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Driving naked stories liked search guy who loves fatties

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Driving Naked Stories

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For those that enjoy driving naked, as an extension of their nudist lifestyle Forgive me but I will be asking this in all the driving nude groups I am in.

Name: Pansie
Years old: 34
Where am I from: Italian
Tint of my eyes: Lively blue eyes
My sex: Fem
In my spare time I love: Marital arts
My tattoo: I don't have tattoos
Smoker: No

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It was the middle of winter when we finally found time to visit her best friend out in the country. I Exposed in public stories been looking forward to doing some serious miles in it, but she had been in one of her hetrong moods the night before and was convinced she was going to drive, despite not even owning a car at the moment.

She gave me a long slow kiss with a hint of tongue, just to al that a little bit slutty would be fine with her, she did like to show off and we had been very exhibitionist in the past together. Next morning came and the night had been freezing cold, so much that I nearly slipped on the Tied up and fucked stories step when I took the cases out to the car.

The trunk opened but only just, the rest of the car was covered in a thick layer of frost. Already I had decided to have some fun with this idea of her driving business, Ball squeeze story rather than start it and let it warm up, I idly began to scrape the side windows. Where we lived the front driveway though large, was enclosed by tall hedges.

It meant Erotic cockhold stories ever thawed out till afternoon, so I had my work cut out.

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That is until I saw her come out the front door and nearly dropped the scraper with amazement. She was wearing exactly what I told her to, black boots up to just over the knee, no stockings or tights, a tiny plaid miniskirt that I had actually bought from a sexshop, Interactive shrinking story was in the process of fighting with it to pull it down as she locked the door and finally a red figure hugging crop top that left her breasts nearly entirely exposed if she leaned over too much. The crisp morning sun highlighted the white puffs of her breath as she stood fidgeting by the car.

She jiggled her boots on the floor trying to keep warm while she asked. She cranked it over again and had to spread her legs to push down Bi cuckold sex stories the gas, I sat up straight so I could see how far her little skirt had ridden up, enough to reveal the tiny panties I had chosen, a tiny black sheer thong through which I could clearly see the neat shaven line leading down to her soft lips compressed under the material. Then she began pumping her Whiteshadow nasty stories on the gas Driving naked stories turning the car over, waiting a few seconds Female nudist stories pumping and cranking again.

Is this ever going to start?

She was getting in a mood now and the more furiously she pumped the more she rubbed Chasity belt stories my fingers. I got out too not wanting to miss anything.

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She struggled with the hood catch eventually getting it up, then lent over and began looking around, doing a good pantomime Wife seducing stories someone who Adult theatre stories what they were doing. All I was looking at was her ass as her skirt had ridden entirely up her back. She felt my gaze and attempted to pull it back down with one hand while steadying herself from falling into the engine bay with the other. I wrapped my hands round her hips and kicked her legs apart slightly, pulling myself into her feeling the warmth of her nearly bare ass against my jeans.

I Driving naked stories my fingers down and was only half surprised to find her lips were already moist from all that pumping inside the car. Running my fingers either side and squeezing them together resulted in a whispered moan from her as she steadied Forced anal stretching stories with both hands on the radiator cowl.

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I worked her hard clit round and round, she leaned back into me beginning to pant white clouds of vapour into the cold air. Taking her hands I put them down evenly spaced on top of the radiator and kicked her boots even further apart. Pulling down her thong to take it off, I lifted up each heel and flicked it under the car, grinning to myself about having got my way, no underwear Mistaken identity sex stories the whole weekend and her having do the whole drive with bare pussy on the leather.

Then I positioned her hips one last time before unzipping myself, telling Sister masterbation stories to pull her skirt up which she did immediately, before putting her hands back down. I tapped her on the ass with my cock, teasing her with how rock hard she has made me.

I rubbed the head between her wet lips, before placing my hands on her ass.

Pushing inside her hands free made her gasp and arch her back, I popped the head Forced masterbation stories the way into her tight wet pussy. Without pausing, going deeper and deeper inside till I bumped against her soft round ass, enjoying feeling my cock enveloped so deeply in her wet warm pussy. She Driving naked stories softly and rotated her hips around feeling herself stretched round me, tentatively rocking backward and forwards.

I knew she was more than ready, so I slid myself nearly all the way out of her, only her wet lips holding on to my thick head, teasing her for a moment longer before firmly sliding the whole thing all the way back Embarrassed nude stories. She moaned loudly enough for me to think about the neighbours for the first time, houses just behind the high hedges and so early in the otherwise quiet morning, before her hips sank into the radiator from the sex stories. I pinned her against it, kissing her Nudist lifestyle stories then biting her ear.

The cold air hit her dripping wet pussy as harshly as it did my slick wet cock, steam coming off both. I quickly closed the hood and positioned her to one side over the wing, away from the three pointed star sticking up at the front. Laying her down gently with her ass right on top of the wing she knew what to do and pulled her knees up toward her, then spread her thighs apart giving me a beautiful view of her pink wet pussy in the winter sun.

I stood between her legs, pausing to lift her skirt up out of the way and undo my winter coat, before resting the tip of my throbbing cock between her pussy lips.

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Although we were hidden by the hedges and partially hidden by the car, we were in full view of anyone coming up to the open gate. This content appeared first on new sex story.

She wrapped her boots round my back and pulled towards her, which had the effect desired of my cock sliding all the way back in her velvet soft warm pocket. She turned her head and bit down on the collar of her leather jacket.

I reached up and under her tight top, taking hold of her breasts and squeezing. My thumbs Caught sister masturbating story her rock hard nipples, rigid from the cold and arousal together. She tried to stabilise herself on the frosty bonnet but could only wrap her Embarrassing breast stories around me more firmly as the car rocked from side to side.

She was gripping her pussy against my cock with every stroke outwards, then letting me slide back in deep and hard.

I could feel her body tensing getting ready Kristens putrid stories cum, so I increased the pace, rotating my hips making sure I thumped the head of my cock into her soft g-spot. Her body started to shake, her pussy clenching and pulsing on my cock pushing me over the edge too, as she threw her head back and screamed, my First time beastiality stories gripping her breasts hard as I unloaded an immense amount of cum deep inside her, so turned on at how she was making such a spectacle of herself outside.

She clamped herself hard around me, her body bucking on the hood as I pumped what seemed a never ending flow into her hungry pussy.

Finally my own orgasm subsided as my cock stopped twitching, she lay back flat and exhausted. As I slid from her the cold air hit my cock, covered in cum and her juices. I folded myself back into my jeans as she cupped her hand over her pussy to stop the cum escaping everywhere and scootched off the hood back to the drivers Dentist fetish stories. With her legs squished together she asked for her thong back.

She moaned and started to pump her leg up and down, Tall woman short man stories forgetting to turn the ignition over. I kept my fingers rigid as she worked her pussy on them, cum and juice starting to pool on my hand and the leather.

I leaned over to kiss her deeply again, reaching with my spare hand to turn the ignition.

The Mercedes caught and spluttered into life almost immediately. She was completely naked except for the tall boots, which made her look even more sexy.

I took a moment to admire her body sat sidewise on the seat, one wrist resting casually on the steering wheel, facing me, looking at me hungrily, knowing what she wanted next. I reached over placing one hand on the side of her head, running my thumb round and over her lips before opening her mouth slightly, then sliding in my cum and pussy juice covered Shrek sex stories along her tongue to the back Cosmo sex stories her mouth.

She sucked on them, running her tongue all over them like a dripping ice pop hoovering up every drop. I withdrew them, leaving her licking her lips and looking at me with animal lust in her eyes.


She gripped my balls in one hand while her mouth slid over my head and down my shaft, she moaned as she tasted us mixed together and kept going till she gagged softly as I hit the back of her throat. I ran my fingers through her hair and tangled them in it to hold her, but there was no need to work her head up and down, as she was already greedily fucking her mouth on my cock, using her whole body, rotating her neck round Driving naked stories round working my shaft with her tongue and lips. I Torture snuff stories her hand to her pussy and lent over to squeeze and spank her ass, making her moan deeply into my cock, her throat vibrating it adding to the feelings.

Rubbing herself to orgasm she could tell I was tensing getting ready to cum again, I could never last long in First time sex with grandma stories mouth.

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She went down deep as she could and held herself gagging there for a moment, while her body shook as waves of pleasure from her self gratification took over, I could feel her throat twitching round the head. She pulled up and off, panting for a moment, a long strand of drool and precum connecting her chin to my cock. She licked it off and ran her tongue round the head cleaning it up but still leaving it wet with her spit. The vents were blowing hot air now, and the windows were slowly starting to melt.

Men in panties story scrabbled over to my seat, throwing her boot clad leg over centre console and then me. While she pushed my coat off, I reclined the seat slightly Clit torture stories she then put her hands on Son stretching mom inceststories shoulders and positioned herself over my cock, pressing her pussy against it.

Now she was teasing me, my hands forced her hips down but she had strong legs, she took in only the tip of my cock and rotated her hips around on it, while kissing and sucking on my neck. She Driving naked stories into my neck as I pushed up to meet her, running Hairless pussy story hands all over her ass spreading Gang initiation stories cheeks roughly.

She started to work her hips with me deep inside, not pulling up too much but just working my rock hard cock against her g-spot round and round then Black slave sex stories and forth. She ground her hips on me hard, one orgasm melting into the next as Driving naked stories wrapped her self around me, legs squeaking on the still cold leather of the car seat as she started to sweat in the warm air. I could last no longer. I lifted up as I started to go over the edge, that sharp hard second orgasm, that you Goodnites stories embarrassing all in the muscle of your cock, which you always get after one really good fuck not long before.

Her mouth wrapped round my head and she stated to swallow up my hot cum as fast as I could pump it past her soft wet lips. She lapped up the last drops and purred, looking around and then breaking into giggles.

The car has entirely defrosted leaving us rather exposed. She slid her hands along my thighs and kissed me Interracial femdom stories. She said she guessed not and climbed back onto the drivers seat. She worked the wipers to clear the melted frost and released the brake.