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Thai lady seek Dreamlover 2000 story for naughties

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Dreamlover 2000 Story

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Seems like quite a few of my readers think I am Embarrassing erection story a mistake by compromising with James about wearing the DL Here is an example of the e-mails I have been receiving; "Dear Kathleen, i am very glad that You are enjoying the Dream Lover device.

Name: Tybie
Age: 50
Where am I from: I was born in Belarus
My hair: Black
Favourite drink: Champagne

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Unread post by Jericho » 17 Feb Unread post by Chronos » 17 Feb Unread post by Chronos » 18 Feb Unread post by Jericho » 18 Feb Unread Judicial spanking stories by Hypercat » 18 Feb Unread post by ponylady » 19 Feb Unread post by Chronos » 19 Feb Unread post by Tom » 26 Feb Flat Style by Ian Bradley. The Bound Forum Your friendly kink community!

DreamLover What do you mean it has 'only' been a month?!? Post Reply.

I have no affiliation with them. I will order one.

It will make SB much Gay jackoff stories interesting when in automatic mode. RE: DreamLover Quote Unread post by Chronos » 17 Febthat could very well be alot of fun, too bad it cant be controlled over the net as far as i can tell It is an excellent fantasy, but suppose the wearer is changing lanes in heavy traffic, working with power tools, or something Witch tg story dangerous that requires their concentration, and suddenly ZAP maximum level punishment jolt right to the cock and balls!

Unless the controller has full awareness of the wearer's situation i. As far as the dreamlover device is concerned, I think it's The sleeping beauty trilogy read online great idea, for self use on automatic mode, or, of course, with a chastity keyholder holding the remote.

I know sometimes people get carried away with the idea of controlling something like this through text messages to a cell Forced petticoating stories on a chip integrated into the device, and I've always been dubious of that concept.

I hope they release the communication specs. It does look as though they are aware of the possibilities.

RE: DreamLover Quote Unread post by Jericho » 18 Febactually they have been Puke sex stories it for internet control, if you look around a bit they even have a screen shot of the on line user interface. I wonder if it could be used all day. However: 1.

Where does the battery pack go? I have searched google and cannot find a single image of the divice in use on a man.

I don't want that pack infront of me. Give me a domme. Board index Delete cookies .