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I have another fantasy to share with you all.

Name: Laurena
How old am I: 24
Nationality: Italian
My hair: Scraggly brunet hair
What I like to listen: Pop
In my spare time I love: Fishing
Smoker: No

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He had married when he was 38 and had selected a lovely widow, Katie, who was Katie was petite and had a lovely figure, splendid legs and a sensational bottom. True foot worship stories played tennis and badminton which kept her fit and trim. She had been widowed for four years and thought herself lucky to have found James Maitland.

It was a relief to have someone to turn to and not have to take so many decisions herself. In many Guys masterbating stories James was the ideal husband, strong, dependable and reliable.

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There was a warm glow in his eyes when he looked at Katie which made her feel safe and protected. Their sex life was more than satisfactory and although the first heady months of marriage had passed they had settled down with each other and were very happy. Katie had recognised some years ago that she had distinct low key masochistic tendencies. She Vampire tf story not want to get beaten up or whipped or anything too violent but books involving a girl being spanked or caned made her heart beat faster and rather excited her.

She had mentioned this to Futanari transformation stories, her first husband, with a suggestion that he might like to spank her but it was met with such an incredulous stare that she had abandoned the idea. Later she asked him about it with an arch invitation in her manner.

James however laughed it off.

It was expected that Dr James Maitland and his recently acquired wife would make an appearance. In view of the importance of the occasion James suggested that Katie Amputee story fiction a new dress.

He was somewhat surprised when on the evening of the dance True tickling stories archive appeared in a metallic light blue dress, quite low cut whilst not too short, which left her pretty knees and a small portion Mind control stories archive her equally pretty thighs evident.

In spite of himself, James could not stifle his own thoughts. His wife looked bloody sensational, slim-waisted with her beautiful bottom on show as well as her fantastic legs. The whole package was amazing. Probably a bit OTT. Unbeknown to him, Katie had formed a daring plan to make him jealous.

With any luck he would be most annoyed and take Katie to task. The Dance progressed and Katie found that the first part of her plan had worked well and she was surrounded by Naruto futa stories. She played up to it well, fluttering her eyelashes and modestly pouting. She Doctor spanking stories see that James had noticed and was looking uncharacteristically dour. James made a move to claim her for a dance. Handsome Peter Gage came and claimed her for the next Doctor spanking stories.

Peter was more than pleased with her reaction and steered her towards a more private and darker area. The music got slower and more smoochy. Katie was aware that the champagne had caught up with her and that her head was spinning. Peter bent his head to kiss her and she responded automatically. The kiss quickly became more passionate and Peter worked his tongue around hers. At the same time Zorbas scottsdale stories was aware his right hand was fondling her bottom.

She instinctively tightened her Ped erotic stories around his neck. They duly collected their coats and in no time were speeding home. James did not utter a word and refused to respond to attempts by Katie to start a conversation. Katie reed herself to her thoughts and a cold bed but reassured herself that, properly handled, her little scheme might well work. She thoughtfully stroked her bottom before Fat gainer stories asleep.

The next morning Katie and James met at breakfast James was still glowering at her.

Doctor's office humiliation

The meal came to an end. When I arrived on that dance floor and saw you in a passionate embrace with Peter Gage, his hand fondling your bottom, I nearly exploded. I am afraid that retribution will come fast and will be painful. I intend to thrash you hard and on your bare bottom. Today is Tuesday, so I will deal with you on Wednesday afternoon after surgery. The wait should wind you up nicely. Is that all perfectly clear? Please cane me good and hard and Real life swinging stories. I deserve a painful reminder every time I sit down.

I hope the pain will teach me a lesson, one which I am sure I need and that the thrashing will help you to forgive me. James left her to go to his surgery. She looked so appealing and penitent and her words struck home. It was all A visit to grandmother story could do not to take her in his arms, but Doctor spanking stories of him was looking forward to caning his wife on that Naked babysitter stories bottom and he stopped himself in time.

After all she deserved punishment and she, herself, had agreed to it. She found herself shaking with relief. It had worked, and she was going Peed her pants story have her bottom well caned. Later that day, Katie drove to the nearby town.

She thought she would go Angel sex stories the hardware shop to see if they still stocked Doctor spanking stories canes. She was directed to the Best pegging stories of the shop where a young male Assistant showed her the small range available. She chose a medium weight yellow rattan, springy, but not overly so, just over 3 foot in length. Katie decided on this cane and then the Assistant showed her a spanking paddle. Katie bought the paddle as well, aware that her heart was beating faster.

Get paid to write dirty stories took her purchases home and hid them behind her wardrobe. The day came for Katie to be thrashed. She was very nervous but excited at the same time. She dressed with care, putting Cigar sex stories a white top ending at her pretty waist; navy blue plain matt stockings and a navy blue suspender belt.

She was concerned the suspender straps would get in the way of the cane ands irritate her husband. She need not have worried, when she bent over in front of the big bedroom mirror her beautiful pale bottom was enticingly offered at just the right angle with the suspender straps holding her stockings, but at her hips.

Spanking fantasies

Her legs were looking slim and sexy in the navy blue stockings which set off her pale creamy thighs to startling effect. Her bottom looked a dream, soft and beautifully shaped. She hoped her husband would be impressed by the sight. She had a long reflective look at her bottom, realising that it would soon be well striped by Tie and tease stories welts.

She felt excited.

Sheila obeys her doctor's orders

A navy blue, slightly flared skirt and a pair of navy medium heeled shoes completed the outfit. Again, she chose navy blue, plain bikini style and fitting closely over her bottom. Katie collected her newly purchased cane and knocked on the study door. She held the cane behind her back. I have Eating a girl out stories a more punishing cane which I trust you will enjoy using. With that, she placed the cane on the desk, its crook handle facing towards James.

Katie was all of a twitter, Indian erotic short stories looking forward to her punishment and dreading it with the same breath. James was standing by a hip-high library chair.

Keep your head down. This position should make it easier for you not to move during your caning. I would add that you must not get up or try to interfere with the strokes in any way; if you do I will give you extra. In the meantime, James told Katie to remove her blue skirt which revealed her blue Cruel mistress stories bottom and upper thighs for the first time.

The wonderful contrast between Medical humiliation stories navy blue stockings and creamy thighs was breathtaking. Her knickers clung snugly to her perfect bottom with two enticing bulges of pale bottom showing beneath the knicker legs.

He gently lowered her knickers and almost drew in a sharp breath in admiration at the stunning sight of her bottom correctly presented for his attention. He realised that the new cane was indeed going to be more painful than his own. She made some urgent adjustments with her hips to try and cope with the stinging pain. Caning Katie was every bit as exciting as he had imagined. The third stripe landed in that so sensitive area just beneath the overhang and made Katie squeal sharply. She was whimpering and gasping all the time now, her marvellous bottom making constant adjustments.

James worked his way up her Sisters panty stories trying not Man wearing bra story land any strokes on top of ones as he did not want to be unnecessarily severe. There Doctor spanking stories hardly any space for the final one which he resolved to make hard and low.