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Diaper wish story picking female that loves fetisch

My name is Simon and I'm new here on this board. This is actually pretty much my first experience with message boarding at all really so bare with me here!

Diaper Wish Story

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Your donation allows us to continue to provide diapers for babies living in poverty conditions.

Name: Megen
How old am I: I'm 41 years old
Where am I from: I'm bangladeshi
Available for: I love man
Tint of my eyes: Lustrous blue eyes
What is my sex: Girl
Hair: Red
Body type: My figure type is strong
Favourite drink: Red wine
I prefer to listen: Jazz

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In the small town or Maple Creek resides a teenage girl with blond hair and wears a blue sleeveless shirt and brown jeans. At the age of 18, Jennifer Taylor was driving in her red Corvette through the small Virginia town. She was done with her last class Female celebrities x male reader today and was excited because next week was Spring Break.

After driving down Main Street, she Tampon sex stories left on Meadow Lane, where her house resides. After driving down a couple of blocks, she parked her Corvette next to a two-story blue house.

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She looked at the driveway Daddys slut stories saw a black Jeep parked in the open garage. Normally she does not have a problem with her mother, but this month is the right time to make such a fuss.

For her mother, March means spring cleaning and Jennifer hated it. Her Fucking my baby sister story always makes her clean up the house whenever she was done studying. It barely leaves her with enough time for herself. Jennifer quietly tiptoed around the garage leading to the gate that led to the backyard. She placed herself onto the wall of the house and idled across it, diving under each window to avoid being spotted.

Arriving at the backdoor, she slid the door open and walked inside ever so quietly. She looked around the Dragon rape stories and peered into the living room, no of mom. Keeping her eyes peeled Jennifer entered the living room, walked pass the TV, and arrived at the stairs. She looked up and saw nobody.

She turned her head towards the left and saw the door to her room. She was Tall sister stories the clear. Seeing opportunity, Jennifer quickly dashed through the hallway so that she could make it to her room.

On her way, however, a ladder came down from the ceiling. She looked up into the ladder and saw that someone was coming down. Wearing a purple dress and had blonde hair like Jennifer, she turned around and saw the girl, still shocked from the ladder coming down.

Jennifer let out a loud groan, not wanting to do any chores. Mumbling to herself, Jennifer climbed up the ladder Demi lovato sex stories went into the attic.

The attic has boxes, shelves, lamps, vases, picture frames, and a really old globe. Jennifer figured that her mother must have finished dusting the place. On the floor was a feather duster covered with dust and cobwebs. Sex stories xn she picked them up, something fell out from a hole underneath Kicked in the balls story bottom box.

It looked a purple gemstone with pink streaks on Forced cunnilingus stories. Jennifer picked it up off the floor and took a closer look on it. After gazing at it for a few seconds, she thought that is looked pretty so she decided to keep it.

She placed it into her pocket, picked the boxes back up, and carefully walked down the ladder, not forgetting the feather duster that was on the floor. After placing the boxes on the driveway and dusting the furniture in the living room, it was time for dinner.

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Jennifer sat in the dining room with her mother sitting across her. She happily munched down her meal while her mother brushing off the table. Jennifer looked at her and gave out a Giantess illustrated stories chuckle. Force of habit I guess. You never let me have any fun at all.

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You know that a tidy house is of top priority. Jennifer was now mad inside. Her mother let out a huge gasp at what her daughter just said. Jennifer instantly Uncle fucks niece stories what she said and covered her mouth. Now go Erotic stories reluctance immediately. Jennifer got up and stomped her way up to her room. Jennifer was in her bed later that night, the TV on and the whole room dark. She was watching a documentary about legendary rocks.

It was the only thing that made her forget the fight she had with her mother, but it was still lingering on her mind.

A magic diaper

She was about to turn it off when the documentary started to show something that interested her. The desire stone was named because of the Native American legends that stated that it was able to grant the wishes of anyone who possesses it. The TV showed the gemstone, showing it to be purple with pink streaks. Jennifer than realized that Caught in diapers story was the same type of stone she found in the attic.

Christmas wishing

She climbed out of her bed, revealing her pink pajamas, and picked up her pants on the floor. She poked through the pockets until she found the stone and pulled it out. She held in front of the TV and Pinay cheating wife stories that it was indeed the same kind of gemstone. Jennifer remembered that Merman transformation story she had with her mother and told her that she hated being treated like an adult.

Jennifer opened her eyes just slightly as the morning sun shined through the window and onto her face. For some reason she felt something around her hips, but was still to sleepy to care. She opened her eyes all the way and realized that she was in a crib. She Face fart story the blanket around her and saw that she was wearing an onesie. Then she noticed a huge bulge on her hip area and felt it.

Jennifer heard the door turned open and watched her mother coming in. Approaching the crib, her mother looked at her babified daughter.

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After managing to lift her daughter out of the crib, she took Jennifer downstairs. As she was being carried, Jennifer was wondering why her mother First time creampie stories her. When they got to the living room, Jennifer saw a huge, blue playpen next Erotic amputation stories the TV. After she was placed in, her mother heard the phone rang from the kitchen.

Then, she felt pressure in her bladder. She realized that she really needed to pee, so she tried getting up. However, she felt some force in her legs that caused her to fall back on the floor. It was like something was keeping it in there.

She then saw her mother walking back into the living room. Now Jennifer realized what was going on, her words must sound like baby talk to her. She felt the pressure in her bladder get even worse than before. She had to get out of Sucking daddys cock stories diaper. Her bladder lost control and she felt the warm Femdom fisting stories flowing into her diaper.

When the flow stopped, she started to give off a few tears and started crying.

Her mother left for a second and came back with a baby powder and a new diaper. Melissa removed the diaper, sprayed baby powder onto her privates, and placed a new diaper on her.

During the whole diaper change, Jennifer felt embarrassed. Melissa left into the kitchen for a moment and the sound of a microwave was heard from there. Jennifer assumed that her mother was making breakfast and she was feeling rather hungry. Her mother came back into the living room with a baby bottle Girls wearing diapers stories her hand that was filled with milk.

Jennifer then realized that the bottle was her breakfast.

The discussion

I want to eat eggs and bacon like everyone else does. She picked up her daughter and sat down on the couch, placing her on her lap. While she was being fed against her will, Jennifer was wondering why her mother was treating her like a baby. Then she thought back to last Adulterers real story. That stone.

She wished that she wanted to be treated younger, but not this young. She had to find that stone and undo the wish if she wants to be stopped being treated like an infant.