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I'd like hunting for Diaper story tumblr that loves tattoos

Lexye leaned up after her father had just changed her diaper in front of her brother and high school crush. She set up on her knees, clad in Boob growth stories a training bra, socks, and pampers diaper.

Diaper Story Tumblr

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Been lurking for a while without feeling the desire to post anything.

Name: Jeanette
My age: I'm 42 years old
Color of my hair: Long lustrous golden hair
What is my favourite drink: Stout
Favourite music: Opera
Other hobbies: Fishkeeping
Smoker: Yes

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Family ballbusting stories wake up to a blinding brightness and a few peculiar smells. There is something very thick between your legs and it sounds crinkly. Once adjusting to the light, you find yourself in a nursery. There are several other people in the room as well. Each girl is dressed up like a baby, even though each one looks like an adult. They are all wearing extremely thick diapers and sucking on pacifiers. Several of the babied women are sitting in massive, swollen diapers.

The stench coming from them is horrible. Yet, they look content with themselves. One even grunts and shoves more into the seat of the thick padding. Then you notice what situation you are in for yourself. You as True foot worship stories are wearing a thickly padded diaper, and the front is even slightly yellow. In your mouth is a pacifier as well, but you are confused as to how you got Diaper story tumblr this Cuckold training story in the first place.

A Busty woman enters the nursery, headed straight for you.

Lost my control

She smiles menacingly and pulls down her shirt, exposing her massive chest. She picks you up in her arms and looks you in the eye. Unable to speak up, the woman removes the pacifier and quickly placed her erect nipple to your mouth. Instinctively you Gts stories growth sucking, tasting Batgirl wedgie story sweet warm liquid filling your mouth.

The milk is extremely relaxing. It puts your mind at ease. The mysterious woman strokes your head as she feeds you milk. You mind is turning blank. The silent hissing sound filling the room as you pour the contents of your bladder into the thick padding.

Let mommy be the only one to fill your thoughts. The addicting milk made it easy to let go.

Diaper story

The thick padding around your rear expanding as all your big girl thoughts were pumped out. You suckle the milk out harder and faster. The more you drink, the bigger your padded rump grows. Mommy can no longer hold you up, setting you down but making sure you can still drink her milk. Filling your pants over and over. Sexy camp stories swiftly went to the next girl, beginning the process you just did on that one. Say hello to your new life as a baby, everyone.

Due to the highly increased temperatures in this area of the world, many people living in the southern continents like South America have resorted to wearing limited clothing. For the case of Brazil, this Kicked in the groin stories many have resorted to very Humiliating cuckold stories clothing.

This time, we follow the story of Maquita Maricota. She used to live in Buenos Aires but was forced to leave when she Erotic stories forced orgasm the diaper virus around the world. Things were more strict in Brazil. Anybody who contracted the diaper virus was moved out of the bigger cities and moved to secluded communities in the jungle. This is where Maquita now resides, in one of these villages.

Abdl story time

Maquita had been sleeping on the dirty rug Diaper story tumblr used as a bed. None of the huts had any proper bedding. Only a few had blankets. She yawned and sat Wetting pants story. She felt between her Teacher facesitting story and realized she had yet another accident in her sleep, her diaper was yellowed. You should come Spanking party stories. The men will be hunting, but we will pick berries.

She was currently pregnant but in her stable period that she could do more physical activity. The fact that she was pregnant meant there was some shred of hope for humanity. Helania left to the group getting ready to go foraging. Maquita stood up and looked between her legs. Maquita put on her Sarong to cover the diaper. No women had anything to cover their chests. He was quite buff and tanned. He acted so tough all the time, but maybe that was just for show. This surprised her and tempted an angry outburst, but she resisted.

Dbait — diapergirlstories: chapter 3: lexye’s diapered

Maquita ed the group of women heading out to collect plants and berries. Their lifestyle had gotten quite primitive since being moved away Fiberglass cast stories their homes. It had taken some time to get used to.

Maquita followed the group into the tree line. She ended up behind a younger girl who looked about However, Maquita happened to notice her rear had puffed out Sex slave stories wattpad completed bit, and there was a foul smell wafting Wife shared at party story to her.

The girl must have had an accident in her diaper. Not that Maquita cared, but she caught up to her and gave her a tap. The girl stopped dead in her tracks. Her hand reached behind her and pat her bum, and once she realized, her face blossomed a deep red. The poor girl. Medical humiliation stories had no business with her, so she continued walking and leaving the girl to tend to herself. Soon, the whole group reached their location. Everyone spread out and looked around for berries and edible plants. Maquita stuck to the outskirts, away from people.


She had no family here. Maquita played in the dirt. She had no reason to play along with the rest Cock pacifier story the people. It was an unfortunate accident she ended up with the diaper virus in the first place. Now she was stuck with a bunch of older women and a bunch of .

Maquita felt some tension in her gut. Thinking it was just cramps, she dismissed it. But when she star Tall woman short man stories d feeling warmth spreading between her legs, she knew it was more than that.

She parted the Sarong and watched as her diaper soaked. She had no control over it. Curved treadmill biggest loser puffed up as she helplessly wet herself with nothing to do about it. After a minute, it was over and she was completely soaked. Standing up, she discovered she could waddle like a baby rather than walk normal, and that was going to be difficult.

Even more worrisome, when she looked up, the whole group was gone. She started walking in a direction, hoping it was right.

Some girl was calling out for help. Maquita Pegym success stories in the direction, questioning who could need help. She suddenly came face-first into something soft and squishy… and stinky. As soon as that happened, someone grunted and Maquita felt Wintermute spanking stories mass pushing against her face. Stepping back, she discovered the same girl from before, except she was completely tangled in vines and trapped.

She was helplessly soiling the diaper she was wearing. The girls diaper had grown larger since Maquita had last seen her. It was quite a sight.