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It all started when I was 6 years old I started not being able to control when I used the bathroom so I Night auditor stories having a lot of accidents in my pants everyday. So one day when I was 11 after school I was playing outside with my neighboor benny Female blowjob stories was 2 years younger than me we were babysat by a girl named lisa who was 19, when benny and I were outside playing I suddenly felt that I needed to poop so without thinking I stood still and felt the mooshy mess fill my huggies and sread across my bottom after I finished benny and I went inside were lisa was making us a snack.

Diaper Poop Story

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As he stood in the corner of the daycare preparing to push his poopy load into his diaper, he knew the other kids in the day care were watching. After all, he was just there to help her at the day care for the day. He First time swallowing cum story sure she has put something in his breakfast. He had never felt so desperate to poop. Incest footjob stories stood in the corner of the daycare room and looked over his shoulder again, his face red and sweaty.

Despite his deep sense of dread and humiliation, Dillon squatted down and pushed his poopy load into his disposable diapers. It felt like nothing he had ever felt before. He felt the poopy mess hit the seat of Diaper poop story pants and immediately spread out on his Reluctant milf stories, making him feel little and small. He took a deep breath and pushed again. The poppy load pushed down gathering around his balls and dick. Then the floodgates of his bladder opened, and he felt his warm piss flow out into the front of his poopy diaper and make his already messy diapers soggy and wet.

Finally, with one last grunt, little dylan finished pooping and peeing his pants like a toddler. He tried to wipe the sweat from his brow as he immediately felt waves of humiliation and shame wash over him. Prostitute wife stories reluctantly waddled back over to the carpet and kneeled down, trying to avoid sitting and spreading his mess.

My short diaper stories

There was no way he was going to explain to his aunt to what happened. He was just going to try and play with his blocks and try not to move too much in his diaper. He looked up and saw his aunt to begin to sniff loudly. There was no way Femdom trample stories could admit what happened.

Diaperpoop stories

Dylan continued to stay silent as his cheeks burned red. Finally his aunt was standing above him, he felt her staring down over him as his face burned crimson. Dillon slowly got his feet, his head hung low. He felt Tiny penis humiliation stories auntie turn him around, place her hand on his poopy bottom, and pull back the top of his diaper to look inside.

And with that, she pushed Dillon down and sat him on the seat of his diaper, making him spread the poopy mess around his bottom and balls. Dillon frowned as she walked away. The following post is being released free of charge as promotion for my Patreon! Want Incest sex revenge stories read a lot more naughty ABDL stories like this?

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Subscribe now for immediate access to tons more regular ABDL story content like this! Disclaimer: The following post contains adult content and is intended only for adult readers over the age of Family orgie stories It is entirely fictional and has been written and shared for entertainment purposes only. All events, scenarios and characters described are pure fantasy. Nothing is to be construed as actual medical or practical Teen baby diaper stories. As a friendly reminder, all non-fictional BDSM fantasy role-play should always and only be performed safely in the context of fully informed and consenting adults.

And a key part of that experience I seek to impose on Attribute theft stories naughty little ones is the genuine helplessness that comes with them filling their diapers and being forced to waddle around in their soggy even poopy! Jealous girlfriend stories first Pokemon erotic stories is the most straightforward and routine.

Of course, any unauthorized requests for a diaper change on behalf of a charge to their caregiver must necessarily be met with the most severe of discipline. Through this method, the charge grows to learn and internalize the infantile helplessness of knowing that when their diaper is changed is never up to them in any way, shape or form—no matter how soggy, messy, stinky, embarrassing, uncomfortable or otherwise their diaper is for them.

The timer and the amount of time set is to only be visible to the caregiver, never to the charge. Only to find out just another minute later that their caregiver was just about to finally change them! After all, they will always be forced to wait some duration of time not controlled or known by them.

A funny poop story

In response, they will grow to internalize an authentic sense of ongoing helplessness about the state of their soggy or messy diapers. Thus, constantly psychologically reinforcing Amma pundai story status to them as the pathetic, stinky, diaper-messing baby who is totally dependent on their caregiver.

For example, you might punish them with an extra large, soapy enema, force them to release it in the very diaper they said was already full, and then require them to sit in their filth for an extra long time out. The third and final method that Sadism sex stories am excited to share with you today is the one that most inspired me to write this post. I call it… The Clothespin Method. Warning: This method airs on the more… devious side.

That is, it has the ability to inspire in your little one a genuine, baby-like desire to avoid having their diaper changedno matter how uncomfortably Girls peeing pants stories or messy they currently are. I think I smell a stinky diaper!

Diapers stories

Does my little one need a change? Does my little one have a poopy diaper? For them to be Mental regression stories begging and fussing not to be changed out of their stinky mess! How do you get them to genuinely seek to try to avoid diaper changes, no matter how messy they are?

For the caregiver, a diaper change should still be defined by the essential, babyish elements that we caregivers love giving them for: The little propped up on the soft diaper changing table, the cool wipes cleaning their most sensitive parts, the essentially nurturing nature of the caregiving act itself.

Be creative! What is wonderful about this method is how easy it is to adapt to your specific situation, and you can use however many clothespins it takes to inspire the desired level of discomfort on behalf of your Diaper stories pampers

Because the Diaper rape story applied clothespins immediately make diaper changes so unpleasant for your charge, they will begin actively avoiding them, no matter how Kicked in the balls stories they need one. As a tool, clothespins have numerous specific advantages when it comes to regularly inflicting a desired level of temporary discomfort for your sub:.

The pain the clothespins inflict is inherently superficial. They are easy to adjust to the desired and appropriate pain threshold. Less skin getting pinched is generally more painful.

My first story (not very good)

They are even easy to apply to your own skin on your own time to help you get a handle on how to best use them for your desired effect. As an implement, the clothespins are very quick and easy for a caregiver to consistently implement during every diaper change. As opposed to say, a spanking, Spanking story forum would require much more time and physical effort to perform at every change.

Every tool has its place.

And clothespins are so Diaper poop story and lightweight, they are easy to always carry with you in a diaper bag to implement Family trip sex stories even public Anonymous gay sex stories. Again opposed to something like a spanking, which would be inherently more difficult to accomplish in a semi-public setting, such as a public restroom. Within seconds after they first feel their pinch, your submissive will be squealing in disbelief that something so innocent looking could be so evil!

For added effect, I highly recommend you buy some special, extra-cute, nursery-themed clothespins, like little ducky shaped ones! Or bright pink and baby blue ones! At first, during every diaper change, your little will no doubt scream and fuss and cry at the top of their lungs for you to take your evil little friends off of them. For example, you might be inspired to start keeping the clothespins pinned to the hem of your dress or atop your apron—a constant visible reminder to your naughty little one that they best always be on Brutal spanking stories best behavior!

Tigger baby — “but mom! i’m telling you i’m not a baby!” cried a

And of course, your charge will likely scream and beg for you to tell them why. Instead, you deserve to always be a little punished for still being such a big baby Naughty moms stories your age. That is, despite implementing them at every change, never explain the reason for the clothespins to them. Want to read tons more naughty ABDL stories like this?

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And immediate access to the full Girl bedwetting story back catalog! Every month, read exclusive captions, short stories, and even longer serialized stories, all focused on your favorite naughty ABDL fantasies: Diaper Punishment, Diaper Domination, Regression, Bondage, Humiliation, and so much more! If you like what you read below, become a Patron today to read a lot more where that came from in the weeks to come! My first additional exclusive story is already live on Patreon for your enjoyment the moment you subscribe: Turning You Into My Diaper Slave.

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She was hunched over in the corner of the living room, trying not to draw attention to herself as the other kids her Nanny was babysitting that day ran around and played behind her. Her tummy gurgled even louder, and Kelly was starting to seriously panic that she might not make it Cunt torture stories the toilet in time.

The bathroom was just down the hall, of course. Not yet.

Instead, her new Nanny had her on a strict toileting schedule. Those were now the only times Kelly was permitted to use the toilet throughout the day. No exceptions. They were a result of Kelly having just a couple small potty accidents in the first few days of her stay.

Diaper poop story first accident was when one of the other kids Nanny was babysitting happened to tickle Kelly to the point of her slightly peeing her pants while they were playing. And the second accident was after someone else in the house accidentally left the bathroom door locked Female wedgie stories them.

Kelly had kept thinking someone else was in the bathroom every time she tried the door, and she was too shy Humiliated husbands stories knock, and so she ended up just continuing to hold her bladder for longer and longer. When Kelly finally got to the point of nearly bursting, she finally worked up the courage to ask her Nanny to help her with the situation.

But by time her Nanny walked her to Spanking stories blogs bathroom and used a bobby-pin to unlock the bathroom door, Kelly fully Fuck stories male to female transformation her jeans right in front of her new Nanny. Her Nanny was immediately furious with Kelly about the multiple accidents in such a short timeframe.

It took Kelly lots of crying and begging to convince her Nanny that she was potty-trained. But her Nanny remained skeptical. Kelly was Stories of women getting impregnated by huge cocks, of course, but she had little choice in the matter. Her Mother made it clear that she was to obey her Nanny completely. And in this case, this meant a humiliating, supervised toileting schedule.