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Elite baby searching boy to Dragon tf stories

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Acrobat Portable Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Alf was looking forward to his arranged marriage, a wedding of political convenience to a complete stranger, that would restore his former lands. However, in the days leading up to it, he finds himself trapped in the body and life of a dragon, Tg storytime body swap specifically, a lady.

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Birth Jealous girlfriend stories a Dragon. Copyright c Chris Dragon. All Rights Reserved. Revision 10, Feb 21 st Author's note This story is still very personal to me.

I'd appreciate it if people didn't make links directly to it from other s or redistribute it in any other form it's also legally copyrighted, so don't feel just because it's on the web it's up for grabs. If you've come to this from somewhere other then my Dragonplease go back there first to see what this is all about. Chapter 1.

How could he think these thoughts? Chris was only He'd gotten the idea into his head that "normal" people tended to have collections of things, so he'd started collecting New York Seltzer bottles, a couple bottle caps, and then he latched Dragon tf stories pictures of dragons. For some Spanking torture stories he found dragons to be beautiful and fascinating. White extinction sex stories struggled to understand this now.

He hadn't intended to read the book he just read. It had a black dragon on the front Dark black glimmering scales, an elegant neck and powerful haunches. A fearsome creature, but he did not fear it - he loved it. He'd put such thoughts out of his mind easily before, but this book had been about a woman who also wished to become this black dragon.

She was given this chance and took it, only to return again to human form to remain with the one she loved. Somehow it made it seem possible. The idea tore at his heart. It was impossible. It wasn't right. He should not think it. Yet the author of this book had thought it. He curled up into a ball on the soft gray back seat and cried as his human parents drove towards his human home.

Chris stared down at the ugly pinkish Gay cuddling stories on his arms, his dark brown unkempt hair hanging just within his site, mocking him.

He should not have hair. He did not want it. He imagined again golden scales. Wings at his back. He closed his eyes, trying not to cry. He needed to study. Should not think of this now. Another Interracial cheating wives stories Biology test tomorrow. But he always did well on them. Whatever he read stuck. Perhaps because it was so important to his goals that he remember it. It was more then fascinating, it offered him hope.

He'd clung to hopes like this ever since that night in the back of the car. He'd tried prayer. He'd hoped for some magical spell like in the story. But he was too logical to believe such things would work.

He wished he did not feel these things. They were such pain.

Was it just his sense of being an outsider that made him want to leave these humans? He hated the other children as. They teased him, made him retreat within himself. But high school Sexy gyno stories been so different. People had left him alone, perhaps even respected him. He'd found a few friends and over time life should have seemed more tolerable. But the feelings did not leave him.

They became stronger. He could spend weeks just being depressed now.

His parents knew nothing about why. Nobody did. He looked back down at his book and forced himself to read on. It was his only hope left.

It was a cold day in October, as Chris descended towards the airstrip in the middle of the brown California desert. He needed to clear his mind Haircut punishment story he went into the lab this morning, but even the soothing grace of watching the ground slip by far beneath him had not calmed his sense of anxiety.

They'd tried to engineer dragons five times before. The first embryo hadn't lasted a day. The second, Boating sex stories about a week. But those first trials weren't the problem.

Chris could handle seeing an embryo die. And it was necessary. They simply couldn't predict all the variables that went into the Mom blows son stories of life. Oh, but how he'd fooled himself into thinking the embryos would be the only experiments to fail.

Emily had been the first dragon to actually hatch.

Everything went flawlessly at first. Chris had greeted her with tears in his eyes. Finally, finally his dream The wifes story lesson plan close to being a reality. Nothing could go wrong on such a joyous day. And nothing did--until five days later when they tried to feed her solid food. An hour later she complained of stomach cramps.

So young, and yet she had already picked up the basics of language through psychic communication. Twenty minutes later she was convulsing in pain on the floor. There was nothing any of them could Erotic stories swinglifestyle. They performed tests, broke equipment in their mad rush to save her life, all the while feeling her pain in their minds, growing and growing until he felt like vomiting Altitude critically low for current airspeed.

He growled softly to himself and hit the override button on the console to take back control and land with a thump. The end of the runway was coming up too quickly as he deployed the airbrakes and reversed the engines on full power. He ripped off his heet Sitcom sex stories get rid of the distracting air Naughty cheerleader stories controller yelling in his ears and breathed a small sigh of relief as it became clear he would stop in time.

He cursed his lapse of focus.

He could lose his over a stunt like that. But what did that matter now? He sighed softly and closed his eyes, crying quietly. Why the hell hadn't they been more careful? Looking over the genetic code, the flaw had been painfully obvious. Of course, anyone could make a mistake. But the price of this mistake Poppers sex stories too high. Chris had almost given up the project - but he couldn't. He'd spent his entire life on this.

Even if he hadn't done all the work, even if he had just started today, he couldn't give up. After Emily died, Chris and his team had spent the next month reviewing the code to make sure it couldn't happen again. But it could.

Lesson learned - dragon tf

It could still happen again. It could happen today.

Oh gods