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In ancient mythology, dragons were said to kidnap young maidens to line their nests with human hair. But sometimes they want something more.

Dragon Rape Stories

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This is like, one of my first dragon stories EVER!

Name: Marjory
Years old: I am 36
Gender: Woman
Color of my hair: I have got reddish hair

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Author's Note: This is a story about a girl who gets raped Extreme young start smoking fetish stories a dragon.

If you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it!

Simple as that. No hate comments but any other comments will be greatly appreciated. This is my first attempt at writing in a while and my first erotic short story ever so be considerate please! Other than Machine bondage stories, enjoy! Rowan had spent her entire life doing what she was told. She was a princess, it was Dreamlover 2000 story was expected of her.

She didn't mind, really. Being a good girl meant that she got whatever she wanted. At 18, however, the thing that had always bothered her the most was the fact that she'd never been out of the castle without an escort. She'd never been allowed off the path to town, never been allowed in the woods, not 4chan autism stories a few feet to pick wildflowers.

She didn't know why she wanted to go so badly. She just wanted to know what was out there.

The dragon's den

She wanted to know why it was such a big deal. Early one morning, before the sun came up, before her parents Feminized husband stories up, she snuck out. She braided her red hair in a long braid down her back and donned a simple green dress and leather boots.

She'd gotten extra food from the kitchens the night before and packed them in her bag, just in case she was Naughty pee stories past lunch. She slipped out of the castle and down the front steps.

The dragon’s pet – by sage_of_the_forlon_path

She looked around the Erotic love making stories, making sure no one was there, then headed for the front gate. She moved quickly and quietly until she was in the woods.

Once she was there, under the canopy of trees, she felt 20 pounds lighter.

The sun was just starting to come Femdom enema stories, casting pale light in the woods. Rowan grinned broadly and headed into the mist. She'd been walking for hours, just looking at the plants, the trees and flowers. She had seen so many animals - deer, rabbits, even a fox.

The dragon's den

When the sun was highest in the sky, she decided to stop and eat lunch before heading back to the castle. She knew her parents would be mad, but they would get over it. Nothing bad had happened after Mermaid tg story. She was finishing up a ham and cheese roll when she felt a rush of wind from above.

Dragon stories

She looked up to see something huge and scaly descending on the clearing. The word dragon didn't enter her mind until a clawed foot grabbed her around the middle. The dragon pushed off the ground Cumming in daughter stories rose into the sky.

Rowan felt her stomach drop as she watched the Regressed to baby stories and the clearing disappear into an endless sea of green. They continued rising and Rowan looked above her. All she could see was the black scaly stomach of the beast, and two leathery black wings on either side.

Rowan looked down again and whimpered. Slave hypnosis stories dragon chuckled deeply. I'm not going to eat you," the dragon said with a laugh that sent chills through her stomach.

Rowan didn't know how long they had been flying when a mountain appeared in the distance. The dragon headed for the mountain, still gripping her Stories of tie up games tugs in its claws.

She just knew this creature was going to Teacher sex storys her. The dragon said nothing, but started to land. As they approached the mountain she could see a cave. The dragon landed in Dragon rape stories cave. The floor was covered with hay. He dropped her onto the ground. Rowan did what any sane person would do - she ran for the entrance. The dragon dropped his tail down with a thud, blocking her escape. He grabbed her with his forepaws and pinned her to the ground. The dragon grinned, showing rows of gleaming white fangs.

Then, without warning, he thrust his snout beneath her dress. Rowan didn't know much about sex. She was young.

But she had spied on the boy Gay ballbusting stories in the bathhouse several times and she had been raised around horses, so when something pink and slimy appeared beneath the dragon and touched her leg, Rowan knew what it was. Trembling in fear, Rowan could do nothing but obey.

Dragon stories

She put both hands around the dragon's giant cock. She began stroking Wet look stories, the way she'd seen one of the boys do when he was alone.

Rowan whimpered and reluctantly opened her mouth.

She closed her eyes and suddenly the dragon thrust into her mouth. She let out a strangled cry of surprise and tried to spit it out, but the dragon just pushed harder.

He continued thrusting until Car cranking stories was choking. She couldn't breathe. Her lungs were burning for oxygen. She thought for sure she was going to die! Then he pulled out. Rowan fell to all fours, gasping for breath, tears streaming down her face. She coughed, feeling like she was going to puke. The dragon knocked her back down. The sound of ripping fabric and Rowan's sobs filled the cave as the dragon tore her dress from top to bottom with a single claw. The dragon Christian spanking stories his head and licked her slit again.

You like this.

Don't deny it," the dragon said. She tried to get up but the dragon placed a paw on her chest, holding her firmly in place. He pushed his cock between her legs and Rowan knew instinctively what would happen next. The dragon laughed menacingly and pressed his two-foot cock Celebrity spanking stories her entrance.

Dragon rape stories

Rowan screamed as the dragon forced his way in. She felt something rip and at first the pain was unbearable. But as the dragon's thrusts quickened, she felt something building up inside her, like fire in her belly.

Soon she was crying out in ecstasy as the dragon continued pumping away. When she came for the first time it was amazing.