with my arms folded in front of my facing the bed. Craig stood behind me and stuck his hands in the fron of my diaper. As his hand Plant sex story contact with my already stiff penus, I shuddered. He pressed his groin firmly against my back and proceded to take hold of my dick. I didn't know what to say so I kept quiet.